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If you could have a perfect game, what elements would you use.

zanebergeronzanebergeron winona, TXPosts: 80Member Uncommon

We all know there is no perfect MMO that everyone would enjoy, look at the crop we have now X amount love this one and X amount hates that one.

What I want to hear is ideas of elements that would make a great MMO in your opinion, they can be from other games or off the top of your head.

1) True battle of good and evil with the ability of switching sides (1 time only)  I know EQ2 did this.

I like this because I may want to play as a dark elf, but why do I have to be evil to do so?  Or perhaps as you build your character you are given a series of questions and scenarios, how you answer would determine what side you belong.

Also I will throw into this part that I want interesting races, yes put in the typical elf human dwarf etc.  But I loved how Shadowbane added some very non standard races to play.  I want choices and alot of customization not just at creation, your character SHOULD stand out at every part of the game.

2) The world changes around you sometimes for the worst. (I know it would take a team to keep this going)

I'm not just talking about major events but also small occurences.  Seasons that actually change, dynamic weather, large scale dynamic events.  What if in a game the weather changes and there in the coding is the small possibility that a hurricane might form.  That hurricane then goes over X spot on the map and wipes out a bridge, thus a quest is formed, help rebuild the bridge.

The quest from this could have multiple paths such as crafters gain knowledge to help in their trade from doing crafting on the bridge.  Non-crafters might be gathering materials or chopping trees for wood or even protecting workers, but are rewarded with an increase to their stats. 

3) I Remeber this from Daggerfall

I would love to see things such as if you are fighting werewolves or vampires that there is a chance from the creatures special attack to be infected.  Then you would have X amount of time to find a cure (timer based, but not just in-game time) If you follow the branching path of the quest you find a cure.  If not you are now cursed and perhaps even now made to goto the evil side.

4) True exploration

I want there to be hidden out of the way areas that people stumble upon (Yes eventually everyone would learn these) perhaps a small cemetary in an abandoned town, finding it could be triggered or skill based (think putting points in search) You find that while searching a mausoleum you come across an old stair leading under into an elaborate cave system.  Quest is then triggered such as crazy mage has made his home here and is creating zombies that have been inhabiting the area.


I want a true crafting component, with discovery of rare components or rare items.  A system where you will create the hilt of a sword, the pommel and the blade.  I want there to be choices on how that weapon looks, a system where there are 25+ different blades.  I would like to see an enchanter who you take your self made sword to and ask (hopefully it's a friend who will do it for you) to enchant it.  Enchantments would add not only stats to the weapon but also particle effects, but even further into it there will be discovery.  Your friend the enchanter decides to experiment on the blade, knowing using an ice core and a fire core makes a cold flame weapon, but subs the ice core with mystic water. He has now discovered liquid fire, the particle effect is a coll lava dripping looking sword. Also I want rare recipes perhaps hidden in that tomb you disturbed, now you may be the only person on your server to have are popular until the next big cool recipe is discovered. 

6) not being locked into set roles

If you want to be a mage you study magic, want to be a warrior pick up a sword and put on that armor.  I don't like having to pick a class and then play it until X level to learn I don't really like it.  If I want to be a battle mage, then I can study those skills.



Maybe not perfect but please add your own ideas.


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  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member
    If Asherons Call and GW2 was to have hot nasty sex I would think its love child would be the ultimate game.

    Everything you need to know about Elder Scrolls Online

    Playing: GW2
    Waiting on: TESO
    Next Flop: Planetside 2
    Best MMO of all time: Asheron's Call - The first company to recreate AC will be the next greatest MMO.


  • Calhoun619Calhoun619 Lynnwood, WAPosts: 126Member
    Give me the Classless system and Combat of Asheron's Call, Plus the RvR of Dark Age of Camelot, Set in the world of Everquest 1 with the graphics of Guild Wars 2 and you will have my lifetime sub.
  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,383Member Uncommon
    A very big and naturally formed word.

    A world back story, not a player back story (that's my job(

    Either an open skill based system or the ability to change classes and tradeskills freezing others when you switch.

    An equal variety of group and solo content. Areas in the world would have strictly group content like EQ did.

    Overworld bosses.

    Level normalization between players for grouping/raiding.

    Deep crafting system and tools for player sales outside a market system (like a bazaar).

    Player built structures

    Tools for socialization. Interfaces for mini games, dancing, music, etc.

    I'm sure I can think of more but that's a good start :).
  • tupodawg999tupodawg999 LondonPosts: 724Member Uncommon


    with associated changes to the world e.g. copy rifts but make them seasonal i.e. fire rifts opening in a desert zone in the summer, life type rifts in wooded zones in the spring etc, and / or have seasonal mobs, npcs, quests etc, and on something like a game year == 12 week cycle.


    similarly do more with day / night cycles, shorter but darker night cycles with different mobs and maybe npcs / quests too.

  • AdamaiAdamai derbyPosts: 476Member Uncommon
    I refuse to post as no developer will be able to see, invision, comprehend or even begin to imagine what my words mean and will just make another shitty mmo.

    To get right what i want would require complete obedience and undevided attention. And yes it would be a sandbox and yes it would be incredibly complex. Something along the lines of eve online mixed with medevil western europe. But with no levels or charecter statsmeaning every one is the same. No classes!! just equipment to decide your role on the battlefield... And when i say eve online i actually am refering to the 0.0 aspects and everything envolvef. Where player alliances can run and build and own their own cities and forge their own armies. Infact!! Their wouldnt be guilds but instead players would forge armies. Progressiin would be based on an honour system which is used as currency to purchase skill books to enable your chaecters to use mefial items like armiur and weapons. Combat would be like mount and blade where individual player skill is key. Thats just a very very very basicand rough explanation of why i wont post!!! Devs will almost certainly ruin it, there is nothing even remotely like it on earth.
  • ThebigthrillThebigthrill Eastpointe, MIPosts: 117Member Uncommon

    **-A open world pvp hard core server with full player loot.

    -Full city invasions , players are always red, destructible buildings and terrain.

    -The ability to build cities, guild halls,houses and siege weapons.

    **-A solid use of the webcam.

    -Use webcam for face mapping our faces on our toons

    -Use webcam for pip video chat.

    -Use webcam for voice chat, when I click on your toon it opens up a video chat window so we can talk instead of typing.

    **Open world pvp incentives

    -Optional instanced battle grounds offer 1 point for a kill while a open world kill offers 20 points.

    -Achievments for open world pvp


    -The ability to build houses , cities , towns ect ect .

    -Vote in a mayor

    -Have taxes

    -Offer skills bonus in player run cities.

    -Region celebrations

    -A town gathering area for celebrations offering a nice buff for those that sit and socialize.

    **Player bounty system

    -The ability to place bounties on other players.

    -If a player griefs too much they can be arrested and sent to jail for 5 minutes.

    ** Custom armor dyes , full transmog customization

    ** Guilds can declare war on other guilds placing a marker on opponent for easy id.

    **Huge arenas with seating

    -Ability to gamble virtual currency on fights

    -Ability to sit in arena and watch fights

    -Arena tournaments , teams and 8 player brackets that players can place bets on.

    -Paparatzi achievment given to the high end teams , have a virtual pap follow around the arena champions snapping photos making them a big deal.


    "Don't tell me what to do! , you're not my mod"

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  • ColdrenColdren Nowhereville, TNPosts: 464Member Uncommon

    1) Gameplay/Skill Structure, and housing of Ultima Online.

    2) UI design and modability of WoW.

    3) Persistant PvP of DAoC.

    That would be the perfect MMO for me.

  • defector1968defector1968 Nar ShaddaaPosts: 428Member Uncommon




    all items BoP

    change faction (limiting 1 time per month)

    change class (need to start over from lvl 1 to work)

  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZPosts: 2,759Member Uncommon

    To me the perfect game, or near perfect at least, could be achieved quite easily.

    Take the world building / sandbox elements of a game such as Xsyon or Wurm

    Combine it with Darkfall's combat, pvp, looting, etc

    Add some good, original lore and PvE content (unique types of quests, dungeons, etc) and some quest designing features for the players (kind of like Ryzom and CoH)

    Add in an experienced dev team who can give the game proper coding / bug fixing and some nicer graphics without completely killing performance, and a user friendly UI.

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,908Member Epic

    I would make a historical game. No magic, elves or similar stuff. To be honest are humans way scarier than any "real" monsters and a MMO with no magic really would make things rather interesting.

    First of all you had to put more work into melee, when you take away magic you have to put more focus in the stuff there really is. I would have a melee system with 10 attacks. 3 Basic attacks and 7 dynamic attacks that would differ depending on what you did last, your stance, your opponents stance and similar things. And yes, those would be real attacks you actually make with a sword. I could write a lot more but lets keep it short.

    Then no healers means you have to manage your health better. Parrying and dodging actually needs to work well.

    I would also put most of your health into the armor and whenever it got pierced you would get some negative temporary buff.

    I fear that making bows and crossbows handaimed would be a balance problem so I think I would stay clear of that.

    Add a high focus on crafting (including the option to customize the skin of everything you make), player owned store and farms, guild owned towns, thiefs hideouts and castles. Guild run tournaments, guild conflicts, War between kingdoms and more. Of course on a "nice" server large wars would be rare between player run nations and guilds would have to accept a challenge.

    I would also use a rather complicated trade systems between player run kingdoms (or guild alliances) where they could own mines, fields and so on. Smaller guild would be able to build watchtowers, small villages and similar while larger could build cities.

    I think the PvE side would be mainly handled by dynamic events, some place bound like in GW2, other more like P&P random encounter at random times. And while some indiana jones styled graves with traps is historically so-so I would still add a bunch of them. :)

  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownPosts: 871Member

    I try to imagine WoW wheres only 1 Inn ,Loch Modans Inn.

    *player limit 100 ,doorkeeper wont let in if its full and theres queue.

    *when you go inside then only Inn chat is active.

    *beer can run out.

    *if you get too smashed you will get kicked out or can fight against doorkeeper.


    giving meaning to things.

    Without meaning these things doesnt exist.


    Let's internet

  • Scorp2778Scorp2778 Swanton, OHPosts: 31Member

    Crafting -I would like to see an in depth crafting system in a game. I liked Vanguards system but would take it further. I don't believe the best gear in a game should come from raiding. Loot drops would be substitued for compent drops (somewhat like what SWG had but better) that a crafter would use to make an item. I would like to see some form of success and failure return to crafting. Different levels of success would be nice too.

    Player housing - Open world housing would be great in a game. It wouldn't have to be as open as UO. Something like housisng available in player built cities would work. The game could combine open world housing and instanced "apartments" to cities. This would add value to the open world houses.

    An evolving world - This is my biggest want in a game. Recent releases are leading towards this but none have got it right yet. I like the dynamic nature of newer games but they are limited in that nothing overly consequential happens. Eventually things are reset to the static beginning or a static end. I would love to see a system with over-world dungeon system where the dungeon forces grow and aren't always in the same spot. Ex. Orcs or undead begin to take over an area and grow stronger if they aren't dealt with eventually leading to the destruction of cities etc.

    Skills - A game that uses a skill based system instead of level based system would be great. I would want experience in the game for an achievement type system but the main skills of a character would be dependent on the skills he or she has gained. A modified UO skill system with an EQ/EQ2 type AA system.


  • YalexyYalexy BerlinPosts: 1,056Member Uncommon

    My basics for a perfect MMORPG are a cummulation of several good ideas coming from MMORPGs or classic Pen&Paper RPGs.

    1. Instant freeform character creation. You simply choose from a variety of skills and distribute skillpoints to them. You can create up to three characters on an account.

    2. No characterprogression and levels. Your character doesn't advance by levelling up. You don't gain additional skills or skillpoints. Only you - the players - get better at playing the game.

    3. No premade factions. Players are free to create, join and switch groups/clans/guilds/alliances.

    4. Heritage and permadeath.

    4.1. Characters are no superheros and get older. Every character will die because of their age at some point. The maximum age of a character can be influenced with medical treatments.

    4.2. Money is allways stored in your global bank-account. All characters on an account are linked to each other, carry the same surname and access the same global bank-account.

    5. Continents, travelling and transporting.

    5.1. PvE-continents are the place to play it safe. You can do some questing, exploration and run dungeons. PvP in these areas is restricted to arenas. Ressources found are limited to low and medium quality.

    5.2. PvP-continents are the place where players fight for territories and ressources. Players can built guarded headquarters and factories, which are prone to be destroyed or conquered by others. Ressources found are of the highest quality.

    5.3. Items and ressources cannot be sent to other areas by mail. They need to be transported by players. Only money is stored on a global account.

    5.4. Travelling on continents is done by foot or groundbased vehicles. Traveling between continents is done by boat. There's no flying vehicles.

    6. Crafting, ressources and items.

    6.1. All items needs to be crafted and prone to be destroyed. Items loose durability over time when used and will break at some point.

    6.2. Blueprints for crafting are found in dungeons and explorations. Combining blueprints leads to modified items, with different stats. The higher quality ressources used, the better the results.

    6.3. Ressources need to be harvested or excavated. Harvestable ressources need to be planted and looked after. The places for excavated ressources are not static. Once a node of excavated ressources is depleted it'll spawn somewhere else.

    6.4. Items and ressources have weight and volume. The amount that can be carried around is limited by both.

    This is a list of features I'd like to see implemented in a MMORPG. It would be a hybrid of sandbox and themepark, with lot's of teamplay and planning ahead required.

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon


    GW2 - I for w/e reason like it the most



    UO - Skill system. It allowed for the most customizable "classes" so that you really could play the way you wanted to.



    GW2 - For me a system with a skill system from UO that allows you to choose different skills based on your skill level with different weapons and such would be killer.



    UO - I like the idea of having a wide variety of pets and having them be unique. In UO mobs spawned with a bit of randomness in there stats within set min and max possibilities. This meant your Dragon wasn't the same as mine. Then on top of that you had to bond them and train them before they were effective in combat. Also things like pack animals, mounts that could fight beside you, and fluff pets that really didn't do anything but go with a theme for your character were a neat addition. I had a necro that tamed and trained spiders, they weren't exactly a huge aid but running around with a pack of spiders in tow was simply awsome.



    GW2 - I like the DE's, Dungeons, and World Bosses but I'd remove hearts.

    FFXI - In place of hearts add events from FFXI like Garrison, Campaign, and Besieged. These were basically defend against waves of assualting mobs trying to take over a keep, city, or outpost. While akin to DE's these were slightly larger in scale and the Armies attacking varied. Think of a World Boss leading an army of mobs assaulting Lions Arch trying to conquer it. You kill the world boss the siege ended. Refine it and make it have an actual impact on the world.

    UO - I'd like to see massive open world dungeons. Something a guild could do together. Have it scale like most things do in UO to the number of players inside.



    UO - Again going with UO. I liked the harvesting and refinement of materials and I liked the logic in the gathering process. You skinned animals for their hides/fur. You sheered sheep for their wool. You mined in caves or near or on rocky terrain not just a select few nods in a zone.  I also liked the randomness in stats. You got an item, the stats were randomly determined when it was generated. I like the idea of random stats allowing players to create at least somewhat unique things. Give them set paramiters and increase for a High Success and decrease for a low success making it so people can have a chance of making exceptional and sub par items. Better your skill the less likely of a sub par item and the better chance of an exceptional item.

    MO - I like the idea of combining different blades and hilts and such to make unique weapons. MO failed to pull it off well, if done right it could make for an interesting and more expressive crafting system.

    GW2 - I like the way they've done the upgrades, they have an impact but are limited enough they can't be OP.


    Social items/Town clothes

    UO - In UO you could wear a large variety of town clothes. I mean there were a town of pieces of just fluff clothing. Everything from formal wear to peasant style of clothing. Expand on that and the dye system I loved. Combined the Dye system from GW2 and UO and I'll be a happy camper. I also wouldn't mind a bit more customization ala CO or APB.



    UO - I liked UO's housing. It was an actual existing thing in the world. Everyone could walk by and see it. It was an expression of who you were and what you've done. Trophies from beasts you killed, treasure troves, furniture that could be used ti sit in, board games that could be played. It was a social thing and even practical things could be put in there. Crafting equipment like forges, Fountains for blessing bandages, etc. It was an actual thing, it wasn't an instanced off little "Yeah you have it... but it doesn't really matter" kind of things.



    GW2 - I like sPvP, but I think the WvW could be improved.

    Instead of WvW I'd like to see something akin to UO's Feluca with elements of Shadow Bane done on a mega server like EvE. Mesh the 3 and I think you'd have something I'd enjoy more.

    GW1 - GvG is a must.


    Loot and Itemization

    UO - Logical loot, this is a must for me in a perfect game. Random stats on items and equipment found is another feature I enjoy.


    I could go on, but I'm going to take a break for now. I may add more later. But thats a good start for me.

  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon

      I could go a couple of different ways.   Take SWTOR with there great story lines and production, add SWG elements like Jump to Lightspeed space game and refine it, add SWG harvesting and crafting, put in a diplomacy style of sphere like they have in Vanguard, Love to see an AOC or tera combat system and bada bing a Super theme park mmo,


    Bring back shadow bane and just fix the horrible Lag and hitching and crashes, add some harvesting and crafting elements like in SWG or even FE and wha laaa. for those of you not familair with Shadow bane it was a sandbox with very few quests,it had full Pvp and grouping was a must and easy to do since you had to do it to survive

  • BiskopBiskop AvalonPosts: 709Member Uncommon
    A ffa, open game with

    Vanguard's world
    Mount and Blade's combat
    MO's graphics
    DF's AI
    EVE's dynamic security system and market
    SWG's crafting and housing
    UO's skill system

  • pkpkpkpkpkpk amherst, MAPosts: 94Member Uncommon
    EQ Classic was more or less perfect. The idea that there were game mechanics still to be added to RPGs in 1999 is pretty silly.  WoW's hotbar system probably wouldn't work there, since it doesn't affect the deeper meaning of the game deep down. The two are different games and I'm not sure there's anything you can add to EQ Classic that would have improved it. It was basically just a virtual world slapped out with limited preconceptions for a multiplayer online audience. And it worked, because that is the way ideal government works too (minimal rules and interference, letting the people take care of themselves).
  • MimzelMimzel KristiansandPosts: 375Member Uncommon

    - Developers who dont equate sandbox with pvp full loot (I dont want forced pvp. Period.)

    - A balance between themepark and sandbox

    - A big world feeling to it

    - Bioengineer crafting like pre NGE CU SWG

    - Excellent UI

    - Great guild utilities

    - Excellent addon compatability

    - Dungeon finder tool like WoW (instant group content - LFG spam is NOT being social)

  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Thereiam, ARPosts: 2,697Member

    A game with a harsh death penalty but at the same time nothing bad happens when you die so players aren't upset.

    A game with a skill tree so you could design the character you want but at the same time an entirely rigid class base system.

    A game with no trinity, but a game with the trinity so people would feel comfortable.

    A world that is wide open, free roaming, no instances while have a linear progression with many instances and guidance so no one gets lost.

    No handholding, while making sure players know where every NPC and location is and what they should do.

    FFA PvP while forcing no one to PvP.

    No leveling, while have there be years worth of leveling, while allowing people to get to end game in a week.




    Of course satirical in the fact that the reason so many people hate so many MMOs is that unlike other genres it is a wide base that wants truly opposite things making any "perfect" game 100% impossible.

  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAPosts: 6,428Member Uncommon
    Although its a RTS game and not a MMORPG I really like some of the idea's in this indy game:

    Velika: City of Wheels: Among the mortal races, the humans were the only one that never built cities or great empires; a curse laid upon them by their creator, Gidd, forced them to wander as nomads for twenty centuries...

  • worldalphaworldalpha Milton, ONPosts: 403Member
    A realistic economy with lots of products to produce and use.

    Working on Social Strategy MMORTS (now Launched!)

  • lindhskylindhsky Helsingborg, FLPosts: 154Member Uncommon

    1. Structured PVP - Take away please!


    Take away scenarios, battlegrounds, warzones, structured PVP or whatever it is called. I love a game of this every now and then but often it turns out to become so grindy or just straight up a farm when you're with your friends or vice versa when facing premades. I know they are there for a reason. People that want to access quick pvp can just log in and do this. People that want fair numbers on both sides can join this. And like I said, I have played it a million times myself, mostly for fun but also for getting gear or ranks. In the end when you with your premade it's not fair at all anyway.


    The reason I don't want this in games is because my favourite game of all time DAOC didn't have it. They had zones and people went there to PVP. Sometimes your premade (Gankgroup) faced other premades just for pvp-points and braggingrights and other times you faced 2-3 your numbers and still managed to pull it off if you had a good group. You roamed the frontier in hope of finding enemies. Stealthers guarded bridges, walls etc to get their action.  If you wanted PVP then you simply went to the frontier.


    Now I know that Warhammer and GW2 and some other games have tried the same ideas that DAOC had with a frontier with keeps, sieges etc. But what they also did wrong was that they had the structured PVP and people rather joined that when something went wrong instead of trying again. There were no pride for your realm. In DAOC when someone took a keep in your lands you made sure to take it back and epic battles started.


    Another problem Warhammer had was that they gave points for taking empty keeps. So the armies just went to the zone with no defenders took all keeps there for points and gear then the two sides just changed side and took empy undefended keeps again. Just give points for killing. Give more if it is while taking or defending a keep. That way people want to fight.


    And please do not do cross-over server pvp. It takes away the chance for some good pvpers to become legends. I loved that in DAOC. When you saw some killspam from a famous enemy you made sure to go out and hunt for him. Because if you took him down it made you famous on your server.  


    2. Make PVP matter.


    In SWTOR early on the game rewarded players with too good gear. I hate that. If you get your ranks you should just get a little better gear (but more cool looking) instead of getting gear that helps you to just stand still hitting one button and still win versus newbies. In DAOC you got pvp-abilities that were different for each class. I loved this system and it made people go out and pvp just to get them.


    3. Allow players to make their own dungeons with a tool


    This would be a cool feature and helping the developers to get enough time to create their own end game material.


    4. Crafting matters


    I want crafting to matter. It should be hard to reach max but when you do people will seek you up to buy your favours. Nowadays all just rush to max in crafting and since all have it no one want to pay for your services.


    5. Unique Powerful crafting recipies


    Let it drop unique powerful crafting recipies that just a few on each server might get.  


    6. Three Factions


    Just like in DAOC. More fun PvP then or Realm vs Realm as they said in DAOC.


    7. Many Classes


    8. Housing and other small things that makes the game more enjoyable.


    9. A bit tougher PVE. Don't let people get what they want without working for it.

  • wrightstufwrightstuf Carlsbad, CAPosts: 659Member Uncommon
    As many that are like TSW as possible
  • chrisatronchrisatron LondonPosts: 139Member

    It would have to be a mix of these games

    Final Fantasy XI - for the story tellling and cut-scenes as well as the events

    WoW - for the mighty lore It has handed to It's players, a long with the world that really feels like It's alive.

    Guild Wars 2 - purely to do fluidity of gameplay, that Is all. (The game It'self Is awful)

    EvE online - the PVP, the sandbox aspects and the hardcore aspects. You die, you lose your ship etc. 


    I want a game that instils both sandbox elements and themepark elements, I want a game rich In lore and knows how to tell the story without the hammy acting and terrible plots (I'm looking at you Guild Wars 2) I want a game where PVP matters and also has consquences. 


    Basiclally I want something that'll never exist. 


  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon


    This is easy

    1. SWG--for its harvesing, crafting and space game

    2. WOW--for its performance

    3. SWTOR for its fantastic story line, and production values

    4.Tera or AOC for Combat

    5.Vanguard--for its Diplomacy

    6. minecraft for its world building

    7. Shadowbane--for its PvP

    8. TSW--for its quests

    9. Lotro--for its Lore

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