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Your most memorable game.



  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon
    FFVI, Kid Icarus (first game I ever got for Christmas), and Super Mario 64.
  • Skooma2Skooma2 Glenview, ILPosts: 693Member Uncommon
    For me it has to be Baldur's Gate 2, and, unashamedly, Tropico.

    Hedonismbot: Your latest performance was as delectable as dipping my bottom over and over into a bath of the silkiest oils and creams.

  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan Advocate Posts: 6,966Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Brenelael
    Starflight II: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula. It was really the second space based sandbox game. The first being Starflight. You were dropped into a huge galaxy to explore with just a loose storyline. The game would be considered very primitive by todays standards. I've been hooked on sandbox space sims ever since.   Bren

    Both the first and second were awesome :) Shame I never got into EvE but I have been playing a lot of Sins, Endless Space, Legend of Pegasus lately. Starflight was so memorable for the late night sessions with junk food and friends :)

  • EpuxEpux Mo i ranaPosts: 5Member

    Tibia :p

    my first ever mmorpg played it for around 6 years..

    and after that Darkfall..

    the only 2 games ive managed to stick to longer than a couple of weeks 

  • cheachancheachan TampinesPosts: 122Member
    Most memorable game was when I first tried playing Resident Evil 3 when Nemesis showed up and I ended up throwing our controller on the floor.


  • LukainLukain WestmeadPosts: 591Member Uncommon

    Fav RPG - Might and Magic:  Worlds of Xeen "Clouds & darkside" & Lands of Lore " With Patrick Steward as the King "

    Fav MMO - Asherons Call

    Fav RTS - Command & Conquer " I remember lugging my big ass PC over to a friends to have 4 PC linked & spend 48 Hours playing

    Fav Racing Sim - Any Need for Speed

    Fav Action - Unreal & Doom "Both Games took up 100's of hours in Lan Partys"





  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 HannoverPosts: 486Member Uncommon
    abe's oddysee and abe's exoddus..damn i loved this games..still playin them sometimes :p
  • SubilacSubilac Homestead, FLPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    Everquest. Started playing in 1999 until 2003, now I'm back playing it. I met friends who I got to know in real life and can write a book on all my memorable experiences. However, it's pretty much dead now, but am enjoying it more than any of the newer crap out.

    2nd - Runescape. I got 100 Woodcutting, which I feel like I deserve a nobel peace prize for going through that and putting up with the 5 year old guild leaders trying to recruit me. I had fun though, lots.

    3d - WoW pre cata. I spent an entire weekend doing AV non-stop with a few friends and I will never forget it.

    4th - Phantasmagoria, A Puzzle of Flesh. (Look it up). I moved with my family into an old farm house and set up my PC in the basement and played this through my first night there. I was beyond scared and believe that house was haunted now after that.

    5th - King's Quest. My first game on my Tandy1000 that changed my outlook on video games forever.

  • AdamaiAdamai derbyPosts: 476Member Uncommon
    My first online game was never winter knights, mod of choice was call to arms full rp. And is still to this day the best online game experience ive had. Couple of other games have come close, swg and eve online.
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