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3 guys are ruining it for us on WHERE are you!!!

depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member

Copied from the WWIIOL forum:



Rendus, axishatr and can't remember his face are spending their time bad mouthing the game UNOPPOSED!

HOW can 3 guys **** our chances of new players by their biased BS and lame posts - WHERE are you guys?????

Why are they not met with 50 posts saying how lame they are and how wrong they are?



  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member

    Because other than the ones that feel they were hosed and thrown out by crs no one really cares anymore.  Yes, so 50 people might show up  50.  Also, maybe we are not so wrong in people's eyes.


    That's my issue here.  No one really cares anymore.  Not even CRS.  Thats why we are F2P.  That's why we dropped rates for returning people and keep hammering those people that stuck with them at $17.99 per month.....Then they ban people from the forums for voicing concerns about the over price of the game, needing to go F2P a year or two ago, and then kick you out and gag you because you mentioned it on their precious forums.  THIS is what they get for that.  A very very very angry FORMER customer that felt wronged and shorted......and never was approached to fix the issues THEY put on me.  So, I write reviews of where I see things with the game and others are welcome to chime in, and have here.  It's good for people to know how some were treated and how, in some peoples eyes, the game is being run.  This site IS for people to decide what games to play.  If they feel I am over venting, which in some ways I am, that is fine.  If they see some of the truths here and go into the game knowing to be careful how far finacially they get pulled in, then that  is for them to use too.


    Let 50 come.  Maybe they can make another account so they can double their numbers like they have with kickstarter and steam greenlight.  The same 50 people with dual and possible triple accounts trying to make it seem like more.


    F2P got you numbers but no heart.  No finacial help either.  Sad deal.


    In the day a thousand would show up to fight.  Now 50?  Just like in game at battles.  50.

  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Thereiam, ARPosts: 2,697Member
    I will say I tried the game back in the day and it was so truly awful. I'm not surprised there aren't a lot of people defending it.
  • SaintPhilipSaintPhilip Bree, MIPosts: 713Member

    -The thing is, 3 people may be the main culprits (in your eyes) but the reality is that far more than three feels this game is WAAAAAY Overpriced... Myself included.

    Look, game COULD be fun- Could be ALOT of fun. If I had seen those epic 1000 people battles I might still be playing. I have (as stated before) played this game sporadically throughout many years- A month or two here or there- And never experienced a large battle at all.

    Give me the game I see on youtube with thousands of people, transport lines, pilots dropping Airborne Units, etc... And I would pay $15/month for that- You guys are wanting $17.99 for less action than I can see in many a Ps3 game (with no sub), outdated graphics and hardly anyone playing.

    -Many agree with me.

    So if 50 of you flooded these forums, you would see FAR MORE than 3 people trashing the game.

    Game could be really cool- But not for the cost of admission. At most this would be a nice "second" game to play and to me, a second game is worth about $7.00/month.

    After paying for Internet, netflix, Hulu, 1 MMORPG sub and the cost of buying a new single player (or multi-player) game every month- ANOTHER $17.99 for a game nobody plays that is about 10 years old is insane and not cost effective.

    Wanna fix this? Lower the god damn sub.

    Come here on a Viral marketing mission and see how it will turn out. [Spoiler: it will not be pretty]

  • depot12depot12 Reston, VAPosts: 156Member
    Originally posted by axishatr

    In the day a thousand would show up to fight.  Now 50?  Just like in game at battles.  50.

    Great post man.  

  • axishatraxishatr Grand Island, NEPosts: 167Member
    For the record 3 guys are not ruining this game.  Count the number of CRS employees and their group of pipe swingers (mods) and that number is the correct amount of people that ruined this game. 
  • rendusrendus smyrna, TNPosts: 327Member

    Hilarious, I'm infamous! 

    That explains the amount of hyperbole being thrown my way by these new posters.  What a waste of energy.

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBPosts: 1,228Member Uncommon

    given how many posts i see on this game im amazed people care so much about forum posts.  just yesterday i kept seeing the possitive player thread constantly posted in.... (why anyone cares about what other people think is beyond me) now this thread about  their own forums. ..  given the age of the game, if the staff put as much time and effort in to their game as they do about what joe blow says about their game... well fk. this might be better then BF1942....

    frankly i wont touch the game with its current sub price as i feel its unjustifed for the game's age.  as well the trial turns me off from the game. as i do not like games that pretty much ham string you to such an extent in a demo of their game.. (maybe if this was 1990 and i had to actually use the disk/cd for it...)


    BUT as a gamer, and going by the screen shots and stuff i can see on the game,  3 people are not ruining the game on mmorpg. the lack of players is mostly do to the high sub price and really, to be fair the lower quality of graphics the game uses.  people today want better graphics it seems.

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  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,040Moderator Uncommon
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