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US / EU server population & community

ReizlaReizla 3,879Member Uncommon

I'm from Europe and willing to try TERA. I have played it in close beta and liked it a lot, aside from that (then) forced PvP toggle to defend yourself when a PK is on you. Good thing that's changed (so I heard).

But now the main thing... Picking a host and server. As former L2 player, I'll obviously go to a PvP server. But the host (EnMasse of Frogster/GameForge) and the population & community are things to consider as well.

I know Frogster/GameForge just suck at CS and general account protection. Also updates don't go too fast. Aion 3.0 took ages to implement, but looking at bug-fixes for TERA I see they're about 1 week behind on EnMasse.
Positive aspect of Frogster/GameForge over EnMasse might be PING, but I heard terrible stories about server-side lag (is that still there?). EnMasse might give me a higher PING (~150 I think, I'm from Holland), but I heard good things about their CS and server maintenance/performance.

Then population for PvP servers... EME has 1 PvP server now, and I guess it's quite busy. Frogster has 2 EN PvP servers, and I've read on the forums there that one is quite dead. So How's population in general on the servers (both EU & US).

Last but not least community. I started playing L2 on Devianne (US server) and liked the community in general. When I hoped to Teon (Naia now), I found the EU community somewhat 'lacking' compared to US community. And that's something I notice in more MMO's I've played. Is there a same difference in community for TERA EU and US?

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  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    I'm kinda in the same situation as you.

    I am from EU but got two copies of TERA NA for 5 dollars so i decided to start there.

    I'm on the pvp server Mount Tyrannas.Population seems fairly healthy(i've been playing mostly between 10 pm and 6am EU time zones though) but the community is lacking.

    Global is worse than the kindergarden.

    In terms of customer support i can definitely vouch for ENMASSE.They dealt with my every problem shortly after writing a ticket.

     My ping fluctuates between 140 and 250+ and this is the reason i'm considering to move from NA to EU.

     I'm trying to find someone to trade my extra NA copy with for the EU version before buying it though.

  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    In case you're still in doubt i bought a copy of the EU version,i'm gonna roll a while in it and let you know the difference between the two.


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