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DC Universe Online: Update 19 - The Witching Hour

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Sony Online Entertainment and the DC Universe Online team have posted a nifty preview of the forthcoming Update 19 - The Witching Hour. According to the post, The Witching Hour, a seasonal event, will arrive soon on the public test server and to live severs in early October. 

Chaos in Gotham City!

Klarion the Witch Boy is stealing the powers of Heroes and Villains throughout the DC Universe and using them to cause quite a bit of Halloween mischief on the streets of Gotham City. Apparitions of all kinds are rising from the earth and tormenting trick-or-treaters. Heroes, it will be up to you to save the civilians, and Villains, well, you should be able to find some way to take…advantage…of the situation.

Read the full preview on the DC Universe Online site.



  • adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSPosts: 2,065Member Uncommon
    If this is a free event, I am def going to check it out, I love seasonal event stuff.
  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    I just wish they would finish their cinematic videos. They stopped at Future Lex meeting Past Lex. Will Future Batman make an appearance? What is Future Lex's real plan? Will having all these super powered people running around actually change anything?

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • jakinjakin somewhere, ONPosts: 243Member Common

    They don't have the money to keep producing FMV trailers - the game went F2P for a reason, and it wasn't because they were rolling in cash.


    Future Batman already arrived as part of the expansion that opened the South Gotham zone, showed up in one of the raids I think (never saw it).


    I think your best chance at storyline is the comic series they were publishing alongside the game (if they're still doing that).

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