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The Bottom line : Too Auto-Dynamic



  • observerobserver Posts: 3,650Member Rare
    Originally posted by delete5230
    Originally posted by observer
    Person A walks into a bar.  Person A sits next to Person B.  Both start talking to each other, then exchange numbers (add to friends list).  Everyone else is sharing environment in bar. Person A goes to a stadium.  Person A sits with friends.  Everyone else is sharing the experience. Real life is also Auto-Dynamic.

    You can also look at it like this :

    You go to the mall, tons of people around, You buy something and the girl at the counter tells you thanks, and you go home !


    So were you really out with people ?......This is Auto-Dynamic....Would you like to live your life like this.

    That depends if i have an interest with the employee.  Should i talk to her about how my day went?  Or should i ask her what her interests are?  Or what kind of food she likes?  Should i even be bothering her while she's working?  What if there's other people lined up behind me?

    Next time you're in a car, socialize with the drivers around you.  Yell through your window if you must.  If you don't.. you're not living your life like you should.

    My point is.. people are sometimes busy and doing things on their own.  Everyone isn't going to stop doing what they are doing because you want them to talk to you.

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