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[Column] General: What Now?



  • arcwestarcwest lubbock, TXPosts: 61Member
     firefall, planet side and wildstar all have me just as excited as i was about TSW gw2 , and MOP
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare
    Originally posted by Yazeed

    My mmorpg list :
    blade & soul

    My other games ( not mmorpg )
    Tomb raider <3
    GTA V
    u cant make people who like driving a corolla like BMWs...
  • mCalvertmCalvert Tallahassee, FLPosts: 1,283Member

    1. Archage

    2. Repopulation

    3. any other sandbox

    10. wow clones

  • MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon
    What about TESO?


  • ThorbrandThorbrand West Palm Beach, FLPosts: 1,198Member



    Pathfinder Online

    The real MMOs have yet to come out. Down with the easy mode casual crap for the last 10yrs!!!!

  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    wow, i know this is personal list of the Author, and maybe he hasn't heard about The Repopulation and ArcheAge, but i think this 2 is top of my list for now along with WOD and Elder's Scroll

    So What Now?

  • FritomanFritoman Phoenix, AZPosts: 59Member
    Cryptic??? Ahhh &$%#&
  • ZeprimusZeprimus Southern MN, MNPosts: 40Member

    I've finally hit that point of non-excitement for the genre. GW2 is fun, but only in short bursts; for some reason, I can't seem to play the game more than an hour or so at a time before I need to do something else for a good while. All the other games I've played (and enjoyed) over the course of the past year have eventually hit the wall of 'no-longer-logging-in'.


    I remember when I finally started figuring out EQ and would find myself playing my halfling Ranger for hours upon hours without even realizing it; a similar thing happened to me with EQ2, WoW, and LOTRO. However, I always find myself looking for that feeling of being completely immersed in a world, and can't ever seem to find it again (not even in returns to EQ).

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 5,016Member Rare
         I think there are some good games coming in the future but Im not really following any one in particular...It seems like every time I do that I jsut get let down and disappointed......TSW was the last one I got my hopes up for and I didn't enjoy it one iota..... From now on Im just going to foloow from a distance and when the time comes for a game to either be in open beta or launch, then I'll take a look.
  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Fadedbomb
    #3, Dat-Ass.....had to say it :(.     Jokes aside, Neverwinter shouldn't be #1 with Cryptic at the helm despite their new Parent Company. I'll say it outright that Atari had ZERO business running an MMO since they never understood that MMOs constantly develope content for money instead of only being a one-shot deal. So Cryptic didn't have the funds they needed to continue development post-release.   However, the key distinction needs to be made that BOTH Champions Online & StarTrek:Online were disasters at launch. Not to mention the latter was a copy & paste of Champions Online with different  models & themes while retaining the same art-style & engine.   Loading in to StarTrek:Online for the first time left a horrible taste in my mouth when the music was a slightly different variation of Champions Online, the chat system was the EXACT same, and the GUI was a bad copy & paste. Not to mention the EXACT SAME BUGS from Champions Online existed in STO.   Never again Cryptic, and I'm ashamed that they got their hands on such a famous title as NeverWinter :(!  

    The only thing I worry about is Cryptic at the helm of NWO, I think they are a terrible company and make terrible games. I want NWO to succeed as I could see my self building many worlds with the toolsets they are providing in this title. Can't wait I hope Cryptic surprises me.


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