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  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Posts: 1,221Member Uncommon

    I playing TSW as old scool mmorpg ,I dont care for story,cut scenes,voice is  still enjoyable  & awesome game.Making new friendships , replaying missions in teams  across all zones.

    For sure I ll keep playing TSW in next  years .

    only EVE is real MMO...but I am impressive with TSW

  • ProbertProbert Williamsport, PAPosts: 18Member
    Originally posted by Tabloid42
    Originally posted by grimal Funny how opinions work.  I disliked EQ for what it did to the genre UO was definining.  Different strokes though, right?

    It can be funny, sure, in my opinion.

    I didn't bring up UO as I didn't play it. From what I hear/read it was hardcore in the sence of open world PvP, pre-trammel, I believe?  

    Which exposes another topic. Generational MMO crowds. Uo>EQ>Wow.    What EQ did to MMO's was make it more casual and accesable, and fancy 3Ds. Which is exactly what people complain about what WoW did to MMO's too. By now we are seeing a watered down version of a watered down version, eh?

    What do we have now that is comparable to UO? Eve, Darkfall?  While great games,..they didn't have that UO rpg feel, I believe.


    One good thing about today's games are that we do have a variety to choose from. Different strokes like you mentioned. It stands to reason that it's more fun for people to play in an active world, which may be an underlying reason people like to fanboi it up and/or follow crowds since an MMO is better with more people, TSW included.



    Did you even play EQ? That is such a false statement if I've ever heard one. I wont speak of UO as I didnt play it, but I played EQ the day it came out  for about 7 years. It was not a casual MMO and it sure didnt make MMO's casual.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    EQ is quite easily the worst mmo I ever played. Horrible community.
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