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I'm Looking for a new MMORPG

OoJesusoOOoJesusoO New York, TXPosts: 11Member

Hello! I'm looking for a new mmorpg I will try my best on asking what i want most in a game:



*Crafting (and have some "useless" skills too like cooking and fishing)

*Character custimization (Doesn't have to be PERFECT but detailed enough look at maplestory and you'll see what i mean)

*Classes acceptable to all races (example: not only humans can be warriors or elves are the only ones that can be archers)


a good example of what I'm into is Mabinogi alright so do ur best :D



  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Lotro maybe. Although I don't care for their free to play model. Or the whole game at this point really.

    It does have a lengthy storyline, crafting, and turbine point cards you can buy.


    EQ2 actually might be a better choice. Again though, Sony's free to play model is unappealing.

  • NortonGBNortonGB readingPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    Aion 3.0 there are two F2P versions one in NA the other in EU published by Gameforge.
  • tkacidtkacid Calgary, ABPosts: 17Member
    That is something we all are looking!
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