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Your most memorable game.

CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

So Im sure we all played that one game that we just enjoyed so much and never really forgot. 

For me, that game is most likely Tomba 2.  It was the very first game I completed 100%.  I loved running around the world n doing all the quests and stuff.  I also loved the 3d graphics even if it was a 2d platformer.

What about you guys?

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  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILPosts: 1,680Member Uncommon

    Okay, it has to be the 1st mmo I ever played.  The idea I could play online with others AND be an elf just made me jitter with elation.  That was FFXI.  Previous, the 1st game that made me think life might not be so dull after all was Ocarina of Time.

  • escanescan methuen, MAPosts: 26Member
    I would have to say the first MMO I played, which was Asherons Call 2.  Still have fond memories of that game.  I also have bitter memories of buying the Expac and then Turbine announcing the servers shutting down a few months later......
  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    Starflight II: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula. It was really the second space based sandbox game. The first being Starflight. You were dropped into a huge galaxy to explore with just a loose storyline. The game would be considered very primitive by todays standards. I've been hooked on sandbox space sims ever since.




  • ClocksimusClocksimus Barrie, ONPosts: 354Member

    I must have put 1000+ hours into FFX  and it is the last Final Fantasy I ever bought and enjoyed.  But of all time it has to be Zelda:  Ocarina of TIme.  I dont think I had a single inch of that game I did not like.  Played for countless hours for months I only stopped playing it when my N64 broke not because I got bored of the game itself.

    Kinda sad thinking about it how I clocked in more hours on some single player RPG and adventure games than I have in supposed MMO's which should be vastly bigger in scale.

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    My First MMO is always a fond memory, Conquer Online, lots of pvp on a daily basis, all community driven, and the community got very competitive with each other :)

    I still remember chasing people across entire maps bunny hopping my way to kills and loot, but my strongest memory is the day a Water Tao came around and ganked me and took all my loots!!!

    Who would have thought id marry her 3 years later hah XD

  • Ultima VII or Doom.
  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
      Pitfall  :)   I played till the rubber came off my joystick..then i played till i got blisters...

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  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon
    Probally the Carmageddon games... a m8 used to bring his PC up and we used to lan it up all night :) running people over and samshing each others cars up.. awesome fun :)
  • IfrianMMOIfrianMMO BarcelonaPosts: 232Member Uncommon
    To me it is a tie between The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time and Phantasy Star Online.

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Posts: 1,051Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by apocoluster
      Pitfall  :)   I played till the rubber came off my joystick..then i played till i got blisters...

    Gonna have to go with you on this one. One my all time favorite games and gaming memories, Atari 2600 ruled lol

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  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon

    The most memories any game has given me is Quake III : Arena.   Played for years both casually and in tournaments.  Still have screenshots from many of the matches and every so often, maybe once a year I'll go back and take a look at them and the whole match will come back to me.


  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon

    Ultima Underworld.

    It was the first 3D game I played.

    I played it during the summer holiday between school and university.

    Magical times, but it looks really primitive now.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Magic carpet I played that thing to death
    Original civ, mega Lo mania, hl1 and daoc would be up there too
  • fuzzylogic11fuzzylogic11 Westminster, COPosts: 56Member

    I best moment was playing Dark Age of Camelot. I was working at cyber café at the time and had a real close knit group of friends that I played with. We all started playing when the game first game out and frankly played a lot. It was my job and all. We had to been around level 30’ish and decided to go out to the frontier. Slowly making our way out of the gate keep. It was quite an accomplishment to make it to the first gate wall. Good times. Oh and the first relic raid. The pure scale I have not seen since.

  • ZekiahZekiah Posts: 2,483Member Uncommon

    I'd have to say Auto Duel for the C64 for my first memorable game. Loved that game.

    For MMOs it's UO and SWG. Chopping wood to make furniture for my house in UO and shopping for new camo Gun Dusters are just a couple of awesome memories I have of the good old days.

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  • west715west715 Santa Rosa, CAPosts: 11Member Uncommon
    Lineage 2  I was hooked on that game for years I had a BladeDancer.........Remember getting thousand of Soulshot.
  • Judasgoat98Judasgoat98 Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 158Member Uncommon
    Like countless others I have to say Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    It varies with age. Throughout my life, there have been many landmark moments in my gaming experience. To pick one would be too limiting. To list a ton would be off topic hehe

  • prpshrtprpshrt Clarksville, MDPosts: 258Member

    Runescape. Idk how many people make fun of me for it but I LOVED it. It had no story whatsoever. Well more like here's a bunch of background stories about the world that you dont need to concern yourself at all. I played WoW shortly after I quit runescape and while I enjoyed it as well, wasn't as well exciting. Maybe cause it was my first MMO.

    Edit: Saw this was general gaming and not MMOs. General game would be magaman X4. Gamed all my life but no other game could hold my interest for that long. Oh the joy of finding pieces of megaman's new armor...

  • CalerxesCalerxes LondonPosts: 1,633Member Uncommon

    I cannot really name one game as there are too many to speak of so I'll go for my first love in gaming and it was love at first sight in 1979........





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  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Brandon, FLPosts: 3,649Member Uncommon
    It's always changing.  I was going to say Street Fighter 2, because when I found that in the rec room on campus back in college oh so many years ago - I, er, almost flunked out.  But then I thought about a time I was waiting at an airport for a flight and playing Soul Calibur.  A guy was feeding the machine and getting frustrated that he could not beat me - it was getting close to time for me to go, so I turn to the guy and say, "I don't know how to block."  He looks at me for a moment, not sure what to make of what I said.  He then destroys me three times in a row.  He asked if I had let him win, and I shake my head.  Nope, I just did not know how to block - he was playing against somebody that he was expecting to block.  I didn't - I was just very good on offense.  He changed his playstyle, I could not, and he won.  It was a life lesson moment... heavy, eh?

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  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon
    Thats easy. My first MMO which was WOW. So many great memories
  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    Are we talking MMO or Games in general?


    Games... its quite hard to put a finger on one particular game. I have quite fond memories of games like Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 3, and Guardian Legend just to name a few big ones (And a less known one I loved a lot) but I also had plenty of Sega favorites such as Sonic 2, Wonderboy in Monster World, and TMNT Hyperstone. I could even go into stuff like Diablo 2 on the PC or Doom. Its really hard to pick one.


    MMO wise? Its a bit tough but I'd say the game that has stood the test of time the most with me is Ragnarok Online. To this day I feel it had one of the best leveling and stat systems in a game. It was one game that made me feel so rewarded to play as I get a higher class and I get those skills. Still, I do have to give honorable mentions to games like FF11 (which also had an amazing class system) and World of Warcraft which did give me enjoyment and some memories itself (even if the latter decided to spoil that badly mid way through wotlk).

  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Denver, COPosts: 256Member Uncommon

    Regular game -  Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


    MMORPG - Star Wars Galaxies

  • FoomerangFoomerang Portland, ORPosts: 5,610Member Uncommon

    After much thought, I think I have to go with Shenmue. That game is so immersive its a mind fuck. I can smell that game lol

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