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Please can we have a Mod ruling: can we call it 'Tortanic' yet?



  • FreezzoFreezzo EnschedePosts: 235Member
    Originally posted by Bardus
    Edited for political correctness which just proves my point image

    Haha. No. It's just that generalisation is a bad thing. There's a difference in political correctness and generalising. I was just pointing out that being a liberal in the USA and being one elsewhere does make a difference ;) And if we didn't have politicall correctness and other unwritten rules for social behavious everyone would act as a bad-mannered ninja in a WoW dungeon (only place I've actually encountered such people). Even though I'd love to have discussions of this type, I think we're moving a bit off-topic :)

    "We need men who can dream of things that never were." - John F. Kennedy
    And for MMORPGs ever so true...

  • NajaiNajai Posts: 3Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Bardus
    Originally posted by Freezzo
    Originally posted by Bardus
    Originally posted by n3v3rriv3r
    Originally posted by Loke666
    Originally posted by noncley
    People used to get suspensions on this forum just for using the word 'Tortanic'  but, with the resignation of BW's chiefs, the massed firings, the forced server mergers, the catastrophic subscription numbers and the description of the game as a 'disappointment' by EA's owns CEO, can we now call SWTOR 'Tortanic'?

    A lot of people died there you know. You dont use any 911 references, try something were thousands of people didnt die and show some respect.

    Something about Enron or something would be better (yeah, people lost money and their jobs there, but it aint that bad).

    Eh? Titanic was not a catastrophe? Callin a catastrophe a catasrtophe is not offensive to anyone. Granted this is not even close to real thing but still ... you know what a synonym is?

    I would suggest to you to be less purist  - moral discussions are a very difficult topic.

    Saying that some event it is like Titanic tragedy may be an overreaction but certainly is not ofensive to anyone, after all feelings are not measurable - what may be for you a mere inconvenience for me is a tragedy.

    Sometimes you have to just shake your head at liberals and keep moving. They can't even call terrorists by name because they don't want to offend them or illegal aliens is now undocumented immigrants and better not anyone publicly display a cross or it will offend non Christians.

    "Politics" aside I have been wondering if tortanic will become a new coined word to describe disappointment or failure among gamers. Not only a word to describe TOR but to describe all flops in the future.

    Please read up on either liberalism or state that you mean the US version of 'liberal'. Liberalism, or for a person being a liberal,  for me (as there are a lot of interpretations) means one has full freedom. You can say what you want, do what you want, but the one thing needed is for people to take responsibility for their actions and bear the consequences. So please elaborate...

    Also I think you have a point that we reached a place where success will be compared to WoW and failure with TOR, although I don´t believe TOR failed. I´ve been told by a friend of mine how TOR is like other BW games: you play them for the story, do replays for the story, with other classes to get a totally different story. I don't support that vision and believe the story is 90% the same, but for people who play BW games for that reason or people who're really interested in story. In the case of expectations (the always crashing hypetrain) and broken promises, then yes, I think they failed.

    Edited for political correctness which just proves my point image

    The only point you've proven is that you have no idea what liberalism means.

    Go educate yourself.

  • QuicklyScottQuicklyScott BristolPosts: 433Member

    Meh, I enjoyed SWTOR, atleast for about a week, played it for longer and had more fun than in GW2.  Come at me bros.


    Tortanic would be an accurate name though.


  • SandboxSandbox SwedenPosts: 295Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Bardus "Politics" aside I have been wondering if tortanic will become a new coined word to describe disappointment or failure among gamers. Not only a word to describe TOR but to describe all flops in the future.

    I thought we already had an expression for that; NGE

  • iceman00iceman00 Westland, MIPosts: 1,363Member
    Originally posted by RollieJoe
    I never played SWTOR, I knew it would be a mediocre game at best, and it was.  However, by all accounts they made back their huge investment and some profit besides that.  If the game servers shut down tonight, forever, it would still be accurate to call the game "profitable" unlike say, APB, which lost the better part of 100 million dollars.    SWTOR didn't (arguably) live up to its potential as one of the biggest IP's on the planet, but it made EA some money.  I'm sure they are dissapointed it didn't make them *more* money, but we shouldn't talk about SWTOR as if it "failed" in the sense that it lost money (which is the only sense that actually matters to the people who have the final say in making these games).

    Actually, no, they really didn't.  They wouldn't have switched to F2P if they were profitable and getting a reasonable return on their investment.  That they went F2P showed they weren't making money for their investors, much less profits for themselves.

  • grimalgrimal Stamford, CTPosts: 2,895Member Uncommon

    Contrary to what the OP and many other may think, there are still people playing the game and enjoying it.

    Such a rule only creates bitterness between the community, best to just leave it alone.

  • noncleynoncley LondonPosts: 717Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tiefighter25
    Calling SWTOR Tortanic is silly. Despite the company pouring million of dollars into its new pet flagship project, despite staking the company staking its reputation on their new flagship, despite that flagship sinking in record time, The White Star Line shipping company was able to stay in business independantly for another eleven years. Of course, The White Star Line was paid $465 million in insurance claims on the Titanic. Did EA put out insurance on SWTOR? Besides, despite the enormous loss of life, the Titanic did have 700 suvivors. That's more than Bioware Austin. My apologies to Loke666 (the devil you say) for possibly upsetting his delicate sensibilities.

    LOL. Top poster!

  • DraronDraron A town in, KYPosts: 993Member

    I just started the game 2 weeks ago, and I typically don't enjoy those kind of games (WoW, AoC, etc). But here I am, just getting the Collector's Edition for $80 in the mail today, playing the game everyday since. The game WILL be profitable in time, even if they don't fix some of the problems with the game (which I admit it has). But the fact the game is the best leveling experience 1-50 means they'll get players to stick around and pay a month or two sub fees at least. They just need to keep there promise of an update every 6 weeks and they'll continue to have my money.

    It makes me sad to see how much negativity the MMO genre draws in these days. It seems they make themselves blind to what good any game offers, not just TOR, and just wants to break the game down or pick it apart. 

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    These types of words ("tortanic" "darkfail" "failcom" etc) are loaded and baiting and lack substance, and are often used in nothing but attacks and excessnegativity.

    Just express things in a few extra words instead. As we tend to say around here, it depends how you state something and not  if your opinion is positive or negative.

    Locking this one.

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