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The Guardians - RP/PvE/PvP Guild - Now Recruiting



  • Nightsong89Nightsong89 Flagstaff, AZPosts: 48Member


    Guild Wars 2 launches in 25 days. If you still haven't found a guild to call home I recommend stopping by and checking us out.

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    Solveig - Tiro of Terminus
  • Ambrosia24Ambrosia24 Lancaster Park, ABPosts: 3Member

    I just wanted to bump our recruitment thread.


    We've remained active since launch of GW2 with many fun events being planned each week. We have a Girl's Night tonight planned for the ladies to just kick back and be silly, City/Starting area jumping puzzle event tomorrow (hoping to do these every Wed), RP event-chain farming night coming up, as well as multiple guild groups going through dungeons on Thursdays, large scale WvW takeovers on Fridays (Gotta get our orb!).  We've been trying to start some guild sPvP tournies as well!

    These are just some of the reoccurring guild activities we have on the go, we have many spur of the moment or larger monthly events too! 

    We've been trying to keep our image friendly and honorable and will not tolerate multiple accounts of trash-talking or rudeness in map or guild chat. We find this makes our guild an enjoyable environment for everyone. Just go to our forums as previously linked, and check out our community! 


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