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I didn't expect this....



  • gboostergbooster Indianapolis, INPosts: 712Member

    To throw my 2copper in. I am having a hard time finding a class that I REALLY enjoy, not just kind of enjoy, but one that grabs me and makes me identify with it. The professions all feel meh. 

    I really feel like I made a bad decision focusing on the Ranger at first. That class just frustrates the hell out of me. The problem is, all of the other classes have seemed very underwhelming as well. I am going to give the Thief a go and see if it can keep my interest.

    The combat and controls are also very frustrating at times, at least on on my Ranger, whom I should have named Obstructed. I love the dodge mechanic, but rest of the controls feel clunky and I don't really feel like I am in CONTROL of my character alot of  the time. This became even more apparant when I logged into my WoW account. WoW has problems, but character control is not one of them. It amazes me how every new MMO that comes out fails so hard at living up to that standard. To me that is the most important basic foundation of an MMORPG and I feel it's lacking in GW2. 

    On a positive note, the other parts of the game are fantastic. The graphics and lighting, the way its all put together. I love the way the questing works. I can just start running out of any city and keep going finding tons of events and things to do. It's great fun doing that.

    I think they did a fantasitc job on the art design. I think the music is top notch. The voice acting is ok at times and brilliant at others. I particularly liked Magister whatsherface, the air head Sylvari archeologist lady in the personal story. I wish there was more of her :(

    There are a few characters in the game where I thought it was some of the best voice acting in any game outside of Fallout Vegas.

    It's just the gameplay that has me frustrated the most.

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