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What killed this game for you?



  • SBE1SBE1 New York, NYPosts: 335Member

    I quit for the following reasons:

    1) Open world PvP was missing.   Not just Ilum, which was a disaster, but even open world PvP on PvP servers was practically non-existent.  Furthermore, open world PvP never had an impact on anything....

    2) Persistant class imbalances for PvP.  Every ranked warzone has powertechs and marauders for DPS....nothing else is wanted.  Might be a clue as to what is overpowered and what is underpowered....yet developers continue to ignore it.

    3) Played the same 4 warzones too many times.  Wish there was some variety, since there isn't any open world PvP.

    4) Themepark PvE to the extreme.  I don't mind themepark per se, but this was too extreme.  You HAD to do the class quests, and light side and dark side choices had no impact other than graphics, which you could turn off.  What a joke.  Why even put in light-side and dark side options?

    5) It's a single-player game at its heart because of the companions.  This was just too much like the previous console versions that was shoved into an MMO, which was a mistake.

    Frustrated to say the least.  I played for a long time, but just couldn't take it anymore without fixing Ilum, class balances and adding more warzones.

  • redman875redman875 illinois, ILPosts: 230Member

    The hero engine

    Ilum not working and being ignored by the developers when they allowed the ilum objectives to be completed with battlegrounds

    endgame pve was dull.

    I only enjoyed 1 pvp map, huttball, the rest were tired and boring mechanics. i couldnt chose which pvp match i joined and after ilum was ignored and dead , and pve endgame was boring and pain to get into even if you wanted to...queuing pvp for one map i liked killed it.

    Had a solid progression, was entertaining, even after a few runs through.


    Ilum had so much potential but the hero engine didnt allow for everyone who wanted to participate in it to do so.  Also mechanically the persistant battleground was designed as follows " strong side camps weak sides base...base instant kills you"

    It should have offerd seige weapons inside the base, but also the ability for people to over run and sack the base...perhaps adding several bases across that map that were desigend to be ninja'ed by small groups but giving them the ability to defend against a zerg...

    All illum was was big standoffs, lag, and boring objectives that were never really faught over, and it offers nothing to make it fun for either the zerg side or the weak side.  Boring for both weak/zerg but also boring when even matched.

    I did however find the questing on the pve side of ilum offerd occasional fun pvp encounters...

  • IsawaIsawa Middle 0 Nowhere, ORPosts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    First off the character creation wasn't anything special. Then with the Legacy system you could play the races you went to end game with on the other faction side...instead of doing some work and introducing actual "alien" races - who are all over in the game world.

    Playing on a pvp server, to the end game on both factions, was very un-pvp. Some planets allowed this, other planets were instanced for you to never see the other faction.

    Their first major overhaul of the warzones killed the pvp for me.

    And of course the lifeless / souless worlds - that didn't have much value to them after you passed through once. Going back for the after-quests were some of the worse experiences I had and heard others talking about. Your character's major story may have some backtracking to the major planets for your faction, but then you'd just fly off.  NPC companions had some interactions on planets, one reason to go back and possibly fight something super easy.

    And then running out of story, for a mostly single player game - that was nice, i'll go play the other faction then quit. I did play a lot of this game in a group too.


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