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Horde side population seems down

cheyanecheyane EarthPosts: 4,248Member Rare

What would yo do in my position. I am looking at all the servers I have characters on and after chatting with a few people who all tell me their server is dead what should I do. They are listed as medium on population but Horde side is low. Should I just play with Dungeon Finder and get gear but that seems like such a terrible way to play if that is all I do. I checked the Auction House one had like 3 axes listed on Horde side which indicated how bad the AH was.


Should I just make a new toon on a well populated server instead or just try out one of the low populated ones I have toons on and later on pay to transfer out. I would hate to level up just by dungeon finder alone and how will I make enough money to buy a mount even if the economy is dead .What should I do ?



  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    If i would be in your shoes right now i would reroll on a populated server.


    That's what i would do myself.

  • JackFrostyJackFrosty Edmonton, ALPosts: 103Member

    Just bite the bullet and re-roll or transfer.

    I was in the EXACT same position on RIFT no less then 4 days ago. After they released path 1.10 they effectively killed pvp servers and our server went from medium/high pop to dead within a week. Keep in mind server transfers are 100% free on RIFT.

    That being said the server was dead, so me and our Guild moved to Wolfsbane, and the world is just ALIVE. It's so packed you lag in the main cities a bit and people are everywhere, the AH is crazy and its fun again.

    Believe me it sucks, but just do yourself a favor and get it over with and move, you'll be having fun again and won't regret moving within minutes of hitting the new server :)


    When I wake up, the real nightmare begins

  • cheyanecheyane EarthPosts: 4,248Member Rare
    Yes you guys are right. I am stubborn I want to play Horde I could play Alliance but I want Horde so I guess I will start over on a populated server.
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