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Advertisement Blocking Banner Discussion and Feedback



  • 3-4thElf3-4thElf Elftown, MEPosts: 489Member
    Originally posted by YouNube
    Its funny, because when i saw the big OH MY GOD red banner on the top, and saw this topic, i decided to first read what the staff had to say, before i decide to do anything. So as i was reading about how im a pirate, from a guy who doesnt even know me or know my reasons to use adblock, i said to myself - i've been reading this site for a couple of years now, why the hell not just white list it ? 

    Ah yo ho ho,  a pirate's life for we!

    a yo ho ho

  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo LondonPosts: 3,219Member Uncommon
    If you can "choose good" ads, that will surely help eg the GW2, EvE ads are cool as backgrounds. If you impose some Quality Control on the ads, that is one reason for a browser to not block/not close the site. It's the trashy ads that annoy that make ad blocking such a relief. Besides ads everywhere: TV, Radio, billboards, packaging, online -> all same message: hitting on your ego, it gets "invasive" after a while! Compare Friday's "a call to prayer" to Capitalism's "a call to buy" every second of every waking day...
  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Boca Raton, FLPosts: 6,226Member Epic
    Originally posted by Admin
    Originally posted by RocSek
    Originally posted by Admin
    Originally posted by Worstluck
    I realize you guys make money from ads, however, I would not be clicking on said ads regardless so I block them for safety and just to make the page readable.  Now will I permanently have a big red bar accross the top of the page?

    It does not matter if you click the ads.  We sell ads based on impressions, not clicks/results.  So even if you don't click the ads you hurt our entire site by running a blocker.  Running adblock on a site that supports itself with advertisements is no different than downloading pirated movies, music or video games.  You are in a sense stealing our content that we work hard to create and pay to an entire team to create.

    This is flat out wrong. If you want to "Stop people from stealing your content" then make all the infomation password protected, and charge people to access it. But to say we are stealing your content because we choose to block ads is ridiculous. And who ever typed this behind the anonymous "Admin" account should be fired.

    The Admin account is not anonymous.  I am Craig McGregor the President/CEO of the company and the co-owner and founder of the site.  

    The trend in AdBlock is concerning for me, not just on our site here, but on the Internet as a whole.  It is a growing problem and I feel it will eventually lead to the end of the "free Internet" that we all know and love.  If sites cannot stay afloat from advertising sales they have few options left: a) start charging for access to content b) start doing really unethical tihngs like Advertorial content c) syndicate into large networks with pay access like Cable TV "packages".  Personally I like the advertising model both as a site operator and as a user of hundreds of free websites.

     I will explain the difference to you Craig.  One is illegal.. as in against the law.   The other is not.  Now, if you changed your TOS to state the folks must accept ads well that is 100% your perogative as the site owner.  Your first post however,  IMHO frankly comes across as ignorant and condecending. 

    I understand the concept that such programs are (in your eyes) costing you money, and while no expert I'd probably have to agree with that.   Your delivery however needs a lot of work.  My immediate reaction to Mike B's post was "no big deal".  My immediate reaction to yours was well... let's just say it was very different.

    This is coming from someone who never even considered installing any ad-blocking software and was only slightly aware that such programs even existed...   and someone who very much your prefer you stay a free, ad-supported site as I simply would not pay to subscribe.  But if you want to get a positive response in the future I really think you need to work on your messaging.



    "I should point out that no other company has shipped out a beta on a disc before this." - Official Mortal Online Lead Community Moderator

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  • lumpking69lumpking69 elizabeth, NJPosts: 18Member
    First of all piracy is NOT stealing, its copyright infringement. Not viewing your ads is not stealing nor is it copyright infringement. Get your facts straight!
  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Thereiam, ARPosts: 2,697Member
    Originally posted by tyrannis
    When you decide that moderation of your fourms should be done with care and consisency and not what your mood is at the time, the position of the moon is in the sky, or whether or not your team wins the super bowl i'll remove my add block.

    I agree heavily with this.


    I used to look at the moderation on this site as pathetic but figured hey it must be volunteers so it is what it is. Hearing that you need money because you pay for these moderators is a complete and utter shock. I cannot believe this level of inconsistent and outright terrible moderation is being paid for.


    For that reason I will be installing an ad blocker immediately. I have never used one ever, I have always let all of the annoying ads from every site on the internet show up. However, I do not appreciate my views funding such terrible moderation so I will truly be installing an ad blocker to block all of the ads from this site. I left MMORPG for a couple years due to the craptastic moderation and will probably do so again soon anyway so I guess my ad blocker doesn't change much, but I will make sure to never look at ads from this site again.


    And who really comes here for the "content"? Most of the content is news taken from other sites. You know who does that 10x better? The other content is reviews which are, quite frankly, the worst reviews in the whole industry. Most people come here for the forums and the moderation is pathetic. I would suggest simply getting rid of all of the "content" and leaving the forums up. You just shaved off some costs and maybe you can pay for better moderators.


    1 million+ viewers a month? Yeah ok, save that one for the sales pitch. The majority of the time there is 200 or less signed in users on your site at one time and 2000 guests. So even if through out the day there are 2 full sets of people for a nice round up of 5000, that is still only 150,000 a month and that is without factoring in how many of those are the same people day after day which is probably most of them.

  • PsychowPsychow SF Giants Territory, CAPosts: 1,784Member

    I don't have facts to substantiate it, but it "feels" like the forums have been MUCH less active after this thread started...


    I wonder if people left for better waters... 

  • jayartejayarte LancasterPosts: 450Member Uncommon

    It fascinates me how threads seem to deterioriate over time.  I actually went back and read the beginning page or so again, because my memory was that things started off fine.  Two polite, carefully worded requests, with full explanations and some reasonable comments in reply.  A few posts straight away about flashing ads, which I can sympathise with as they drive me nuts.  One post I think threatening to not visit the website again.  So, overall, pretty reasonable.


    Still can't puzzle out what happens to a thread once it has gone one for more than a couple of pages.  Seems to be there will then be the odd decent post, but most will be range from bickering to complete raging.  Is it that people see a negative trend developing and then jump on the bandwagon?  


    I remain continually puzzled by people (not just here, of course) ^^

  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,160Administrator Rare

    Well, I think this thread has about run its course at this point.

    Thanks for the constructive feedback for those who gave it and thanks to anyone who added us to their whitelists!

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

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