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Nvidia 675mx

Xion1985Xion1985 Cornelius, ORPosts: 229Member Uncommon
When is an ETA on when I can buy a laptop with the 675mx?  I want to buy a laptop in the next month or so for gaming purposes.  Will I be able to get those cards in november?  


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,357Member Epic

    They're available for order today in a Clevo P150EM or P170EM, from the usual Clevo resellers.  For example:

    They say it's a pre-order, and won't actually be available until the end of October.

    On the other hand, they charge the same as a Radeon HD 7970M, and the latter card is likely to be substantially faster.  Then again, Radeon cards have been having driver problems with discrete switchable graphics not working properly (performance far below what it should be) this generation, though there is a hotfix that supposedly fixes the problem due out this week--and it was tested by at least one independent site last week and seems to work.  So you can pick your poison on delayed hardware or delayed driver fixes.

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