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I'm a really, I'm a girl. Well, maybe not.



  • DhaenonDhaenon Corvallis, ORPosts: 126Member Uncommon

    I don't understand why if a dude thinks it is weird or lame that another dude is playing a chick... it makes him insecure.


    I personally would never play a female character because I simply don't see why I would. Why would I WANT to play a female character? I don't... so I don't. I have no problem with other dudes playing chicks, whatever floats your boat, however I do think it is strange. 

    Though I remember talking about Dragon Age with a girlfriend of mine, she was obsessed with the game. While comparing our various characters she pointed out that I didn't have any female characters. After a long discussion she decided it was because I was sexist. Perhaps that is the MYSTERIOUS reason why some men are cool with playing female characters and some men are not.

  • XasapisXasapis VolosPosts: 5,512Member Uncommon

    There is no right or wrong way to select a gender in a game and, unlike what some posters believe (perhaps by projecting) that choice is not character defining. In other words, looking solely at the avatar gender tells you nothing about the person behind it.


    When I was younger, the game avatars used to be my personal representation in the game world, a virtual extension of my own personality. Thus at that period I was playing exclusively males. It also makes me understand why people with this kind of mentality towards their own avatars would find people with different mentality weird. To them, if the avatar is not representative of your RL personality, it makes you phoney or it shows some aspect of your personality you are trying to hide.


    Now that I'm older and it's been more than a decade playing those games, I'm rather detached from the avatars I'm playing. They are no longer me. They are just interesting characters in a movie that I can affect. And in this interactive movie, I chose to have a protagonist that I'm more empathic about, which in my case is a female character. This has nothing to do with roleplaying, I don't roleplay a female. I control her actions and her fate and watch her progress in an interesting virtual world.


    The mentality towards avatars is quite different between the two approaches in gaming. I guess it is easier for young or new to the gaming people to associate themselves with their characters. Thing is, as long as the person next to you is not actively trying to con you into thinking he's something he's not, then his choice in character gender is as valid as yours.

  • quasar941quasar941 Binghamton, NYPosts: 159Member

    I'm male IRL but in online games  I play an equal mix of both sexes. The decision of which sex to play usually depends entirely on the appearance of the genders of the race in question. For example, in WoW, most of the male avatars look like steroid abusing freaks, so I have a lot of female characters. On games such as AoC, where both sexes are equally decent looking, I tend to stick to male characters.

  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Star CItyPosts: 294Member
  • HolySaint333HolySaint333 Germantown, MDPosts: 24Member
    OK. Easy one. Male because I am one. Some people out there use females to try and make people feel like trash...

    If you ask my opinion I'd have to wait for my turn! :)

  • phantomghostphantomghost Atlanta, GAPosts: 698Member Uncommon
    Male and I play male characters.
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