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CernanCernan Charlotte, NCPosts: 359Member Uncommon

So I downloaded a couple different F2P anime style games to see how they faired.  My two recent ones were Knight Age and Divina.  I have to say that this was the clear winner in my book.  There were several things that helped it to stand out.  I might go back to check on how Eden Eternal is doing these days, but KA is not too bad.  I was suprised to enjoyed it.

The good..

Diverse mobs -  Knight Age has a slew of diverse looking mobs.  I'm only level 15 after a couple days of playing but I've seen at least 20 different mob types.  By comparison, in Divina I fought the same 5 mob types for my first 20 levels, no variation at all.  

Great mob placement - It seems to happen all too often in these F2P games that mobs are not grouped logically.   They are just scattered all over the map, spaced X amount of distance apart.  Not in Knight Age, they are placed logically.  Those gnolls or bandits are grouped up in their camps.  The elder casters are usually at the front of their huts.  It just makes sense.  In Divina every square inch of the first map was covered with mobs placed about 20m aparts.

Art Quality - Very good.  The million volt electric mobs near the beach were awesome looking.  It is anime style, but the mobs don't look too kiddy.  Someone spent a lot of time on the detail here.

The so-so..

Skill System - It's not very diverse in KA.  I made a mage that specializes in healing.  There just isn't a lot of different skills.  You can cross class, but I'm not sure that would be ideal.  Most of your early levels will be using the same couple skills and auto attacking.  You get a free respec coin in the mail at level 15.  I wish they had base abilties along with specced abilties.  It does add to diversity though.  Divina did have more skills with a bit better looking animations.  However, in KA the casting is fluid and works well while moving.

Mounted combat - A tad gimmicky.  Basically just means you run a tad faster while casting abilties.  Your ranged abilties get a little longer range as well.  You can level up your mounts by feeding them grass.  When they level up you can assign points to buff your stats.

Pets - At early levels they all seem about the same.  However, there is a decent amount of different types you can collect.  In Divina you only get the choice of 2 to start.  I'm indifferent to them.  Maybe when they get higher levels and you unlock more abilties on they will seem much better.


The bad..

Equipment drops - These are rare and mostly you rely on quest items which are few and far inbetween.

Very slow leveling - Divina has much faster leveling if that is your thing.  It's really slow here.  Mob kills grant you almost no xp.  Turning in quests is your primary means of leveling, and the majority of all quests is kill 20-30 of these mobs.






  • KaspanovaKaspanova LondonPosts: 61Member Uncommon

    Bravo. Good review, I agree with your points.

    I quite enjoy this in short bursts, but one thing that lets me down, you have to hover your mouse over the target or it doesn't use your ability. its strange because its tab targeting not action, but you just have to hover and press your Hotbar number... odd.

    I will play it on and off.

  • PinecampplePinecampple Enceladus, COPosts: 20Member

    KA sounds like a wonderful game! And I thank you for this very informative review.

    I'm not too keen on having to kill hundreds upon hudreds of Mobs for a quest(s), also not too fond of only leveling two or three times in a manner of hours.

    But if nothing else i'll try it out just for this review!


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