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AR / Pistol Build? Any help please?

DuilyonDuilyon lancaster, PAPosts: 326Member

I'm still a pretty big newbie to this game and am having a good bit of trouble deciding on a build. So far I got both blocks of the pistol area and one set of AR skills. 


I am trying to build somewhat of a support build / damage. But I have hit a wall. Unsure of where I should go with my pistol skills and even my AR. I've been trying to find stuff online but not much on AR / Pistol. Wondering if I should just abandone the idea. 


Any suggestions? 


  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    The Solider Deck for Templar is a good base build for AR/Pistol support/damage. Good snares and lot's of AoE damage. You can maybe swap out Sticky Drone with a more support move if you want.


    For active's:

    Pistol: Sticky Drone, Big Forty Five

    Assault Rifle: Hip Fire, Frag Grenade, Tactical Retreat, Razor Wire, Shellshocker


    For passive's: 

    Pistol: Quick Forty Five, Closer

    Assault Rifle: Lucky Bullet, Steady Hip Fire, Explosive Alert, Accuracy, Demolition Man


    If your Templar you unlock a nice set of clothing when you unlock the skills too. 

  • BefuzinBefuzin SundsvallPosts: 15Member

    AR/Pistols works really well together for damage/support and even healing. The problem is that in the beginning you have a very limited amount of skills/passives to choose from. My suggestion would be to focus on the AR as your primary weapon and use the pistols for 1-2 buffs and to suppliment what your lacking with your AR.

    Personally I have mostly AR skills (because I like the range) apart from "Big .45" and the pistol buff that gives extra crit chance.

    But the best advice would probably be to keep experimenting! Have a look around in the skill wheel.. those passive abilities can make for some really weird/fun hybrid builds!

  • DuilyonDuilyon lancaster, PAPosts: 326Member

    Thanks a lot! 


    I have about 36 AP saved up just waiting for me to figure out what to do with them! I'll link my page if i can figure out how to even find it

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