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[Column] The Secret World: Doing Right By Gamers



  • CandombleCandomble Ponta DelgadaPosts: 164Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by smh_alot
    Originally posted by Theocritus
    Originally posted by Zikari
    Originally posted by Theocritus
          So I guess if we didn't like TSW then we aren't really gamers??

    Nonsense, more like: if you never try the game and say it's bad because the Developer released two shitty games four and ten years ago, then you are not really a gamer (or simply a moron). There is nothing wrong with not liking any game for any kind of reason that you cn back up. Problem comes with not liking a game simply decause you like another game or dislike(d) a previous game by the same creators.

               THe game appealed to a niche crowd...It isnt a very good game as the combat and animations suck.....Add in they made it pretty much a single player experience with our character being a mute and you have a losing MMO...IT had nothing to do with our prior experiences with AoC or AO (which I still play), but taht TSW was underwhelming for most of us...Factor in the insane prices they were asking (box + sub + CS) and it was no temptation whatsoever to go any further.


    The combat isn't any worse than in LotrO or Aion or Rift, the freeformat skill system is better than in most other MMO's. Besides, I like the fact that you can move while casting and not just have to stand still like in other MMO's. The CS, sorry, but from what I've seen that has been a part of other P2P MMO's for a while now (sparkling ponies in WoW, anyone?), not a big thing or shock to me. As for it not being a good game, well, in the end it's all subjective, I think they did pretty damn alright with adding an MMO with 1 of the most original, different settings on the MMO market, the only horror/urban dark fantasy MMO around with a great atmosphere and an immersive, highly enjoyable PvE experience with its questing types and dungeons. PvP could need some added options and richness imo, though. But hey, if that's how you felt about the game then that's how you felt about it, to each their own in the end.

    If the combat is better or worse than many other MMOs, it's a matter of personnal preferences. However it is very diferent from Rift or LOTRO (never played Aion). It allows movement and it mainly relies in a builder-finisher system (wich I think is a big limitation). To me, even with the combo system that I found a little retarded, AoC combat was a lot more interesting.

    The wheel idea is cool, but it seems to repeat itself...

    The cash shop, as in AoC is very expensive. Plus, in WoW for example, you can buy a couple of things in it (a lot less than in TSW), but you have a lot of good alternatives that you can farm or buy ingame. In TSW you have cool clothes coming from the wheel builds and cool clothes in the shop; in game the clothes you can buy are majorly ugly. Not to mention that a cloth set costed like 10€ as far as I remember...

  • RaralRaral Hoschton, GAPosts: 12Member
    Good article but for most gamers the view point they look at funcom is pretty firm its their track record that speaks volumes. they have made major mistakes with their games dateing back to ao. Conan was a major failure which in turn made people remeber ao. now they have a reasonble track record of fixing their problems but in the mmo market today the only way for them to really redeem themselves is to put out a game that isnt bug ridden and that has the content to keep players
  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Many good points of op, but fact is, Funcom has terrible history in bad releases, bad reports, ... althrough ideas were good. I have not been at AO release .. but I have heard but horror stories. Have been on day 1 with AoC. I admit have enjoyed a lot game, but bugs and unresponsiveness of support nightmare. Still have endured for months. TSW. Crash after crash. On my computer, not new but decent and can play Swtor, Wow, Rift, Gw2, ... all maxed out completely fluidly. What they suggested? To upgrade to windows 7 64-bit!! Wow, nice workaround for game they claim can play on XP. Nothing else to do, they are sorry. Does not matter how much I decrease resolution and res, nope, I need w7 explicitly in 64-bit version. And at the end I actually did that. New disk + new windows in separate configuration on same computer. Boy what a difference! Had no crash in week, all maxed out. BUT! They should in this case advertise their game client have different needs. Well about support, bad as ever.
  • ThillianThillian BratislavaPosts: 3,153Member Uncommon

    In my opinion, TSW has the best combat so far across the genre. The criticism was coming from early beta, when really, the combat was a bit clunky, since then people just keep repeating the same thing when they want to say something bad about the game.

    Currently, the combat is fast, responsive, you can move and attack at the same time, dodge, there are body collisions, the effects and abilities and great, combat is one of the main reasons why I'm still subscribed even after 600 hours.


  • DreskestDreskest El Paso, TXPosts: 69Member

    I think TSW is a very very good game, and the reason I got lifetime for it. I am also still subbed to AoC which is still pretty amazing after all these years (looking forward to the new Dragon Spine updates), and I am considering going back to AO and take advantage of the yearly offer.


    Funcom's games are not perfect, but then again, who can point out to a perfect game here ?

    I really appreciate their commitment to their games, and their desire to try to do things at least a little bit different.

    And no, I'm not a fanboy, I realize they could improve many things, but I also realize they offer just the right stuff for my gaming tastes, and I will continue to support them for that.



  • Land_SharkLand_Shark Kelowna, BCPosts: 52Member Uncommon

    I have a serious love/hate relationship with this game.  On the one hand, love the setting, ambience, ability wheel, combat, storyline, content releases.  I'm apparently one of the few who enjoyed the pvp and thought it was a great start and could only get better.

    On the other hand, I hate the bugs, the inconsistent overall lagginess of it, the new glitches and not enough fixes with every patch.

    I unsub'd due to the bugs and lack of polish - I don't feel right giving Funcom my gaming dollars until they figure their sh$t out with this game.

    If and when they do, I'm back in and will have a crapload of content to look forward to, with any luck.

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