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Improvements you'd like to see



  • SkymourneSkymourne Ruston, LAPosts: 373Member Uncommon

    i think it's a great game but, in my opinion, the first game's skill system was far superior in design and execution than its sequel.  That's just me though.  I miss the amount of skills...and most of all, I want control over where my skills go.  That's the only thing bothering me at this point, but it's bothering me enough to limit my play time.  It just feels off to me.  

    The problem with all of that is, the entire combat system is truly bound by the core design of the current skill system, making it doubtful that a change occurs, which is sad for me.


  • marcuslmmarcuslm Louisville, KYPosts: 263Member Uncommon

    Here's some of the things I would like to see...


    1. More weapons

    2. More weapon skills. I really would like to see it where you have to select your 5 weapon skills from about 10 or so the weapon offers.

    3. More utility skills or better ones. Most are pretty dull in my opinion.

    4. More varied DE's. Most of these are pretty boring kill/collect/escort type stuff. I think it would be cool if some involved being warped to mini dungeons of some kind or solving a puzzle.

    5. More armor appearance variety. A LOT of the armor looks the same and has little depth.

    6. I think the option should be available to deposit collectibles automatically


    Overall I think it's a great game and hopefully it will only get better.


  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Alright, *cracks knuckles* where oh where to start. In depth btw cause I'm bored and despite feeling the game isn't that great, I do want it better. 


    1.) Better Combat: Unlikely it will be changed due to design choice but hey, I like to be difficult! This is focusing upon the way combat plays and feels rather then 'skills' or anything of that choice (below I'll mention it) I'm focusing on the general way combat functions. 

    This game is attempting to make it about 'skill' yet it continues to use a targetting system with point and click (or press num key if your cool like me) and it really makes it difficult to hit stuff. It feels less about skill and more so overcoming the clunky aiming. Its going for a FPS aim deal yet without the aiming features which is a large issue. It really needed an aim system like Tera or other related games allowing you to focus the camera in the way you want, it feels like half way through production it couldn't figure out what it wanted and it made it into a huge mess.

    Second major issue is for asking for action combat, I find myself clicking 1 a lot of times and just afking. I can spam other buttons, yet, but truthfully it gets so repetative and the fact I can just push a button and watch auto attack really makes this game feel less action oriented then games like Rift or other games where damage mostly comes from using skills and auto attacks are either minute or unexistant. It makes it feel like I'm more so going to dance around more moving then actually using skills. 

    Minor gripe... clunky graphics. In part due to the fact its not designed to 'punish' you for a certain action which I honestly find a flaw. It doesn't need to completely lock you or anything but the whole "spam all buttons and instantly swap" deal really detracts from feeling very satisfied in playing. Over-all the animations can be a bit lack luster, primarily on the side of repetition.


    2.) Better Progression: Leveling in this game, particularly maxing a 2nd+ character is BORING. I can't understate the fact that I find myself so unwilling to level a 3rd alt since its more of the same old same old. Theres several reasons this could be from having to repeat areas to doing the same story quests over again (despite having 'branches' they are virtually go the same way, particularly near the end when it gets to Orr) or getting beaten to a pulp in WvWvW zergs and leveling quite slowly.  My focus is on the fact that leveling up, my character feels absolutely the same. 

    The issue comes is when you level, you get a skill point which you can invest in a skill and a trait point. The skill point, well typically if your doing any side skill point events you have all the worth wild skills you need and you won't need any more, most being grabbed for maybe pvp or certain utility though otherwise just sitting there. Traits... they feel so underwhelming. The effect they give is so small, many of the 'bonuses' are very lack luster and don't feel like they do much. There are some like the mesmer "dodge and create a clone" trait that do show some use but just over-all they don't feel like they are boosting you much. I feel like I gain NOTHING out of leveling without any new skills or anything to play with. This only is further boosted by...

    Downleveling. Now now I know "its to make things challenging" but lets face it, this game is easy. If you know how to play there is very little difficulty at all when it comes to solo play. It really makes it feel less like your character actually progresed or got stronger. Its fine doing maybe dungeons or something, but its nice to be able to feel like 'wow my character IS better' instead of 'oh, just the same as I was doing in a zone 3 tiers higher'. 

    3.) Better Environments: Now now, another area people might disagree with me on but I really feel it lacks in environment. Its not that it doesn't feel 'realistic' but rather it all feels the same. The issue is with its somewhat cartoony graphics, it is BEGGING to have a more varied atmosphere. Make it look a bit more fantasy and add spice to it, themeing areas up and making it look different from one another more. Instead, if your in a forest, your in a forest. If your in a jungle, your in a jungle. If your in a swamp, your in a swamp. It just feels so contradictory compared to the character your playing and it bothers me. It needs a creative spark to really make the world more interesting. I'd not complain about this if it was a nice realistic looking game but it goes for that cartoony look that really makes me question why they didn't emphasize this to make the environment more captiviating. 

    4.) Guild Vs Guild: You know... GUILD WARS. It bothers me that it isn't even really put into play. There are plenty of issues with the guild system (another point I'll get to below) but the biggest problem I have as a game focused on PvP, why is there a lack of guild vs guild combat? You can go and claim the WvWvW could be that way with fortresses (which I'll get into below... god a lot of that) but truthfully its more of a world conflict then anything. People want to ally up and compete as guilds with one another. People want to be able to boost their guilds worth and really stand out together. Its virtually the replacement for Raiding for pvp based game and yet its completely neglected. Come on!

    5.) Skills: If I leveled a 2nd mesmer up to 30, I'd have the exact same skills in place and be doing the exact same stuff my 80 is. Yeah, thats a problem I mentioned in a small part above. The fact your so restricted in abilities by weapon really makes it feel like such a drag to play. I feel like I have virtually no control over my character. Typically you have 2 choices in particular "Condition Damage or regular damage" pick one and your stuck with using those certain weapons. Want more support? Your stuck with an even more limited choice. The worst part is you can't even change it up or make anything out of the weapon to make it unique. What you see you get and theres no changing it. 

    Those 5 keys on the left there for your bow? Your keeping those and using those from 1-80, enjoy. It just makes it feel like its the same combat over and over, and once your 30 and got all your utility and elite skills, any bit of 'new' (which with those skills isn't all that much) just fades away and your left with the same thing... over and over again. The worst part is you might as well remove the 1 key since as an auto attack, its always going to be spammed. In many cases you will find yourself using only 1 or 2 of the keys and most likely neglecting the others. This makes combat very simple. Some classes do at least get more to pick from, but its often times not all that much of a big effect on gameplay and even that becomes repetative.

    6.) Guilds: Guilds feel like chat hubs and nothing more. They do have perks in WvWvW but the 'claim a point' deal feels so insignificant and unimportant and doesn't really make you 'feel' like your guild is in any control, just the suckers spending cash to keep the place up and running. The fact your able to represent guilds at any time and join so many trivializes it and really ends up making players look so distant from the guild. Its a cool idea in some ways, but I feel poorly executed. People SHOULD always have a primary guild. though theres no reason to have smaller groups as well. Instead of multiple guilds it should be just a single guild with maybe the option for some other group deal outside your primary guild. It just makes me feel like a guild is just something you easily toss and really loses that 'commradship' being able to hop on guild to guild chit chatting or asking for help only to go back to others.

    7.) WvWvW: This... is not implimented well. I'll give them the pass in the fact zerg vs zerg is pretty much the deciding factor, player habit and we know this will likely happen. The issue is a lot of the wvwvw is just repetition. It seems like they were learning at seige warefare though it never really was put in place. Its all about zerging the door, defending team up top shooting down, putting ram up knocking door and easy kill on leader and fort is captured. Its just an endless loop that really becomes old quick. its lacking real action or strategy and its allowing for zergs to thrive and not giving much chance for anything actually 'interesting' to occur. 

    Certain worlds dominating due to their 'advantages' (aka heavy oceanic players available at off hours) only makes things worst off, though not completely their fault.

    8.) Crafting: Actually one of the strong points, although the progression on crafting wasn't very well planned out. The materials makes it very difficult to actually raise this without spending money (Ah, gold for gems, crafty ANET!) and it ends up causing you to build up materials to the point your collectable bag fills up not being able to finish your crafting if you refuse to buy off the AH. That needs to be smoothed out.

    The discovery system is, by far, one of the best things GW2 has to offer though it feels like it falls short. Anything outside cooking really just doesn't feel like its all that interesting and its way to predictable. It would of been more interesting to do more of an 'experimentation' option trying to dicovery recipes by tossing random parts together and maybe figuring out a possible combination through the process, something to make it a more intriguing experience particularly for crafting professions outside cooking (though it would be great in cooking too).

    9.) Bots and Exploits: Partly 'bug' related I suppose but I feel its a major issue. Bots flood this game. Don't give me that "Its B2P of course they would' excuse because bots in other games do the same thing using that Free month and farm away before usually getting banned after that first month.  Botting is an issue, but the fact that they are so rampant and they can teleport around to where they want to go is a major issue.  This is something that REALLY has to be fixed and I can't emphasize how terrible it is for the game. Sure, they are making mats lower (thus lowering what people get for the stuff they get while leveling thus not being able to farm enough gems for items and being more likely to buy from you ANET) but they are really hurting the game in so many ways. Fix the teleport exploit, really crack down on bots, and I'll bet you will find more players willing to play the game.

    10.) Event Failsafes: Okay, another bug related thing but its more so an improvement so I had to mention it. Rather then having events bug out and have to wait for a server restart, why not have events linked to have a certain 'time out' point where they would reset? Having an event reset after an hour would make things a lot better and really help to limit the whole "wow, this whole zone is bugged' messages I've seen on my 2nd character going through. Its such a simple thing ANET and its so helpful in preventing issues. Lets neglect the fact your stuff is bugging out and  just fixate on having something in place to stop even a freak accident keeping an event from happening interupting the progression. 

    11.) Dungeon Difficulty: No, not the 'its to hard' arguement but the 'why is trash harder then any boss in the dungeon' argument. The issue in dungeons is that its heavily dependant on a group. This means using the GW2 trinity (yes they didn't kill the trinity, just altered it) having damage, cc, and support on hand to have the team do well through the dungeon. Even with a good group, theres a chance you will go downed, and I'll make a safe bet it will be on trash, not bosses. I've seen groups wipe more on trash then ever on bosses (and by wipe, I have not ONCE seen a group all die on a boss, though a sucker might go downed :) ). Its a real issue where difficulty seems to be based solely off scurrying around and spamming cc and just hoping you can kill something before your dodges are up or cc is unable to be applied. This gets most worst with groups as the ability to do any of those elements grows that much harder. 

    12.) PvE Content: "But the game is PvP focus!" Which I can reply "but for pvp focused it sure lacks a lot of PvP options" and we can go on and on about your moma jokes and the likes but in the end, this game just needs more PvE content to do. As much as people like to go on about "You can go back and do low level zones!" or "You can explore for experience" let me go about saying, yes you can, just like every other old MMo out there which doesn't flaunt the fact you can. The issue is the experience becomes less and less valuable with those low level zones and its truthfully just doing the same thing over again. There needs to be more spice to it. In other games, Battlegrounds were often the gap filler to change it up, but its not a way to progress in this game (though I can give props it does have some progression there). WvWvW can be done though its asking to be quite weak and over-all not being all that wonderful and getting very little out of it. 

    End game is basically 'run around orr, kill stuff, do the same events repeatedly, spam dungeons over and over till you get bored out of your mind" which it just gets boring. Without raids, you need something to fill that gap and make it feel like you got something to work for and right now there is nothing. You can't even go about fighting players in zones competing for resources since its not even permitted except WvWvW. It just makes the world feel so... boring. 

    13.) sPvP: More scenarios, more options, more of everything. Really, I just don't have much to say here. My biggest complaint is the 'lobby' system is a bit of a mess and really could use some cleaning up. The 'pick game' option seems quite unnessisary and just really should be make simpler or at least give more reason to bother with the 'various games'.


    I'll end on unlucky 13 because I'm tired and I made a huge wall of text explaining my feelings. I know, a few of my big ones can be considered more opinionated (combat/graphics, not entirely as there are some straight facts but most of it can be considered preference) but I just felt the need to bring them up.

  • skydiver12skydiver12 burgundPosts: 432Member

    More dynamic in dynamic events. Currently their happening is dynamic (timeframe) but not what happens.

    * For that, monsters need to get skills and trait as well as basic AI to work together rather than fighting each for their own.

    * No more spawns right in the face of players. Monsters need to have a purpose and so they should not spawn 5 meters away in small groups of inidivduals to be half assed faceroll killed by bots.

    * Monsters need to chase players by at least 5x the lenght as currently.

    * A Town invasion force should not be 5 wave spawn of 6 centaurs, but rather 50 centaurs setting of from their camp and should be able to be intercepted by players and so create trully DYNAMIC EVENTS because of player actions.

    * Roaming warbands rather than fix placed spawns across a zone.

    * Do not spawn monsters right at the fighting zone, just so your "dynamic" - very static and dead event - has the monsters for killing. Totaly wrong approach. Rift did this way better during world invasion where monsters set out from the rifts.

    * Add player deployable items and incoperate crafting for it! You did it for WvWvW partially. How about the poor village didn't get invaded with ease because players deplayed (free placeable) various fortification walls around it? THAT'S DYNAMIC.

    * A breathing living world isn't about static spawns with dynamic time pattern. It's about player actions changing things.

    And of course way more armor (yes armor not body skin textures) or skintight boobplates.

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