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Isn't this game to fast and ez?



  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAPosts: 7,928Member
    Originally posted by Randayn
     but the majority of attacks that are directed at a single player have no indication at all other than a quick attack anaimation by the mob.. Can't count how many times I have been 1 shot in an dungeon when we were are facing multiple 


    I don't understand how facing this kind of situation would be fun or require skill to get through?  if a mob 1 shots without indication but there is no tank to stop the 1 shotting party, then how is that good design??

    because it requires you to work as a team... requires people to CC mobs to rez people.. everyone was givin a rez for a reason. Combat is fast and hectic and not everyones style if they are used to many other themeparks but for me it's such a nice change of pace compared to most other MMOs out there

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  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Eh I'll bite despite telling this is mostly a post attempting to pick at fans. 


    The game itself is quite fast and easy, particularly for a game that doesn't want a focus on 'end game'. Its going for a pvp focus which is perfectly fine, though it really lacks in that department, with WvW being the only thing you can actually use youir level and gear for. Besides that you only have really grinding and dungeons (which dungeons are limited in actually using your level 80) so in that regard, yes, the game is way to fast considering they are neglecting end game and not really providing much for your level to utilize.  It feels like the levels are just tossed in and are extremely quick to go through without spending all that much time on it.


    Outside dungeons (which you can argue aren't really that hard, just group comp dependant and getting over rediculous trash, the hardest part of the dungeons) theres very little in game that I felt was hard. It all felt very easy to me on a PvE level. Naturally, pvp can change this over having to fight players, though the way its designed it makes the game very simplistic in combat, something I think they focused on primarily due to wanting the 'dodge' mechanic. 


    Really though, I do wonder why they made it such a rediculously fast game to breeze through with there being very little to utilize level 80 with compared to other games, though being easy (focusing on skills) I can see being just their way of easing people into playing without having to worry about any complex 'rotations' or 'skill use'. Its perfectly fine to make the game more simple, and while i disagree with their choice of how skills are limited, for this game its fine considering they seem to want primarily a casual crowd over a hardcore one, making it to hard would shy away those players.

  • JZeroVNJZeroVN Packwood, WAPosts: 46Member
    164 hours played and highest character is only level 35 with 23% map completion.  Nope not too fast for people who are anywhere near casual.  That's over 48 days so that's still almost 4 hours avg daily.  Even that's above casual, that's the hours of a part-time job still.  :)
  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,714Member Rare

    Fast level = less content

    Slow = more

    Even at it's fast pace, I'm finding some zones ( or quest hubs ) with no content at all, where others have two dynamic events going on constantly.  I notice that players gravitate on these few areas and don't leave for several levels, grinding them over and over to gain level and experience.

    If it were slower, players would develop friendships.  Remember the Vanilla WoW or EQ days where you would spend days if not a week in a zone ?....You can make friends that way.

    Content comes down to money.


  • KhinRuniteKhinRunite ManilaPosts: 879Member

    Let me just pop in again to say that even if you're only playing 2-4 hours a day it's not surprising that you will hit 80 in a couple of weeks. Yes, by virtue of hours played you are considered casual, but what you do in those 2-4 hours is important. This game gives experience for almost ANYTHING we do, so it's ridiculously easy to level up. If you log in with the goal of efficiently gaining EXP 2-4 hours a day is all you need. IMO you are casual in playtime, but not in playstyle.

    Now, there are people (like me) who's logging roughly the same amount of time as any casuals, but we are terribly inefficient as far as gaining EXP goes. We tend to wander off and discover unmarked areas, farm for a few mats, and mostly stop by screengrabbing.

  • nolic1nolic1 Kingman, AZPosts: 676Member Uncommon

    Well after reading all 9 pages of coments all I can say is none of you understnd A-nets design some kinda do but none of you truely see it. Guildwars is not an end game game its a game you play and get rewarded for things you do. Take GW1 you got to max lvl way before you even seen the last areas you could go to like the first one you could hit lvl 20 buy the time you got to LA and then it was just playing the game finding new skills and such max armor was easy to get in the first one and even easyier to get in Factions and Nightfall but they had other gear same stats but looked different that took time to get from farming certain mats. But thats what GW's is about playing a game for fun enjoying it for what it is a game not a job. I spent 3500+ hrs in an mmo alot like WoW did raiding and dungeons pvp you name it and to this day I regret ever playing it. Now that 3500+ hrs was over 3 years and I have logged almost that in DDO but guess what it has a max lvl of 20 and I love running content in that game even with my lvl 20 toons which I only have 2.


    I have played alot of F2P P2P and the few B2P mmos out there over 1000 and to this day I dont like games that are all about end game to me a game ends when I quit playing. But I still play GW1, DDO, DCUO, Champions, STO, EQ1, EQ2, Vangaurd, PSU, FFXI, D1 and D3, LOTRO, DAOC, Realms online and even from time to time Runes of Magic the game I spent 3500+ hrs in just to see whats new but I still play all these games and more right now though I play GW2 and think its one of the best games out cause it has no end game grind I play it to have fun and I have 6 toons all over lvl 30 and my highest lvl is 66. Is it going to make me quit when I hit 80 I dont think so cause for me there alot to do. I can pvp, run dungeons, help friends, fight dragons, run overland dungeons sense there not all jumping puzzles but dungeons with traps and such help other players or just sit and chat with other in game.


    Alot of you ask for games to come back to the old ways like Vanilla and old school EQ and DAoC and such and don't realize that back then the mmo player base was what 300k to 400k  now its in the millions if not billions of online gamers and its going to be that way from now on theres also over 1000+ mmo's  on the market from all over the world and some are great others are bland some are freaking amazing but not one not even WoW is going to carter to every player out there and nethier will GW2 or Archage or even Eve because we are all different in who we are and our taste in things we like.

    To me I enjoy gaming I dont play to be uber I play to have fun. If a game is not fun to me guess what I move on and play something else till I find one that is. When I find that great game and not sure if in my life time there will be one I hope it has everything I want in an mmo.

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 943Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nataraya
    Get real guys, we aint gamers no more, we are consumers. At least i keep enjoying GW2 as what it is , .freaking great game,,, u know playing for the joy of play.

    gotta love this post !


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