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3.3 / 10 on Metacritic.



  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon

    I liked WotLK. I know there were people who didn't care for that expansion but I did enjoy it. I started playing mid-WotLK so that might explain my fondness for the game. When cata came out I was pretty excited for it. It ended up being an ok expansion. My favorite part was Uldum and the whole Indian Jones theme quest series.

    I really wanted to get excited for MoP. I played in the beta. And I ended up getting bored with it. So I was leveling a rogue for a while as I waited for MoP to be released. Then I pre-purchased GW2. After their first BWE, I couldn't go back to playing WoW. It just didn't hold a spell over me like it used to.

    I didn't buy this expansion. I'm not going to sit here and rant and rave about how Blizzard sucks. When I was playing the game, I honestly had fun and enjoyed my time spent there. But they have made a lot of changes this time around that I just don't like. And of course, they've been promising to update the older character models and still haven't done so.

    I honestly hope that people who did buy MoP are enjoying it. I don't think that this expansion is going to slow down the inevitable decline of WoW. The game is just getting old and everyone knows Blizzard's main focus is on Titan right now. After playing GW2, I simply can't justify paying $15  a month in addition to the expansion purchase price just to access to their game.


  • GhavriggGhavrigg Halifax, NSPosts: 1,156Member Uncommon
    This may come as a shock, but there are quite a few people that do not want this game to be successful. Too much time on their hands.
  • saurus123saurus123 nonePosts: 639Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nitth
    It hasnt even been out a day lol..

    and players already are 90 and done all heroics :)

  • RoxtarrRoxtarr Freeland, MI, MIPosts: 1,122Member
    Originally posted by Foomerang
    Gw2 fanboys making alt accounts and bash wow. 

    Good one.  Some of us actually l ike WoW too you know.

    If in 1982 we played with the current mentality, we would have burned down all the pac man games since the red ghost was clearly OP. Instead we just got better at the game.

  • dariuszpdariuszp PrzeworskPosts: 182Member

    Well you should not even care about 0-2 points since only trolls put them with pure anger. Only diffrence is when 0-2 are vast majority of reviews and with some good arguments (at leasat some of them). 

    I know that Blizzard would not release anything bad in every aspect so I expect that right now MC is just battlefield Trolls vs Fanboys.

  • Entris38Entris38 Somewhere, OHPosts: 389Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by expresso
    Ah nothing like waking up to metacritic in the morning for your daily dose on nonsense.

    +1, it is laughable


    I never pay attention to rating. If I am interested in something I wait to see if there are huge reports on technical issues. I think I will choose what I find is entertaining, definitely don't use review sites to make my decisions.

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,712Member Uncommon
    "Metacritic: We make xfire numbers look useful!"(tm)

    I want a mmorpg where people have gone through misery, have gone through school stuff and actually have had sex even. -sagil

  • QSatuQSatu WarsawPosts: 1,742Member Uncommon
    metacritic is such a waste of time.
  • joartsiljoartsil LondonPosts: 21Member

    Launch was a bit frustrating at 11pm in the UK, with mad lag - it was funny though seeing those gyrocopters trying to take off.

    Blizz should have this stuff on lock by though now tbh.

    That said, I had work next day so I hit the sack, logged in around 6pm the day after, and things were much better. Once I got into Jade Forest proper, I was impressed. Enjoyed the artwork, quests were pretty seamless, and it generally felt good to be back in new content all on one continent - that's where cata didn't quite hit the spot for me.

    As for all the panda-rama, what stands out for me isn't the fact that they are cuddly bears - more that they are the chilled masters of zen and martial arts badasses. I could actually feel myself relaxing as I walked around the garden with lorewalker cho... 


  • halflife25halflife25 Toronto, ONPosts: 737Member

    Metacritic is a joke. How the hell can anyone score ANY MMO just with in 24 hrs of relese? nonsense.

    Metacritic is a new heaven for trolls.

  • smh_alotsmh_alot Area 51Posts: 976Member
    Originally posted by neobahamut20

    Originally posted by Psychow
    Metacritic is becomming less and less usefull as it's users abuse the ratings.   Why is it so hard for people to just "play fair" and rate the game like a normal, unbiased, human being instead of a rabid fanboi or hater?   I don't think I even look at ratings anymore unless is some obscure indi game on Steam.

    This is filled with flaws and unfortunately for you, I like to point out bullshitters.


    First, Metacrititc is not less useful nor more useful. It is a popular marketting tool. You seem to not be able to make the difference between a metacritic score and a user score. The metacritic scores are taken from actual critics and averaged out from there. Sure each critic can be bought off to give a high score SW:TOR   but it remains widely used as a first glance reference, even appearing on Steam. As Steam is still gaining in popularity, so is the "usefulness" of metacritic. Many will simply not look at a game with a metacritic score under 50. 

    The user score is where users rate a game. That score, as all user scores has always and will always be completely worthless. Humans will always rate emotionally and bitter users are far more tempted to write off their emotions on a game than happy users are. (The why is explained in a previous post of mine in this thread)


    Then you seem to seriously question why people can't play fair. A valid question with a stupid assumption. The assumption that normal humans are unbiased. Everyone is emotional, even those who do this daily and have their perception included in the actual metacritic score. Life is not fair, humans are not machines. In fact, humans are emotional meatbags with an ego. So the question you are really asking is, why can't humans be objective?

    Well objectivity is actually a concept taught along with critical thought. A society able to function with a majority of critical thinkers is unknown to mankind. It is far more efficient for those in charge (corporations, not your Dear Government) to keep people emotional. So from day one, you are taught to live an emotional life. As such, you are sold happiness, along with the concept that money does buy happiness, if only for a little while. However, as true as it might be, it remains an excuse, an excuse fabricated through fear. The only ones to blame are your parents as they have failed you. So why aren't people objective? Because they were let down, by parenting failures and so, they never learned it.


    Lastly, your nonsensical rambling makes sense, you make a perceptual judgment of Metacritic's usefulness, as it relates to you alone and emotionally state that you dont look at them.... EXCEPT if its an indie game on Steam. So you go asking why people can't be objective and your very next statement is one that relates and is affected by your own personal perception. Well, the answers you seek fellow human, you stare at them in the mirror and yet remain too blind to notice them.


    Maybe I glanced over the text too quickly, but looks to me that both you and the guy you quoted are in essence saying the same thing only from a different viewpoint: namely that the ratings on Metacritic have no or at best little value, bc the official review figures can be bought and the user ones are prone to emotional bias for or against a game or its makers. Also you both acknowledge the given that most people aren't foremost logical, objective creatures but ruled in their decisions and statements by emotion, making a more objective (re)view impossible for the majority.

    I agree as well btw that corporations and therefore also by ultracapitalist owned news companies prefer to see people as happy, rabid consumers in a perpetual state of emotional turmoil. God forbid that people as a whole actually would start to grow up as a human being and use their brains for a true rational, critical way of thinking about the essentials in life, and thus become harder to control and manipulate.
  • sumdumguy1sumdumguy1 A galaxy far far awayPosts: 1,063Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Foomerang
    Gw2 fanboys making alt accounts and bash wow. Then proclaim on their main account that they "never troll other game forums". Happened yesterday a couple times and at least once again today...

    Certainly a possibility.  I do know several people I work with who rushed out and got it.  I have heard many bad things from them.  All of them,(seven in all so we are not talking about a mass population here) are not going to continue playing it.  One of them summed it up pretty well when he said, I was looking for a reason to renew that magic I had with the game, but this clearly isn't it.

  • CandombleCandomble Ponta DelgadaPosts: 164Member Uncommon

    My personnal launch experience was great. No DCs,  no lag, no queues. Nagrand EU. Way better than GW2 for example.


    3.3? It could go to 0.1. I would play it the same way. The expansion doesn't seem great, the game is getting older, but as long as it keeps me entertained for some time, I'm ok with it. When I burnout (again - I have been away from WoW since 1 1/2 year ago), I'll leave. Simple. And I'll do it with 0.1 or 9.9 on Metacritic.

  • smh_alotsmh_alot Area 51Posts: 976Member
    Originally posted by halflife25

    Metacritic is a joke. How the hell can anyone score ANY MMO just with in 24 hrs of relese? nonsense.Metacritic is a new heaven for trolls.


    This. Any review that quickly after launch should be regarded suspicious and coming from people who just rate a 1st impression or have an agenda: either to bash the game they despise to the ground, or to praise it to heaven, but in both cases with little backing from extensive gameplay experience.

    As for the OP, someone said that it was an alt of a GW2 fanboi. Well, that's too rash a conclusion: it could be from a GW2 fanboi, but easily as well from a WoW hater, or a sandbox activist or an Activision/Blizzard hater etc. But I myself consider any account that is new and that immediately goes for the bashing or trolling route as suspicious. Because that's what someone would do who'd want to make statements that it didn't want to be linked to its own account (either bc it can result in a ban or warning, or bc people might dismiss it by saying 'ah, it's that campaigning guy again with its eternal rants for or against a game; obviously heavily biased')
  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Phoenix, AZPosts: 2,759Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by halflife25
    Metacritic is a joke. How the hell can anyone score ANY MMO just with in 24 hrs of relese? nonsense. Metacritic is a new heaven for trolls.

    WoW has been out for years, it didnt just release. Its an expansion. Doesnt take you very long, if you already know the game, to see whats changed and know if you like the change or not.

  • HyperwolfHyperwolf LismorePosts: 120Member Uncommon
    Looks ok to me. I picked up the box today at EB Games and checked it out. I don't think I could return to WoW after playing GW2 but I'm sure it will bring new people in and make existing people happy. I find metacritic useful sometimes but in this case it seems a bit like the GW2 user scores. Lots of over reaction by lovers and haters alike without meaningful reviews or scores. 

    You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks
    ~ WC

  • smh_alotsmh_alot Area 51Posts: 976Member
    Just checked Metacritic, the usual extremes in ratings and comments that has become common at Metacritic. I do agree with this guy though, Deadalon, who stated the following:

    Blizzard creates good games. But at some point in the last 5 yeas they stopped caring for the playerbase and instead are only thinking profit and money. MOP is not a bad expansion per say. But its just not good enough in terms of 10 million subscriber based game that should be delivering content regularly and with full focus on improving every aspect of the game. Blizzard is not doing that. For the last 5 years most of the money they got for WOW has gone into other games they are making and WOW is suffering because of it. It has been left to rot - just like 8 months of last raiding tier in Cata goes to show. They didn't even have an active Live content crew on the game to keep the subscribers intrested. Instead they created Annual pass so ppl could SUB for MOP beta. Just bad all around. Im playing and leveling - but the bitterness of how BLizzard is doing their buisness these days is hard to swallow.

    WoW could've been more, but it's obvious that the vast majority of revenues they gained with WoW wasn't spent on WoW, it has become an easy cash cow to them for which only low maintenance was required. At least, that's how they've been treating it the past years. Then again, Blizzard simply isn't the company anymore that it was 10 years ago, the spirit, vision and heart they showed in their products and everything around it back then has faded away over the past years.

    Ah well, they had a great run with a spectacularly successful and profitable game with WoW, how sad it may be, but nothing stays the same forever. You were great and truly legendary, Blizzard, I'll remember you fondly as how you were in your glory days, not how you've become.
  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Originally posted by Ren128
    Originally posted by Eazydzzz   Just thought I would share.   A 3.3 seems a little high.  I am pretty angry about spending $40 on MoP!

    Seems like most scores are either very low (0-2) or very high (8-10) with hardly anything in-between, meaning MoP polarised people. 


    It will be intresting to see sales and sub figures for this.

    That polarization is MetaCritic, not the game. The reviews are generally more of a "Love It" or "Hate It" kind of thing. I look at it as an odds kind of thing. Out of every 100 people who buy the game, you can expect X% to really like the game and X% to really hate the game. It doesn't necessarily mean that I have that same chance to really like or really hate the game though.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • They should disable user scores on Metacritic to prevent this kind of crap.
  • RebelnebelRebelnebel Ehrenfeld, PAPosts: 2,962Member Uncommon


    WoW: MoP isn't that bad, but a 3.3 - I see fanatics from other mmo's judging WoWs new expansion.

    But I wish Blizz would have went into a different direction with its new expansion.


  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member
    Originally posted by Axxar
    They should disable user scores on Metacritic to prevent this kind of crap.

    Ah yes, a censored world is much more fun to live in .. unless people disagree .  No worries just label them as heretics and burn them at the stake to shut them up eh? :P

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  • UhwopUhwop Wilm, DEPosts: 1,778Member Uncommon

    You know user scores on meta critic are acurate because the only way you can rate it is if you purchased and played it.

    Oh wait...

  • alexminoalexmino davenport, IAPosts: 132Member
    Bitter people angry that it's selling better than GW2.
  • dudeduder45dudeduder45 newark, IDPosts: 67Member
    Originally posted by Eazydzzz
    Originally posted by Nitth
    It hasnt even been out a day lol..

    That could be why the score is so high.  A lot of the people giving it 10s probably didn't play beta.

    This made me laugh, thanks for that

  • AsboAsbo ManchesterPosts: 812Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Eir_S
    Originally posted by Foomerang
    Gw2 fanboys making alt accounts and bash wow. Then proclaim on their main account that they "never troll other game forums". Happened yesterday a couple times and at least once again today...

    You have all the answers.  Should I kneel??

     Lolz....I also bash wow, but do so in the open as that's how I feel and don't hide behind another account as I'm not bothered what anyone else thinks about me on here anyway. However I find that 3.3 is a little high, but then I never bought it so I'm not able to comment on the game play. IMO it will keep Wow afloat for a few more months that's for sure due to loyal players supporting the game. But alas I feel it's still a dead donkey waiting to be flogged.



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