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"Anet Speaks on Botting"



  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    Encountered 3 more bots in Bloodtide Coast last night, they were teleporting ot the exact same spots over and over swinging randomly until a target spawns.


  • HorrorScopeHorrorScope Norcal, CAPosts: 599Member Uncommon

    "In short, we are fully committed to keeping this community free of bots and illicit gold sellers"


    Well... The game isn't free of bots and gold sellers. To me it should say "We are committed to fighting and improving upon our Bot and gold issues". How we love to twist words and these people go home thinking they are so clever and special.

  • frestonfreston orensePosts: 521Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ennymith
    Carefully worded PR baloney.  Note they never promised to actually rid that game of this.   Totally ineffective so far, every choke point DE in the game is infected with numerous bots.   Selling gold via third party shills, gives Anet deniability while they still manage to deflate player income and increase Anet's revenues.      

    That sounds pretty paranoid.

  • QuicklyScottQuicklyScott BristolPosts: 433Member
    Why are there speech marks in the title?


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