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When will -insert mini-game here- be put into the game?

SiphaedSiphaed Everywhere!Posts: 1,013Member Uncommon

There's still several mini-games that aren't in the game.  Why is that?  They need to be put in to give us some things to do outside combat.   Sure, there's Keg Brawl, but that does get stale if it's the only thing there is and it's done a lot.



Polymock Arena is MIA.   This is essentially Pokemon style pet battles, or so I'm told.  But, when will that Asura gate in Rata Sum be operational?


Shooting Gallery is NPC only.  I've walked past this thing 100's of times, only to see NPC's having joyous fun shooting those wooden ducks that I cannot.  Boo!


Bar Brawls.  Well, this was supposed to be a great one for getting guildies into the bar and punching htem in the face.  Not having it yet...


The game has been out for a month....I swear in many of interviews that it said that these things would be done and ready at launch.   They weren't there, they're not where?


  • DibdabsDibdabs FelvershamPosts: 2,716Member Uncommon
    Maybe they have more important things to do than get the mini-games going.  Patience, patience...
  • SereliskSerelisk somewhere, NYPosts: 836Member

    Yeah, it's the only thing content wise that they shipped GW2 without. And there's not just supposed to be a couple or a few, there's supposed to be roughly 30 (5 inside each capital city) if their previous statements are to be believed. 

    I honestly hope they finish fixing the major bugs and other launch issues soon because I can't begin to enjoy looking forward to all the awesome stuff they're probably fixing to add unless I'm confident they're actually working on them. 

    But to be perfectly honest, I am enjoying the heck out of Keg Brawl. I wonder how many hours I have in that alone; it's definately over 40 out of the 120 or so I have on my main character... I enjoy me some Keg Brawl :D

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    I think we will see them with seasonal events like in GW1


    but i was expecting to see at least one per capital city at GW2 launch

  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon

    If GW2 Polymock is anything like GW1 Polymock it isn't exactly like Pokemon. Yes you collect pieces but when you play polymock you get morphed into whatever your piece is. For example, if you have a Fire Imp Polymock piece, you become the fire imp and have a certain set of skills. You use your skills to beat the other Polymock player (an NPC) which was more powerful than your Polymock piece. Winning the match earned you new polymock pieces.

    I'm wondering if they will do Polymock the same way or if they will have you play against others instead of NPC's.

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