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AV ingame... who where they... ? - From AV forums

stuxstux Lake Forest, ILPosts: 462Member

"Hey guys,

I would love to see at the end of DF1 , wich is coming sooner then expected who our devs were. it would be great from the devs/employees to step forward and take of their masks. Who where they ingame? what was their name? Where did they play? EU? NA? Both? 

Any chance of this happening ? probably not, but it would be great to discuss here or with friends if you ever had an encouter, good or bad with employees ingame, plus it would still the hunger waiting for DF : UW :-)"




Mods shut it down.  But I am curious as well....


It does seem like the MOD is conceding that they did infact play the game.  That could be good if they did it just to know how to balance and know what/where to improve/fix OR bad if they did (as a player) and played favorites.


  • Hamish909Hamish909 GlasgowPosts: 15Member
    He's right, it would just create a massive shit storm of accusations and developer induced character acceleration, item spawning etc.
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