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Starting Over

NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

Hello Everyone :)


These past couple days I have been thinking a lot about returning to FFXI,

but here's the thing... I want to start from scratch and re-experience the game

from the beginning!


In saying this I am going to start a Linkshell, and look for like minded adventurers

who want to start from the beginning and play through all the content together.


My hope for this Linkshell would be to return to old school leveling parties, opposed

to gusgen mine powerleveling, or abyssea powerleveling. I will be looking for a good

group of people that enjoy grouping with others to pursue an overall goal of the Linkshell,

rather then trying to just satisfy personal ones.


If this idea picks up some steam, I will make a website for us and a poll as to what server

we are going to roll on, as well as setting up a poll to determine what days/nights would be

best for the Linkshell to progress through story content.


Any questions, please reply to this forum topic!




p.s Sorry if this post seems rushed or poorly constructed, I admit that I am an awful writer :-P



  • The_DhampirThe_Dhampir ndy, INPosts: 62Member Uncommon

    Back in March I used a spare key from a steam sale to play for a month. Hit 70BLU in under a week(with subjobs nin, war, blm, whm, and thf leveled to 50). Couldn't even find anyone outside of page grinders to party. All missions pretty much involved having a Lv90 LS member help. Ended up stopping because of some stuff in FFXIV.
  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member
    well it is my goal to bring back some of the oldschool feel of ffxi. I am hoping to create a community that will activly care about the other members, and love to mentor down and help other memebers do group content,even if they have done it 15 times over :-P
  • cyberchipcyberchip dc, DCPosts: 7Member
    I'd definitely be interested if you get this going.
  • SuperSteefSuperSteef Oshawa, ONPosts: 4Member

    I went back a few months ago and the game was great but had the same problem, nobody my level to play with.

    I'd love to be able to group up with a bunch of equal-level people and do leveling the way it was meant to be.

    WHM or THF are my 2 favourite jobs to play.

  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    awesome guys :) it's starting to seem like there may actually be an interest in this!


    I will work on a website/forum for us later this evening and post the link in this thread so people can start signing up, and introducing themselves and what jobs they would like to bring to the table, as well as a more in depth look at what I hope for us as  a Linkshell.


    I will also include a poll concerning what server people would like to roll on as well as what nights are best for people to get together for group nights. (everyday should be group days :-P but these are nights where we get together and focus on story/artifact/relic/dynamis ect...)



  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member
    Also a side note I will be making the linkshell in game this Thursday based on what we decide for our home server, and be distributing shells from Bastok!
  • nickster29nickster29 Holmen, WIPosts: 486Member

    As long as ya plan on ignoring Abyssea and not powerleveling through that, sign me up.


    I would be up for some RDM, MNK, or DRK action.  Hell, i'll play anything.


    Edit:  Thursday evenings would work great for me, getting excited now.

  • ArchaicriftArchaicrift las vegas, NVPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    I'm interested in this as well.
  • cyberchipcyberchip dc, DCPosts: 7Member
    I'm getting pretty excited too. I've got the game redownloading as I type this.
  • nickster29nickster29 Holmen, WIPosts: 486Member
    Originally posted by cyberchip
    I'm getting pretty excited too. I've got the game redownloading as I type this.

    Heh, I also got my download going in case this gets off the ground.

  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    excellent everyone :) my download is pretty much done at the typing of this!


    For those who have abyssea powerleveling concerns, I want to make it known to everyone, I want to bring back 

    oldschool xp parties!! Meaning lvl 1-10/11 will be the only solo levels, then we move to the dunes and so on.

    At 18-20 we group up and hunt down our own subjob items, no high level killing stuff for us, we travel together to Jeuno for the first time for our chocobo's (well if we so choose :-P) 


    right now in my head I see it as the first couple months grouping, and leveling mains/subs and fighting some low lvl nm's for gear, and doing quests/story missions. I hope to do this progression based, so we will focus on our nation  missions til rank 10, then move on to zilart, and so on.


    For those worried about abyssea, abyssea is an end game eventuality, but I don't want to use it as a powerlevel area. I want to do what it was ment for, killing the zone nm's, taking out the Caturae, and then ultimatly downing Shinryu, that is it!


    p.s website will be up later this evening/early tomorrow!!



  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    ok here is the website, please forgive me as it is just a shell of what it will be.


    I will be putting more time into the site throughout tomorrow, and up to the actual creation of the LS this Thursday.


    In the meantime, all those interested in this endevor, feel free to sign up, and fill out an application (It's open admit, just using it to tally how many people are interested on the site) and feel free to introduce yourselves on the forums, as well as what job you most prefer playing.

  • cyberchipcyberchip dc, DCPosts: 7Member
    I'm all signed up! I hope we get some good interest.
  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    awesome! Looking at the response I have gotten in this forum already I feel this will be a success :)


    Like I stated, I will be handing out pearls on Thursday afternoon Eastern time, and hope to take our first group of adventurers to the dunes for the first LS XP party.

  • donny852001donny852001 Niagara, WIPosts: 5Member
    i want in on this, check out the website you setup now, i recently just got a brand new computer and this is one of the games i always wanted to play being a huge FF fan but never could play, just bought the game about a week ago and looking to get into it the right way and play fully
  • Jento13Jento13 EdinbrughPosts: 1Member

    This interests me also - however I am waiting for ARR but would love to experience FFXI all over again. But I am GMT timezone and I find it difficult getting on at same time as other players etc. Just wondering if this would be worth my time or not?


    You guys got a time slot you are thinking of playing mainly?



  • donny852001donny852001 Niagara, WIPosts: 5Member
    im rdy to start now lol
  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon

    Good luck avoiding abyssea I really hope you can do. Also even if you can avoid it good luck avoiding fields of valor. Though nowhere near as fast as lvling in aby it is still a lot faster than leveling the traditional way. Oh and even the traditional way isn't traditional because everything is double xp now.

    The good news is you won't have any issues competing for camps. The whole idea sounds good  but I have met a few LSs that have tried to do the same and it's hard to keep people away from aby or FoV once they've tried it. It is just too fun and too fast and allows you to do so much more than just xp all the time.

    But just curious what server are you guys on? I wouldn't mind joining an old school xp party now and then just for fun. You're not opposed to level sync are you? Cause if you go that far it's gonna be near impossible to lvl.

  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    Hello everyone :)


    Good to see this forum is still gathering attention!

    Few things, for the person that mentioned something about gmt times, I usually play online games with a friend in that time zone (5 hours ahead of me) and never really had too much of an issue. I would like to imagine that if we continue growing and fill in multiple time slots there will be people on all the time for people to group with.


    As for abyssea and FoV


    I know those will always be tempting for leveling groups. I will not tell people they can't do it, but I would like to give oldschool playing a try, and give it an honest go. FoV I don't mind running, if we are in a 6 man group doing it right, not 18 man alliances in gusgen killing page 1 over and over from 12-30.


    p.s pearls will be handed out in bastok tomorrow around 2 pm est. I will be making a post here, and on our forums about it.



  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    A lot of people are moving to FFXIV once ARR hits.

    I wouldn't start/return to this game at the moment.

  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member
    as will I, but no harm in trying to replay a classic. Besides if this works out well, I personally see no reason why we couldn't divide our time between the 2. Nearly winter, and I personally hate going out in the snow :-P
  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon
    What server are you guys gonna be on?
  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    Currently I am thinking Phoenix, but will wait to hear from more people on the forums before making a final pick, but no matter what that info will be posted here and on the forums by tonight (eastern time). 



  • NethienNethien Lockport, NYPosts: 26Member

    Hello everyone :)


    ok to give everyone an update here is our temporary website. If you are interested in joining us, sign up and fill out an app (open enrollment just using this for headcount really).


    The server we are on is Phoenix, and I will be handing out pearls in the next 20 mins in bastok, or the south gustaberg area.


    For everyone who has already signed up and shown interest on these forums, I thank you and look forward to meeting up with you all in game!!




    p.s. In game name is Razela so send me a tell if you are interested!

  • nickster29nickster29 Holmen, WIPosts: 486Member

    Looking forward to more people joining, already got a linkpearl and starting to level my BLM.


    If your interested in playing FFXI again and going about it without the Gusgen / Abyssea powerleveling, join us!

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