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Soul Captor Open Beta

BethelsBoyBethelsBoy Member Posts: 232 Uncommon

From the gameplay videos I've seen, this game looks very interesting

I received one of the keys and plan on getting that going and putting up a gameplay video of my own

The combat visuals look good and the audio is very intriguing. The cut-scenes really pull me into games also, and it looks like Soul Captor has plenty of them to keep you hooked into the story line.

Post your opinions if you have tried it already!



  • DibdabsDibdabs FelvershamMember Posts: 2,704 Uncommon
    Originally posted by BethelsBoy
    From the gameplay videos I've seen, this game looks very interesting

    That's your big mistake, right there.

  • LodorLodor ............., MNMember Posts: 13 Uncommon

    The game is very bland. And getting the "cards" are super rare and make for a boring grind when the mobs can no longer even give you loot or xp.

  • freeplay13freeplay13 shanghaiMember Posts: 13

    Soul Captor is now very popular. I was playing eden eternal, now I start to play this game.

  • timarocktimarock Montreal, QCMember Posts: 5

    What's special about it?

  • cjdriniccjdrinic TIPTON, INMember Posts: 41
    Nothing really, got boring fast.  
  • nemurubakaaaanemurubakaaaa AkihabaraMember Posts: 3

    what are these "plenty of them to keep you hooked into the story line" refer to? I don't know this game so i searched some images to see what it looks like

    are they able to transform?

  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Champaign, ILMember Posts: 1,642 Uncommon
    Cutsy games make me think the game makers are trying to hide bad money grabbing game mechanics.  I could be wrong but every cute game I've encountered seems to be a money sink, with the exception of Mabinogi where they are worthy of their pay because they succeeded to make interesting game mechanics (unique music system).  Think I'll pass Soul Captor by.
  • deenziggydeenziggy ManchesterMember Posts: 1
    Guild wars 2 is losing it's initial hyped interest.
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