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WoW Arcane Mage... in Guild Wars 2

DhaenonDhaenon Corvallis, ORPosts: 126Member Uncommon

Hello all,

I played WoW for a long time and the class I enjoyed the most was the Arcane Mage. You had high damage that would ramp up as the fight progressed so in short fights I felt like I was doing decent damage but in longer boss fights I felt like I was getting stronger the longer the fight went. I liked that playstyle. The second thing I liked about it was the useful utility abilities of Invisibilty and Mirror Image. 

What I am looking for is an equivalent profession in Guild Wars 2. Any ideas? 


  • QuirhidQuirhid TamperePosts: 6,230Member Uncommon
    Likely Mesmer.

    I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been -Wayne Gretzky

  • thekid1thekid1 GroningenPosts: 789Member Uncommon

    You had high damage that would ramp up as the fight progressed




  • GolbezTheLionGolbezTheLion Los Angeles, CAPosts: 347Member Uncommon

    There really is no class in GW2 comparable to an Arcane Mage, they all play very uniquely (the casters in particular) and do not feel like your typical spellcaster.

    I guess Mesmer could be considered similar in terms of design, but it won't feel similar in playstyle at all. Your best bet is to try the different casters and see which one you get a liking for.

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