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Will you try Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn?



  • RajaiRajai Archbold, OHMember Posts: 325 Uncommon

    I bought the game and hated it so bad that I tried to return it.

    I'm out 60 bucks and I'm never playing this crap, I don't care if it turns into the final fantasy 11 with better graphics we all hoped it would be.

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  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILMember Posts: 2,684 Rare
    Originally posted by Wizardry I cannot give the guys at Blizzard any credit becuase 90% of their design was a direct ripoff of Eq,al lthe ydid was make it easier and more soloable,not hard for anyone to do that really.

    i find it hilarious you post something so large and sneak in a jab at blizzard. We'll just ignore what their founders help make, Lost vikings and rock n roll racing both awesome games. Their RTS games are arguably the best ever and right now WoW is still #1 MMO in the world after 8 years.. this kind of hate is ridiculous.

    As for the topic, i'll be trying it. I need an mmo that is fun and hopefully with all of the supposedly hard work going into reborn it might deliver.

  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNMember Posts: 532 Uncommon

    Been there, done that, have the scars... No intention of going back.


    They squandered their day in the sun, now only hardest of hardcore FF fanatics remain loyal. The rest of us are still recovering from the feeling of betrayal of the FF IP train-wreck that was the FFxiv launch.

  • KhinRuniteKhinRunite ManilaMember Posts: 879
    I personally can't try a game that doesn't offer a trial, so I answered MAYBE. In the meantime I'll indulge myself on gameplay videos.
  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALMember Posts: 1,769 Uncommon
    With all the changes that are happening and going through the the Grandcompany story line these last few months, will be giving this a go at  ARR.
  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJMember Posts: 1,700 Uncommon

    I'm one of the few people who bought the game and didn't hate it at launch.

    I mean, there were plenty of things I didn't like about it, but there were tons of things I loved about it too.

    I managed to have fun for a while.

    Since I already own it, I would certainly try it when 2.0 goes live.



  • aRtFuLThinGaRtFuLThinG MelbourneMember Posts: 1,251 Uncommon

    I will try it.


    But I still have issues with the lie that they told us regarding Final Fantasy being "final" - it never ends! :P

  • LickitungLickitung Tampa, FLMember Posts: 35

    Nope, I wouldn't play it...

    After years of devotion to FFXI, PlayOnline seriously screwed me over on subscription fee overcharges and Squenix did nothing except "take it up w/PlayOnline".  After that, I was heartened by the fact that Squenix didn't use PlayOnline for the FFXIV, so I dropped the cash and tried it.  After days of trying to find a good server, and days more trying to find a good guild, it turned out the were a bunch of uptight a-holes :/  Toss in the fact that the game was a horrid trainwreck and I was regretting dropping the cash I did on the game and regretting the prepayment of subscription I made for the game.  Then, when they announced the redesign work, I was heartened again.  The promises they made of the game being free for those that had paid until they were done making the changes was a nice feeling.  So I watched.. and waited... and waited.. and waited...


    I guess I was expecting to see "hey, here's the progress so far, come check it out!" to come along.. but it didn't.  All I got was a email from out of the blue saying "We're done and btw, you need to pay again."

    Yeah, they sapped the prepayment I had made while they were doing this "it's free while we work" period and I couldn't get in without dropping yet more cash.  Sorry Squenix, I've been with you since FF2 and you've been one of my all time fav companies for a long time... but I can only take so much.

  • TardcoreTardcore MinskMember Posts: 2,325
    Originally posted by Mannish
    I never really played Final Fantasy XIV but I know it failed to be the game that people wanted. So my question is will you try Reborn when it comes out seeing is that its supposed to be the game that the original should have been.  

    Nope, Nil, Nada, Negetory.


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  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYMember Posts: 4,623 Uncommon
    I voted Maybe, then I remembered it's another sub game.  So probably not.
  • skydiver12skydiver12 burgundMember Posts: 432

    If they get around to fix what is broken and makes the game unplayable to me,
    AND stop ruining what wasn't broken

    So yes, i will try it and judge it. Will i stay and play? Depends on the FREE trial :)

  • kertinkertin StrazniceMember Posts: 99 Uncommon
    If they ll offer me some kind of trial version and I ll like it so absolutely yes.
  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLMember Posts: 23,041 Epic

    Unless the revised release has an endgame centered around castle sieging, territory control and PVP, probably not.


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  • XerenixXerenix BMember Posts: 235

    I've voted Yes since i enjoy the current game but i'll keep playing the game if they manage to fix the issues that keep me away from considering this game as my main MMO.

    Those issues is the UI, Performance and Account management.

    If they managed to fix those things then they will have my sub for years.

  • gatogrottogatogrotto Kula, HIMember Posts: 2
    They'll be having free access for the first 2-3 month of launch for an "open beta test" so give it a try its looking like its going to be amazing. Been playing  for about 5 months(collector edition buyer, stopped playing a week after launch due to how bad it was) the game really shaped up Yoshi-P is doing an excellent job.
  • VanillateaVanillatea Void, IAMember Posts: 80
    Yes, as long as I can try out the open beta first!
  • Stimos8Stimos8 MelbourneMember Posts: 163 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Eir_S
    I voted Maybe, then I remembered it's another sub game.  So probably not.

    Well to bad, because out of all the mmorpg's the best ones are sub based, so in other words, sub = better. There are a few logical reasons as to why this occurs, the first would be that subscription based mmorpgs have more of a solid cashflow behind them, therefore more content being pressed out. Oh and cant forget another of the many reasons is that any game that has been released as a free two play model, or even buy two play aswell, just feels really low key and average to play, worlds arent as immersive, stories arent as deep and content is alot more shallow then any pay to play game that is out.

  • Calintz333Calintz333 BergenMember Posts: 1,189 Uncommon

    If I can step away from GW2 for a few months then maybe. I am very curious about the changes that they have made in the past few years. I played the game on it's original release and it was total crap though so I wouldn't expect to much to begin with.


    Also, if ARR turns out to be a great game those people who choose to stay with FFXI can basically kiss the long term support of this game goodbye. I really doubt if ARR becomes a massive success ← Which I do not think will happen ← that this game would have to many players remaining. I would go as far as saying that if ARR does everything right FFXI would immediately  take a HUGE hit in subscribers. 

  • MightyChasmMightyChasm londonMember Posts: 298
    I didn't try it first time around because (thankfully) I waited for reviews/ player feedback first.   This time I'll probably give it a go, afterall it nice to see a firm admit their product is crap and take real steps to improve it, not that they had a great deal of choice in the matter. 
  • Deto123Deto123 Kelowna, BCMember Posts: 689
    I ll try it, but I ll get to free as I got the CE. That said, the little beta for FFXIV 2.0 I had time to try, felt too far from XI and more like the MMOs now, I ll go in without hype for sure. I will admit I didn t beta much at all so I could be wrong, but initially it felt so much like the MMOs now, i m not sure I can get excited.
  • BademBadem CheshireMember Posts: 830
    Originally posted by Seillan
    I'll definitely be giving it a shot. I still have my old collector's edition collecting dust (my old FFXIV authenticator is still on my keychain, as a matter a fact heh), so I'll be there once they get it finished. From everything I've read, and the videos I've seen, Reborn looks to be what the game should have been from the start.

    Same here,

    I kept subbing while Yoshi worked to fix the game, was there when servers were turned 'OFF'

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  • RecoreRecore Member Posts: 6,523 Rare
    Now taking preorders. image
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  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 1,221 Uncommon

    I sense a Necromancer! 


    I answered Maybe and I really mean that.  I am fairly close to wanting to find a different MMO to try out.

  • WylfWylf Boston, MAMember Posts: 269 Uncommon
    I voted no, but should there be a free trial I would try it out for a day or two.
  • duuude007duuude007 MERIDIAN, IDMember Posts: 112

    Anyone who played 1.0 can play ARR without purchasing the 2.0 software.

    Also, they have mentioned a 2 week "welcome back" campaign so that anyone can check it out for free.


    I have Collecter's edition and Legacy, and have pre-ordered PS3's Collecter's edition as well. Totally worth it.

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