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What game you played the most recently?



  • SilokSilok Mascouche, QCMember Posts: 732 Uncommon

    Final fantasy XI


  • InlorInlor MuensterMember Posts: 37

    I play pretty much atm... my wife is starting to become angry, lol...

    MMOs: LotRO (started a new toon after 3 year break); Aion (only Level 9 so far), Ultima Online (now and then; only playing my disarm thief).

    Started World of Tanks a few days ago and still having a blast (although I am not the kind of BF3, CoD, CS player).


    Non MMOs: Bards Tale II (iPad), The Lurking Horror (iPad), North & South (Amiga; with friends), International Karate (C64, with best friend).

  • MwahahaMwahaha Member Posts: 123 Uncommon

    MMOs:  Guild Wars 2

    Non-MMO:  Bioshock.  Just love that game.

    Played:  EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, WAR, WoW, LoTRO, CoX, CO, GW2, FFXIV: ARR, AoC, Rift, TSW, SWTOR, TERA, BnS, ESO

  • ArakaziArakazi OxfordMember Posts: 911 Uncommon

    Three MMOs here. TSW at the weekends, Rift during the week and EVE just to update skill q. Haven't played EVE seriously for about 6 months and two of my accounts are hibernating.


    EDIT: I haven't played gui;dwars sice the second week. I'm just waiting till all the bugs have been sorted and things to calm dow a little. I will pick it up again next month when I finnish TSW. As fpr single player games, I usually play RTS like Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis, but there are no good RTS out at the moment.

  • phantomghostphantomghost Atlanta, GAMember Posts: 697 Uncommon

    Most recent top to bottom:

    Travian: Fun because I like to completely destroy the efforts of anywhere up to ~1 year of somebody just to ruin their day.

    TSW: worst game I have ever played

    EQ: Greatest MMO I have ever played


    photo SIG_zpszteuyd0ejpg
  • franklin067franklin067 delhiMember Posts: 5
    The last game which i played is serious sam-2..
  • Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYMember Posts: 2,426 Uncommon

    Dishonored, XCOM, Torchlight II, FTL, Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II, Planetside 2 and Skyrim: Dawnguard.


    Haven't touched GW2 in two weeks.

    My abandoning GW2 has more to do with better games releasing on the market and less that the game fails to hold my attention. Its impossible for any MMO to compete with the games that have released in the last month or two.


    Waiting on:

  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSMember Posts: 2,591 Uncommon
    Xcom: Enemy Unkown (New rendition)


  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Pacific Northwest, WAMember Posts: 682 Common
    Minecraft and fooling around with the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim. TSW occasionally. No other MMOs.

    Optional PvP = No PvP
  • Entris38Entris38 Somewhere, OHMember Posts: 378 Uncommon
    Swtor, Dragons Dogma, and Fear series(deal at $9.99 on amazon for all 3)
  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Pacific Northwest, WAMember Posts: 682 Common
    Originally posted by Jaedor
    TSW and LOTRO.

    Funny, those are the two games where I have lifetime memberships. I should play LOTRO more often. I certainly got my money's worth out of that lifetime membership! Hoping the same will be true for TSW.

    Optional PvP = No PvP
  • KilsinKilsin AustraliaMember Posts: 406 Uncommon

    At the moment for me:

    MMO: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (6 years and counting...)

    PC: Skyrim (Dawnguard + Hearthfire and around 65 Nexus Mods) and Sleeping Dogs mainly

    Xbox 360: Modern Warfare 3 (waiting for Black Ops 2 & Assassins Creed 3)

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  • poefuepoefue Glen Burnie, MDMember Posts: 226
    Dune on Sega Genesis!
  • iamrtaiamrta your momsMember Posts: 164 Uncommon

    BL2 and TL2. 

    And I really need sleep.

  • MetanolMetanol Member Posts: 248 Uncommon
    Lately I've been wasting time in PlanetSide 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2. Could also mention XCOM and Xenonauts, but I doubt I'll put any more hours into XCOM, unless I decide to finish it.

    We?re all dead, just say it.

  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJMember Posts: 1,700 Uncommon

    GW2 & EQ1


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