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PlanetSide 2 - Place Beta Key Offers and Requests in This Thread



  • StizzledStizzled Springfield, MOPosts: 1,680Member Rare

    So, due to my overzealous begging on Twitter I wound up with an extra key! Figured I'd come hand it out to one of you fine people around here. No contests or anything like that, everyone deserves it just as much as the next person. First come, first server. Good luck!



  • InpingoInpingo JohannesburgPosts: 1Member
    I would jump up and down for a key!
  • shadi1thorekshadi1thorek WarsawPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Oh well, no luck on Twitter maybe someone here have a key to spare. Fingers crossed :)
  • ArasalArasal Bathurst, NBPosts: 1Member

    Hi guys,


    Anybody got a spare key? I would be greatful. Thanks ;).

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Posts: 1,274Member Uncommon

    ah this never works for me but i will try again!

    anybody have a extra key please?

  • NismoGTRNismoGTR Lodi, NJPosts: 35Member
    I'm very interested to try out this game, I'm into the sci-fi genre and very much a seasoned FPS gamer, I'm not into fantasy genre so the only MMO I've played for a good period of time is EVE online, but I'm a FPS to the core so EVE online really didn't satisfy my needs. I would very much appreciate a beta key for the US region, thanks.
  • cichiceancichicean BucharestPosts: 18Member
    Can I haz a key pls? I'm very excited about this one, long have I waited for a non-lobby open world map sci-fi mmoFPS that allows me the use of tactical terrain features to camp and snipe.
  • bendwc10bendwc10 Mesa, AZPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    Not having played PS1, I'm really interested in seeing what this game has to offer and I don't pvp a heck of a lot in MMOS sothis would be a little newbish to me.   If anyone would have a spare beta key, I would appreciate it
  • Rahx_UKRahx_UK CambridgePosts: 53Member Uncommon



    To Redeem:
    1. Go to and enter your key.
    2. Go to and login with your Station name and password.
    3. Download Launchpad and run/install.
    4. Login with your Station name and password to start downloading.
    5. When download is complete, press Play
  • VandarixVandarix Cincinnati, OHPosts: 123Member Uncommon

    Looking for 1 PS2 (US) Buddy key if anyone has one please pm me before sending it so you don't end up sending me one after someone sent one. I JUST NEED 1 :) lol. 


  • AquitisAquitis Mesa, AZPosts: 24Member


    West Coast USA

  • vernesvernes EmmenPosts: 78Member Uncommon

    I am aware I am not the only one, however, I cast my fate in with the rest and make my request here for a beta key as well.

    Should it matter, I am aware that the main reason behind a beta is to test it and report any bugs found.

  • dimasokdimasok toronto, ONPosts: 183Member Uncommon
    I am always late for the big game giveaways! Please allow me to have a key as well :)
  • DkompozeDkompoze FloridaPosts: 232Member Uncommon
    Looking for a beta key - long time player of original PS - havent been lucky enough to get a key yet - i have pie :)
  • L3nnyGpL3nnyGp Seattle, WAPosts: 153Member Uncommon
    Be cool to be granted a beta key for Planetside 2, please and thank you.
  • causscauss sonnegaPosts: 665Member Uncommon
    I would absolutely love a key! I have a Glitch key to share if you want to :]
  • rafatalex007rafatalex007 homsPosts: 54Member
    i just missed the give aways so i could use one please, thanx :)
  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member

    If anyone grabbed a key today and isn't going to use it I would really appreciate one.


  • SandbloxSandblox Brooklyn, NYPosts: 180Member Uncommon

    Hey everyone! I am a avid pvp fan (HoN, LoL, SMITE, GW2 (mostly do just pvp), Darkfall etc) I have been watching some beta videos and now I would really love to give PS2 a try and see if it is for me or not. Game looks very promising. 


    SO yea....would love a beta key! Thanks everyone ^^

  • ace80kace80k Lorton, VAPosts: 151Member Uncommon
    Would love a key! I need something to test my new rig here out. Never played PS1, but I've played quite a few other SoE games for long periods of time. Looking forward to seeing the Forge Light engine in action.
  • ZyriousZyrious Klamath Falls, ORPosts: 7Member
    Beta tested the first, did galaxy drops, remember the old bridge battles and massive battles of the beta and open beta. Would love a shot at the close beta if you have a key you dont need.
  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgPosts: 775Member Uncommon
    Would be great if someone could throw me a key, told all my friends to sign up for this game and it seems I'm the only one left without access. :foreveralone:
  • squeeesqueee Austin, TXPosts: 722Member
    I have a key to give away, anyone interested in playing this weekend?
  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgPosts: 775Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by squeee
    I have a key to give away, anyone interested in playing this weekend?

    From sunday on I'd be up for playing, will be at oktoberfest prior to that...

    Missing a comrade or something? :4

  • causscauss sonnegaPosts: 665Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by squeee
    I have a key to give away, anyone interested in playing this weekend?

    I would LOVE a key for my buddy. Because now I'm playing alone :[

    And I have a key for Glitch to offer I you want to.

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