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Patch 1.11 and Next Beta Event

saylorxisaylorxi Blairstown, NJPosts: 15Member Uncommon

Patch 1.11 with all the revamped classes and updates is now live on the PTS. Notes can be found on the forums at


Also announced is the newest Beta event which can be found




Friday, Oct. 19 (10 AM PDT) – Wednesday, Oct. 24 (8 AM PDT)

The zones of City Core, Eastern Holdings, and the death-touched realm of Seratos await exploration and conquest!

  • Fight your way through new dungeons while revealing Crucia’s diabolical machinations
  • Explore new zones including the twisted realm of Seratos and fallen civilization of Eastern Holdings
  • Unlock and build in Dimensions, customizable player- and guild-owned slivers of Telara
  • Experience Hunt Rifts, grandmaster crafting, puzzles, and more as you embrace your destiny in a storm of conflict and adventure


  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    I opted out of beta testing for this xpac. I want to experience it fresh on launch. Cant wait!

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