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Can somebody explain the combat system?

MMOExposedMMOExposed lalal land, DCPosts: 6,563Member Uncommon

Combat | Two combat modes: RPG Mode for traditional MMORPG feel, and Action Mode based on player skill.


I dont seem to understand.

is it tow different games in one?

explain Action mode if you can please.



  • KaylettaJadeKaylettaJade Holloman AFB, NMPosts: 144Member Uncommon

    This is the blurb under Game Features -> Combat System from the main website.

    "We have 2 distinct combat modes in The Repopulation, RPG Mode and Action Mode.
    RPG Mode is similar to what you seen in traditional MMOs. You select abilities to use on your current target by clicking on ability buttons from your action bar.

    Action mode allows you to play in a style more similar to a First Person Shooter. You aim and shoot rather than selecting abilities from an action bar. Action Mode also allows for command stacking abilities where you can map mouse/button clicks to perform certain abilities and move on to the next one, if the first one is unavailable. Action mode is typically done in first person, but can be done in 3rd person as well.

    Both modes work fairly similar behind the scenes and do not provide much of an advantage in that area. Increased mobility and targeting might be advantageous for PvPers trying to flank someone, but it is not a true FPS like system where projectile collisions are being processed by the server. Targeting is done client side and if a target is found during action mode it is sent off and processed, if not, then the action is ignored or an alternative action is decided that makes sense. The goal is to provide alternative play styles for those who want something a little different out of their approach to combat while trying to avoid giving an extreme advantage to one system over the other."

    I suggest dropping by the Repop forums. There's a ton of information from the devs on there.

  • JC-SmithJC-Smith Chiang MaiPosts: 421Member Uncommon

    A bit of extra information since this is often an source of confusion.

    - Action Mode is just a different way of control.  It basically loops through your mouse clicks, what you clicked on, what you barely missed, the body part hit, how fast you clicked, if you are crouched, prone or standing, if your clicked targets were hostile or friendly and the modifier used (by default you have left mouse button for normal abilities, right mouse for momentum based abilities, and there is also a modifier key for defensive actions). You have an optional GUI which will show you all the abilities you know and to optionally inform you of each ability used. When action mode is enabled it interprets all of this information client side and then sends it to the server as an ability request. It will automatically keep track of what abilities are on cooldown, and try to find the most appropriate ability for what you were trying to do. The cooldowns are designed in a way that will attempt to make full use of your abilities. As a result, in Action Mode you just point and click at targets like you would in a first/third person shooter. It's still using the same RPG mode rolls and everything server side though and you still need to acquire abilities to do certain things. It's just a matter of which of the two control schemes you prefer.

    - Both modes are exactly the same to the server. It doesn't differentiate between the two, other than how it sends the FX.

    - When your in action mode your firing will automatically play client side FX on your client as soon as you fire to reduce the feel of latency.

    - In both modes the combat round (maximum actions you can do) is quicker than in your average MMO. Buffs and debuffs are typically shorter duration and occur through combat.

    - RPG Mode performs just how you'd expect an MMORPG to perform. Ability bars and cooldowns. Action mode still has the option of using ability bars, but it frees you up to do it all through the mouse.

    - When in Action Mode you use Mouselook. Meaning wherever you move the mouse you aim/face.

    - If you have action mode enabled and you open up any of the GUI windows it will automatically switch you into RPG Mode, and then switch you back into Action Mode when the window is closed (which you can also do by hitting escape).

    - There is no significant advantage to either mode. It's just a matter of preference. In some situational cases one mode may be better than the other. You could argue that RPG Mode gives you more fine control over what you want to do, but since you can still use ability bars/action keys, you actually have that in both modes but would be using it less often. For some weapons Action Mode may be easier for AoEs since it will automatically detect where to launch the AoE, rather than using a ground targeting reticle. That may or may not be advantageous. You can switch between the modes instantly though, by default by using CTRL-A. You can switch between first or third person by default by using CTRL-F. Next week's alpha build will also have a customizable third person camera allowing you to tweak your camera angle in third person or to quickly switch between presets. It could also be argued that since you have to click on opponents that RPG mode gives you less chance of missing, but it should be noted that if you miss your target Action Mode casts 5 additional raycasts in the nearby area trying to detect what you were trying to hit, giving you a little bit of leeway for missing. It also could be argued that if you are facing static targets that Action Mode allows you to more easily switch targets because you do not need to target and then use an ability, you simply click and it does both.


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