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Forging a Legendary Weopon (Question)

PaRoXiTiCPaRoXiTiC Denison, TXPosts: 585Member Uncommon
Do you have to have a crafting profession to do this or can I just buy everything to eventually make the gifts for the forge?


  • fenowy30fenowy30 GdanskPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    I belive you are one of the last people in the internet who never heard about google...

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  • NilenyaNilenya TMIPosts: 364Member Uncommon
    The gifts are soulbound so yes, the character you want to craft a legendary on, will need to pause his crafting skills if they are not the ones needed for the legendary you want. It costs 40silver to reapply old crafting skills once youre done with fx. chef or whatever the legendary requires.
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