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[Editorial] PlanetSide 2: A Veteran's Comparison - Part One

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,673MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

In this two-part article,'s Derek "Cymdai" Czerkaski takes a look at the two versions of Planetside and compares and contrasts the two different designs. Read on for part one, and leave your comments below.  Part two will come later this week.

Being a veteran of Planetside, I felt the need to compare its in-development sequel to the original, and see where they stack up. The following will be an overview highlighting various different developmental and conceptual philosophies, executions, and implementations of ideas for the game Planetside in its two different installments. I'm going to start off with a basic comparative chart, essentially a TLDR version for the quick readers, and then I'm going to expand on these points in more detail as the article goes along.

Read the rest of Derek's Planetside 2: A Veteran's Comparison - Part One.

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  • furdudefurdude morton, ILPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    Only the basic guns are implemented right now. Pretty sure medics and engineers do get shotguns, they are just currently locked.


    Also, you complain about super soldiers and how everyone eventually took the same certs in PS1 but then bash PS2 class system because you cannot be a unique flower? Do you not see that you can't have it both ways.


    Players will always take the best spec. Even if it is not fun, players will always pick the most OP abilities to win. By forcing players into roles, it makes having a balanced team that much more important and effective. Countless times while i have been in a squad and wished we had a heavy to take out a magrider or wished we had a light assault so we could take out a enemy beacon that is out of reach.  



    Finally, this game would be hell if everyone had a jetpack. It would turn into a slower, crappier Tribes. The jetpack has a very unique role (placing beacons where only jetpackers can get to them). If everyone has that ability, then you become even less of a "unique flower".



  • ohpowerohpower ParisPosts: 72Member

    Well, I must say this article lacks a bit of information for newcomers: ok you seem to feel like the way things are done right now is not very good, but if it's just for iteration and they're far from release or OBT, I'd think working on the backbone of classes before giving players more freedom would be the right way to go, while trying the "no-holes-barred" approach to capture points then studying the results and working with the data is the way to go.

    Then again, I don't know how far they are in the development process, but personally, I had heard that the game was in "very" early CBT (like for a month or so?) so that the game was playable but not ready. In that case, isn't it too early to raize the guns, or at least if you do, wouldn't it be wiser to put it in perspective and explicitly say that this is a sort of "public feedback". Maybe I just missed it.

    Good article though. Interesting to see what PS2 is coming from, and how the formula is being changed.

  • RasputinRasputin gnaf, AKPosts: 602Member Uncommon

    In PS1 you could only be level 20 (in the beginning, I read they went nuts and allowed level 40, essentially giving everyone everything). If they had kept the original system and instead allowed more and deeper specializations, then the 20 levels would be spread thinner, forcing people to specialize more.

    In PS1 you could not be a "super soldier". You were limited by your inventory. If you really did take AV, you would have very little inventory space for anything else, and your staying power in the field would be limited. Also, you would be fairly slow in the heavy suit, which gave you the most versatility.

    Of course, you could change to a new configuration, but then you would have to get out of battle to a resupply pad. I don't see how that is any different from how PS2 works.


    PS1 gave alot more versatility in character development, and if it had been elaborated upon (create more and specialized certs to force people specializing instead of being an ace-of-all-trades), it would have beaten the PS2 system by far.

  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member

    I prefer the new specialization.  While it may not be like PS1, that's why it's called PS2.  If a player decides their side needs a medic at the moment then that's his decision.  Now, he has to own it. 

    For the comment about jetpacks, I think it's important that units that can use that kind of ability should be limited somehow.  It would take terrain out of the equation of all units could jetpack together.

  • AutemOxAutemOx Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,704Member

    I didn't like the class system at first, but it is sorta a necessary evil since the old inventory system was difficult to balance.  I still prefer the inventory though.  I can't decide what class I like in PS2, I really wish I could mix and match them more...  But I guess I just want to do all the things at once. In PS1 I was advanced medic, engineer, sniper, and had a reinforced exo suit.  Now only heavy assault gets the suit, medic gets revive, engineer gets its kits, and infiltrator gets sniper rifle.  So my old build is spread across 4 different classes.

    If I could alter PS2, I would add sniper options for light and heavy assult classes.  I would make most of the bases more like PS1, reinforced with only one front door and one back door to create a more structured flow with more strategy and longevity.  I would also put continent locks back in, because right now each continent feels more like separate servers.

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  • spawn12345spawn12345 MalmöPosts: 154Member Uncommon

    I hated ps1

    I LOVE ps2

    So they did something right in my book

  • cyclonite51cyclonite51 Posts: 36Member Uncommon

    These two points do bother me about PS2 but the one that bothers me the most is the MAX units. They borked them up big time and honestly there is no reason to even include them into the game. They are no longer a dedicated class as they once were in PS1, they are basically a throw away armor suit that is situational. In PS2 they require resources so if you buy max only certs you are screwing yourself because of the cooldown. But the biggest change from PS1 to PS2 is there is no longer a fast travel mode for MAXes. This effectively ruins the class for anything but base defense and hot drops. Any other class can just jump into a tank or vechicle and get into a fight quick whereas the MAX has to slowboat it and get raped by said tanks and vehicles.

  • CymdaiCymdai Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,038Member Uncommon

    One thing I didn't touch on yet was MAXes, and that's because I want to give them a bit more time to touch on them. Considering my favorite aspect of the original Planetside was that of "MAX Crashing", and my favorite unit was the Dual-Cycler MAX for the TR, I would say they're incredibly underwhelming thus far.

    However, there have been slews of patch changes, incorporating additional content. I'm going to wait and see if any adjustments are made in the next month, and depending on the action/inaction, I'll re-touch on that aspect of the game.

    I do apologize for not being more "new player friendly", however, I wanted to leave some basic research up to the readers :)

    Waiting for something fresh to arrive on the MMO scene...

  • hikaru77hikaru77 buenos airesPosts: 1,041Member Uncommon
    Didnt play PS1 a lot, but so far PS2 is really fun. Is a beta and they still have a lot of work, but is a PvP game in a Epic scale
  • DuluDulu Orange Park, FLPosts: 57Member
    I agree with this article. The strategy and character building elements are missing in PS2. It's just a chaotic hodge-podge of Battlefield elements with Planetside tagged on. PS2 has the potential to be awesome of they just get rid of the class system, bring back the old cert system from PS1 (Very easy to do), and change the base capture system to be as you described. Veterans would rejoice, and noobs would love the new changes.
  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member
    Some of the changes sound like they were for the worse...i'll wait and see how the game does after release, but it's beginning to sound unappealing if that comparison table is right.
  • Superman0XSuperman0X San Jose, CAPosts: 1,916Member Uncommon


    This is the problem with reviewing a game while it is in Beta. They make changes, lots of them... and this can totally change the gameplay.


    For example, they have recently changed how experience is given. They have recently changed the methods used to capture bases. They have recently changed the certifications available.


    With these changes, a lot of what you said may not be true anymore. (I do conceded that there is still merit in the class vs classless discussion). It will be hard to properly evaluate this game as long as they are making big changes like this.


  • saurus123saurus123 nonePosts: 639Member Uncommon

    Not my kind of game


    after the changes you need to grind like few days before you can unlock some basic scope for 1 weapon or a week for silencer for pistol

    and thats playing minimum 5 hours a day

  • AutemOxAutemOx Fullerton, CAPosts: 1,704Member
    Originally posted by cyclonite51
    These two points do bother me about PS2 but the one that bothers me the most is the MAX units. They borked them up big time and honestly there is no reason to even include them into the game. They are no longer a dedicated class as they once were in PS1, they are basically a throw away armor suit that is situational. In PS2 they require resources so if you buy max only certs you are screwing yourself because of the cooldown. But the biggest change from PS1 to PS2 is there is no longer a fast travel mode for MAXes. This effectively ruins the class for anything but base defense and hot drops. Any other class can just jump into a tank or vechicle and get into a fight quick whereas the MAX has to slowboat it and get raped by said tanks and vehicles.

    There was a timer in PS1 for MAX too, but I agree that MAX should be a certed class and get the faster run speed.  We aren't going to see any more MAX crashes in PS2 I am sure...

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  • sgtalonsgtalon Lenox, MIPosts: 129Member Uncommon

    As a PS1 Beta Veteran, I think you might be jumping the gun a little on this article.

    I recall that in the PS1 Beta, there were many things they had eliminated and changed by the time it was released. Some for the better, some for the worse (in my opinion) But in the end, it turned out to be a great game.


    From a gaming standpoint, I think PS2 is a much more exciting game. The action that comes from having literally thousands of people fighting on the same continent is amazing. The fact that at what i would consider a middle beta stage, this game is VERY playable. Everything works, bugs are few, performance is solid and improving. 


    I have had less crashes in PS2 than i did in the last couple months playing PS1 (just before PS2 Beta)


    As to the Class System, I think you are a little confused on your arguments, in one sentence you say that you ccan't play the way you want, yet, all the classes are available from start. It took a long time to get up to a Heavy Assault with a Chain Gun in PS1, but you can do it rather quickly in PS2. The fact that you can switch to a Medic or Engineer or Heavy every time you walk up to a terminal is very nice when you find that your squad is lacking something.


    The only place that i will agree wtih you is when it comes to the Higher Level "META" game of PS2. The game mechanics are simpler than PS1 for sure. One of the things that made PS1 so cool was that it wasn't just a zerg for territory system. There were tactics and procedures for all kinds of situations. Currently, that system is a little simplified. But i think that is only temporary. 


    The best part of PS2 by far is the people that are making this game truly care about it. They are die hard PS1 fans and are dedicated to making this the best game anyone ever played. With a stated Launch Date of January 1, 2013 i think they have plenty of time to work out the META game complexity to bring it up to our liking.


    Bottom line here, PS2 is a seriously great game. If you have never played Planetside you are going to be amazed. If you have, there is so much about PS2 that is better than PS1 that you will find yourself having a great time, even if they don't make it just like PS1.

  • spookydomspookydom BristolPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon
    Never played Planetside 1. I am coming in from an un-poped cherry perspective and have to say so far in the planetside 2 beta I am loving every moment of it. Nonetheless I found this an intresting read.


  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,338Member Rare

    I see nothing wrong with being critical in the beta phase. The idea that the game play will change, that various game elements will change is true. But that does not mean any of the problems mentioned will even get looked at. Beta only means the game will be different at launch, not how it will be different.

    The differences between PS and PS2 smack of easymode. Going from an skill unlock system to classes is a easymode decision. The gaming industry believes that if a player needs more than 2 minutes to understand his role in a game he will decided to move on, classes give instant role recognition. Instant gratification is the other key to easymode play, instead of having to work for your unlocks they all seem to be given to you at the start.

    I am not so sure the change in how bases can be won is such an issue. I have seen both styles of play. Bases in sequence is more like DAOC, bases you can drop in from the back is more like Battlefield. I would not say one style of play was better than the other. I would suggest though that is another step on the easymode route. Sequential bases need more organisation, more leadership. Organisation and easymode do not go hand in hand, random taking of objectives does. On the balance I would say the old way was better, we have a ton of games where you can randomly cap bases, PS2 would seem fresh just by sticking to the old method.

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  • tixylixtixylix gfff, TNPosts: 1,262Member Uncommon

    I know I'm going back on what I've said before but I'm had time to put in a full days gaming to really understand Planetside 2 as it can be quite complex and confusing due to the UI being such a mess when it comes to certs and what not.

    I really like Resources, they restrict you from what you can get and keep you switching your vehicle choices up. Resources are tied down to defending and capturing hexes which is kool because it makes you want to fight for control instead of being a K/D whore. 

    I really like Auraxium (dumb name) being slow to get because it puts meaning on what you unlock and makes it feel more special. Also there needs to be a balance then on the price of things because if items are say 2.99 then the whole thing is pointless, they need to price weapons at like 5.99 and 10.99 so you're put off just buying everything right away.

    I really like the hex system in theory but in reality it is pointless, the only thing you pay attention to is the bases and capturing those. The only good thing about it is it's easy to see what land you own but the games still makes it pretty hard to work out where your main forces are.

    For me the biggest complaint is base design, it's just horrible. You'd think these advance people locked in war all the time wouldn't just make their bases open and easy to capture. 

    The other problems for me are really mechanics like running over team mates and killing them, it's just too easy to do and they need to reduce the damage done. I hate how you cannot fly your aircraft with just the keyboard like BF3. I hate the fog/bloom and the blur in the background. I don't like how the camera doesn't follow the aircraft in third person view and I hate how you cannot equip knives.

    I find base capture to be really weird and confusing, you capture all the points, the base turns your colour and then for some reason the enemy is still spawning? I don't get that... people just camp the spawns and keep killing the enemy even though you own it?


  • CymdaiCymdai Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,038Member Uncommon

    I generally feel that bases could be 20% smaller, and it would be more feasible to navigate too.


    Some of these bases arte just outrageously gigantic for a 5 minute capture-and-hold. You'll spend half of that time just walking between points.

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