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PlanetSide 2 - Place Beta Key Offers and Requests in This Thread



  • SenkenshaSenkensha Mountain View, CAMember Posts: 14 Uncommon
    I have been dying to try this game out.  Obviously not literally, but everything about this game looks appealing and I adored the first game.  Please drop me a line if you can spare a key or can point me in the right direction! :D
  • TuxasTuxas Ridgefield, WAMember Posts: 4 Uncommon
    I am also iterested  trying, I played PS1 until the BFRs ruined it (atleast for me).
  • AWAXAWAX Member Posts: 27 Uncommon

    I'd love to get a key for this beta, i can trade it for a smite beta invite as well.

    Thanks in advance.

  • SoulStainSoulStain Tampa, FLMember Posts: 202
    I have a buddy key with which i am willing to part. For the first PM request I recieve.
  • SoulStainSoulStain Tampa, FLMember Posts: 202
    Originally posted by SoulStain
    I have a buddy key with which i am willing to part. For the first PM request I recieve.

    Gone to Mad-Hatter...enjoy.

  • KolhKolh Hartford, CTMember Posts: 7
    If anyone has a spare I would love to maybe be considered for it. This game is something I been waiting to try but never have gotten invited.

    I have no idea what i am doing. lol.

  • AcidonAcidon behind you..Member Posts: 795 Uncommon

    Got mine ~ Thank you again!

  • DeminizDeminiz Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 30



    Please PM me an invite :)


  • FC_MangoFC_Mango AalborgMember Posts: 1

    Hello guys


    I would really like a planetside 2 beta key, i played a lot of a planetside 1 and would love to try out this new edition of the game.

    so if anyone would send me a beta key i would be forever grateful.

    ty on forehand!

  • kopaxsonkopaxson kahului, HIMember Posts: 1
    i got beta access a few weeks ago and have been playing adamantly since. i love the game, problem is i have a friend i really want to play with. he signed up too but didnt get an invite. if anyone has a key they're willing to spare it would be much appreciated. i really wanna play this with a friend. 
  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgMember Posts: 775 Uncommon
    I bet all these users with 1 posts are the same guy... ._.;
  • ZeymereZeymere Somewhere, VAMember Posts: 206 Uncommon

    I would love a key please!

    Region, hmm USA? or in game?


  • made9made9 SetúbalMember Posts: 20
    if someone could get me a beta key , i would make my happy dance


  • ReizlaReizla Posts: 3,779 Uncommon
    Installing the latest nVidia drivers gives an opt-in for a beta key. Saw it today and opted in, got a key and already PM'd someone here to pass it on (not my kind of game...)

    AsRock 990FX Extreme3
    AMD Phenom II 1090T ~3.2Ghz
    GEiL 16Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
    ASUS GTX970 3x HD monitor 1920x1080

  • AvanahAvanah Member Posts: 1,179 Uncommon

    I would love a spare Beta key if anyone would be so kind.

    Thank you in advance.

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    One Cooking and One Cleaning!"

    "A good man can make you feel sexy,

    strong and able to take on the whole world...

    oh sorry...that's does that..."

  • Pr0nPr0n aaMember Posts: 17 Uncommon
    Id like to have one too please. 
  • EladiEladi ArnhemMember Posts: 1,106 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ivylena
    I would love a spare Beta key if anyone would be so kind. Thank you in advance.

    Sent "buddy" key

  • Baio2kBaio2k Denver, COMember Posts: 162 Uncommon

    I would be interested in checking this out if anyone has a key to spare, thanks.

  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgMember Posts: 775 Uncommon
    Still looking for key, would really appreciate one. :)
  • jfsd88jfsd88 asuMember Posts: 6 Uncommon
    Pleaseee I need a key pls pls pls pls love this game but no money to buy it u.u
  • DfixDfix Clark MIlls, NYMember Posts: 238 Uncommon
    If anyone comes across an extra key please PM me. I would like to check the game out. Thanks!

  • Cephei364Cephei364 BelgorodMember Posts: 1
    If anyone get an extra key pls PM to me, cant wait anymore to play PS2 ;(
  • nicquehennicquehen CHARTRES DE BRETAGNEMember Posts: 1

    Need a key too French player need help :) 

    Possible to exchange this key, i have Half life 2 and Half life 2 episode one available gift code for steam :) 

    Appreciate to gift one this to the guy offer a beta access :)

  • NeonBlackJakNeonBlackJak Chestertown, MDMember Posts: 5
    Well, like so many I would really appreciate being sent a beta key. PS2 looks to be exactly the scratch to my itch at the moment :) Thank you in advance!
  • KouDyKouDy Member Posts: 50 Uncommon

    Hey all,

    if anyone have spare beta invite, i'd like to volunteer for taking it.


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