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[Preview] Origins Of Malu: You Control the World



  • Maj_ScienceMaj_Science State College, PAPosts: 107Member
    Sounds also a lot like SeeD except for the bits about three races and building turrets.  That... might be a good thing.  SeeD was an idea that did not deserve the fate it received.
  • SimonSaysBakSimonSaysBak BodenPosts: 15Member Common
    Looking good, cant wait for release :D
  • rdrakkenrdrakken Gotham, FLPosts: 426Member
    retail and subscription? future failure in the making...with little advertising this late in production they have no real chance to succeed unless they already factored in that they will be going F2P in less than a year and just want to bleed out as much money as they can by those desperate enough to jump in blind early on.
  • tauthetauthe Halifax, NSPosts: 5Member
    Looks like a good game, lots of nice features listed, I've checked out their forums and have seen even more informataion in regards to assinations, crafting features and abilities. I am waiting to see what their final model is going to be.
  • ZemardZemard Laval, QCPosts: 7Member

    I have been looking at Origins of Malu recently and found myself in front of what I call an audacious leap forward.

    There is something in the taste of the artworks and the 3D environment that keeps us gamers in touch with something good... Something that, even if the universe is remote from major recent Fantasy games, connects to it and let us relate to it. The best connection is that we can either shape in it or conquer in it.

    I can only rejoice of seeing such an ambitious Universe taking birth.

    I'll put efforts in encouraging this company and I look forward to this game.

  • cable101cable101 Winter Park, FLPosts: 6Member
    I'm really looking forward to this game.  I'm a huge believer in games that are the underdog and/or have no/little funding.  Especially ones that look as great as this does.  Let's hope that they get a kickstarter soon and can make this happen! I will absolutly play this!
  • NixeorNixeor Echo, ALPosts: 11Member

    You seen the website? Aliens building houses with their minds!


    No one can say "No" to that.

  • WodazWodaz Saint Charles, MOPosts: 3Member

    Beta is finally coming!! Can't wait! This game has come a long way!
  • kuroionikuroioni six feet under my rockPosts: 26Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by TangentPoint
    Originally posted by erictlewis
    Originally posted by SneakyRussian
    Dunno, it sounds good, but graphically it looks like a ripoff of WoW. Again, graphics don't make a game good, but it also doesn't help it when they look like a child drew the game you're making with crayons.   Not looking for super realism either, but i always felt SWG was a good mix between how a game should look & realistic expectation.   I'll keep my eye on this one, but i won't expect much until I can touch it.  

    From what I read it sounds very good, then I looked at the screen shots, or I hope concept are and my heart sunk.  I don't care how good a game is if it looks like something from wow and is too cartoon looking well then it will not matter.  I would like to see moore screen shots because what I saw was enough to make me go uggg.


    What is it about people that when they see something colorful, it's immediately "WoW graphics"? Are people's perceptions seriously that narrow and limited?

    Has your only exposure to colorful, lively color palettes been WoW, and so that's the only thing you have to compare anything and everything to?

    What is so "bad" about things being colorful?


    Would you never travel to a place like in this picture because "zomg it has real life WoW graphics"?


    GW2 has colorful, vibrant colors as well. Does that make it "WoW-like" and not worthy of being taken seriously? Apparently not with the love-fest around that game.


    Frankly, I don't see WoW in these screenshots at all. Then again, I don't immediately think "WoW Graphics!", shut my mind and have an aneurism he moment I see anything that isn't entirely colored in muted shades of brown and green.


    Frankly, the art style and color palettes remind me far more of Saga of Ryzom than WoW anyway.


    In any case.. the game looks very cool, they have some very intriguing concepts and I'm very interested in checking it out!


    Quite. Even if OOM's graphics were somewhat resembling those of WoW (and I'm not saying that they do, I really don't see it that way myself), then what? WoW does not have monopoly on it, neither is the first/greatest example of such. 

    Really people, just get over WoW already.

    Can't wait for the Beta to start! (FYI it starts on the 15th of April and there are still some keys left for you to grap @ alienware).

    This will be a real beta mind you, not one of these cash grabs (*I'm looking at you, Neverwinter*) we see these days.

    Anywho. The game has my support.



  • kuroionikuroioni six feet under my rockPosts: 26Member Uncommon
    whoops, double post, sorry


  • thunderCthunderC miami flPosts: 591Member Uncommon
    Absolutely genius idea when it comes to factions and PVP-PVE. Finally a answer for pve'ers who want to play on a PVP server.
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