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Looking for someone to play PoE with (free beta key included)

RollieJoeRollieJoe Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 445 Uncommon

They just did the last character wipe (legacy move) before open beta and I'm looking to start a new character to prepare for the upcoming PvP arenas.  I'm looking for someone to play and level with (you don't have to be a fan of PvP) and I've got a beta key you can have free.


The only requirement is that you must have Steam (or ventrilo).  Send me a PM here if interested, don't just reply in thread because I might not see it. 


  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Bree, MIMember Posts: 713

    Thats really quite cool =)

    I would certainly take you up on the offer but I will be busy this weekend  =(

    -Anyhow the least I can do is give a comment and bump your thread.

  • RollieJoeRollieJoe Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 445 Uncommon
    Thanks for the kind words Saint.    Still looking for someone wanting to try out PoE.   Don't have anything else to play until XCOM on Tuesday!
  • mazetheogmazetheog Laval, QCMember Posts: 3
    ill totally play with u im alway looking for some1 to play games with and this game look great !
  • mazetheogmazetheog Laval, QCMember Posts: 3
    btw im a fan of pvp
  • newbihacknewbihack Olympia, WAMember Posts: 36
    ^_^ look for me, my chraacter name is witchblades,OteddyO, Tacoballz. add me so we can do anything u like in PoE.
  • DarkVagabondDarkVagabond Member Posts: 312 Uncommon

    I could totally go for this sort of thing, although timezones and whatnot would need to be talked over beforehand.

    If you haven't already made a deal with maze.

  • mazetheogmazetheog Laval, QCMember Posts: 3
    i recommend u to buy a key the guy is not active at all hes never online and he dont reply
  • kjempffkjempff AarhusMember Posts: 1,108 Uncommon

    I seen witchblades around a few times.

    The game is under construction, but for a change this is a game based on quality ideas with loads of potential, so if you had to burn money somewhere, support their good work and buy a beta key.

    Although open beta is comming sometime, the investment is not wasted, as you gain points to spend on features in release & beta. As it looks at the moment, the shop solution will be a "honest" one, offering more like conveniences and pay2lookgood rather than pay2win or pay2play-morethantheintro.

    Read the manifesto on their site.

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