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Rift: Storm Legion Expansion Beta Code Giveaway

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYAdministrator Posts: 6,056 Rare has partnered with Trion Worlds to bring you a batch of beta keys granting access to the closed beta for RIFT's upcoming expansion, Storm Legion. These codes are good for all three upcoming closed beta events, beginning with the first event, which runs from Oct. 19-24.

Grab your key here!


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • Mississauga, ONMember Posts: 912 Uncommon
    I will check it out to see how it's changed since I unsubbed. Still one of my favorite games, but I can't justify paying a monthly fee anymore after GW2 and Aion are B2P.

  • ReizlaReizla Posts: 3,778 Uncommon
    Key entered, but no download link (yet).

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  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 1,930 Uncommon
  • scarfullscarfull Salisbury, NCMember Posts: 61
    Got mine gotta wait till after work to use it lol

  • cwerkcwerk SkopjeMember Posts: 3
    Beta weekend hasn't begun yet. Probably the download will be available on Friday.
  • WarbsWarbs ManchesterMember Posts: 245
    Sweet, thanks! :D
  • NitthNitth AustraliaMember Posts: 3,903 Uncommon
    Right on!, Tyvm mmorpg and Trion!

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  • lotapartylotaparty taxila canttMember Posts: 514
    got my key .ty :)


  • VaultFairyVaultFairy LeedsMember Posts: 566 Uncommon
  • MvagrahMvagrah San Francusco, CAMember Posts: 1
    Bummed i didnt get picked last beta event but it sure helps with this code  :)
  • lotapartylotaparty taxila canttMember Posts: 514
    where is our email from trion ? 


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