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Game music

nikooo0nikooo0 CheltenhamMember Posts: 25

What game in your opinion has the best music in it. Although this is it doesn't have to be an mmorpg, it can be any game.


In my opinion i would say that everquest 2 has really good music, it's very different to most styles of music and it has a verm warm and fantasy feel to it, which helps you to feel more immersed within the game IMO.

What do you think..



  • Loke666Loke666 MalmöMember Posts: 19,349 Rare

    Battlefield Vietnam.

    For MMOs it is AoC followed by GW.

  • nikooo0nikooo0 CheltenhamMember Posts: 25
    ahhh yes i agree with that, the original GW music was fantastic!
  • eldariseldaris LondonMember Posts: 353 Uncommon

    AoC then WOW,EQ2 and EVE.I didn't played much Gw1 but the music I remember was good,in fact my favorite music in gw2 is the one inspired or taken from gw1 music.

  • majimaji CologneMember Posts: 2,059 Uncommon

    Fallen Earth

    I just love those lonely guitar tunes as I make my way through the endless wasteland. :)

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  • PewpsockemzPewpsockemz Derpville, IDMember Posts: 49
    Duke Nukem
  • dave6660dave6660 New York, NYMember Posts: 2,574 Uncommon
    Games have music?

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  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAMember Posts: 20,877 Epic

    hmmm, best is a touch cookie.

    I remember someone posting a link to you tube to some sort of final fantasy music which he thought was the best. It was horrible. practically two chords throughout (tonic or the "first of the key" and dominant or the fifth of the key") and the theme was, in my opinion, just musical noodling over those harmonies.


    I've liked the Lineage 2/Aioin music. Not all of it but a decent amount. I think the Guild Wars 2 music is very good.

    Though understated, Tera's music is pretty good as it tends to be a bit more atmospheric.

    WoW has some good music though from what I've heard it strikes me to be very much like "movie music".

    Morrowind/Skyrim/Oblvion has good music thought that's Jeremy Soul who did GW2.

    The Witcher 2 has some good music.

  • UtukuMoonUtukuMoon ParisMember Posts: 1,066



    Gothic 3

    The Witcher 1&2




    Games that i find the music seriously lacking.




  • Maddog1195Maddog1195 Shavertown, PAMember Posts: 16

    The best game music for me had to be Final Fantasy (multiple games)/Chrono Trigger/Cross - but this could be my nostalgia showing

    As for more modern games and MMOs - WoW had some good tunes and I haven't turned off the GW2 music yet.  Also Dragon Age: Origins had some pretty epic music.  All and all, if its not annoying I leave game music on as it helps me immerse myself in that world/game setting.

  • pupurunpupurun spartaMember Posts: 541 Uncommon

    AOC  is undoubtelly the game with the best music soundtrack.

    All of the above that were mentioned have indeed great musicla scores but lets not forget to include  Istaria  

  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKMember Posts: 1,788
    The one that has withstood the test of time for me is the 1st WoW expansion, The Burning Crusade.  Most MMO music is pretty disposable, but that one is an exception for me.

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  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOMember Posts: 2,732 Uncommon
    Basically, anything composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto: Ogre battle, Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre, ect. Also, the Bioshock 2 soundtrack is really good.

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  • PsyMike3dPsyMike3d AthensMember Posts: 388 Uncommon

    Games that i find the music seriously lacking.


    Really? I believe that the best element of GW2 is the music... Jeremy Soule is amazing!

  • LoLifeLoLife LA, CAMember Posts: 174

    Metal gear solid (PS1) for personal best.

    Might of posted a Star Wars game like Reble Assault or SWG, while awesome scores, I feel using John Williams film score is cheating. image


  • RohnRohn Saint Peters, MOMember Posts: 3,729 Uncommon
    AoC and TSW, in that order, have some of the best music I've heard.

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  • xDracxDrac HamburgMember Posts: 194 Uncommon
    Lineage II and RF Online, by far.

    Lineage 3 -
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  • TrissaTrissa BarcelonaMember Posts: 251
    Lineage II to me. By far.
  • stratasaurusstratasaurus Seattle, WAMember Posts: 220
    Final Fantasy series for games in general.  Honestly even though I leave game music on most the time I can't say I really pay much attention to it in MMOs and I can't think of anything memorable.  So I don't really a MMO answer.
  • AeliousAelious OregonMember Posts: 3,087 Uncommon
    I don't think I've regularly played a game with a bad soundtrack to be honest. Most notable would be EQ2 and WoW. I will say that VG music, though not bad, put me to sleep a few times because if how tranquil it sounded :).

    One thing of note is EQ2's combat music. After the RoK expansion the battle music was composed of 14 tracks that would interchange depending on how you were doing in a fight.
  • AeliousAelious OregonMember Posts: 3,087 Uncommon
    EQ2 and WoW being great soundtracks, not bad. The above post was a little misleading.
  • CrazyCronusCrazyCronus PatrasMember Posts: 47 Uncommon

    I will post my top three favourite game soundtracks:

    1) Elder Scrolls III and V

    2) Classic RPGs like Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Ice Wind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment etc.

    3) World of Warcraft

    Its more than three games but hey ;P

  • FeytFeyt Fort Smith, OKMember Posts: 1


    Bomberman 64


    Diddy Kong Racing


    Wave Race 64

    Mario Kart 64

    STARFOX 64

    Zelda 64

    Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

    Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XI, XIII

    Mass Effect series

    Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

    I don't know. I love these.

  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILMember Posts: 1,642 Uncommon


    Kingdom Hearts

    Final Fantasy anything.

  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordMember Posts: 7,207 Common
    Mmo wise

    General games - cannon fodder
    In fact golden age britsh games in general, like iridium, sensible soccer, Jeff minters stuff, gods, bullfrogs stuff, chaos engine etc..
  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownMember Posts: 871

    MMO : Anarchy Online

    Other mmm really hard to say mmm theres so many mmm :  R-type (Amiga) ,sorry M.G and R.H.

    Let's internet

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