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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria: 2.7 Million Sold the First Week



  • SketchSketch Montreal, QCPosts: 337Member Uncommon

    Reading the comments has been more interesting than the article. I've see an ongoing weird and sad trend of WoW & GW2 fanbois shitting all over pretty much any other game explaining why it's not as good as their game. It's a bizarre phenomenon to watch people on gamer forums trash and defend games as if somehow their self worth was tied in to it. It's a game, a toy for your entertainment. If you find yourself getting angry because of the game or what other people say about it then you are taking it to seriously and it's time to dial back a bit.


  • halflife25halflife25 Toronto, ONPosts: 737Member
    Originally posted by Smokeysong
    2.7 million copies for about 9 million accounts? Blizzard - WE TOLD YOU SO! Sure, MoP isn't all bad, but when you take the long path down insipid leveling and linear character development Blizzard has, then you are going to lose accounts. When you write the kind of storyline that there is for MoP, then you are going to lose accounts. When you simplify everything to the point that there is no significant choice for fleshing out your character's build, you are going to lose accounts.

    And? how much do you think BC, WOTLK and Cata sold. Compared to then player base of 11+ million i would use your logic and say those were not impressive numbers either.

    Some of you try too hard to downplay success of WOW.

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