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[mod edit - Why don't you like TSW?]



  • OldTimeGamerOldTimeGamer ReadingPosts: 87Member
    Originally posted by thark ... Hes main complain was the animations...and..well the animations must be a Highly subjective reason, I have previously written a post about why players feel the animations and combat are bad, and frankly I got no good answers.. ....

    To be fair any discussion of the merits and demerits of an MMO is going to be highly subjective.

    There is no absolute reason why TSW's apparent lack of success caused developers to be laid off but according to FunCom's own public statements this was the case.

    I don't think there is a single reason for this failure - we are individuals and we all react to MMOs differently.

    However those individual choices, taken collectively, did represent "poor word of mouth" and the projection of lower sales than were originally expected in the first 12 months after the launch of the game.

  • laseritlaserit Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,330Member Epic

    I find it very interesting that as of the time of this reply the majority of votes (45%) went to "just show me the results"

    For me personally: It's definately one of the better MMORPG's that I have played in recent years and I will continue to play on a casual basis.

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  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Originally posted by laserit
    I find it very interesting that as of the time of this reply the majority of votes (45%) went to "just show me the results"For me personally: It's definately one of the better MMORPG's that I have played in recent years and I will continue to play on a casual basis.

    Maybe the problem is that nothing about the game stands out enough to attract attention.

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  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon

    I'm probably one of the eleven. :P

    Just wanted to say that I think it's possible the marketing folks missed the boat with TSW. I'd never even heard of the game until April; never saw a trailer, never heard the music, nothing. And the trailers are awesome! How could I miss those??

    Bought the pre-order, joined the forums and was immediately hooked into the pre-launch ARGs, beta testing and all that stuff. But beta was used for marketing instead of testing and the game didn't look ready. No surprise BWE folks tried it and never came back.

    It's a great game, refreshingly different. I hope it will have a long run.

  • TempramentalTempramental KilbarchanPosts: 21Member

    Bought the game.

    Liked the game.

    Finished the game in a month or so.

    Apart from grind there is nothing else once you finish it. 

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    where is the option for best themepark MMORPG on the market?



  • RaysheRayshe London, ONPosts: 1,278Member Uncommon

    I love the game, the fact that they are still adding content monthly keeps me going. with the secondary wheel being unlocked it has shown 9 new weapons to choose from which will slowly be unlocked. the Facial features and hair have been updated and have alot more options now. also with the unlock of Lairs now starting to take effect the open world NM bosses  can start really being focused on more.  i cant wait for the new decks that have been accounced to be added, Tokyo to be released as a exploreable zone in 2013. Taking on Raids on october is gonna be sick aswell.


    i have more reason to only play this than anything else.

    Because i can.
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  • IamAproposIamApropos San Antonio, TXPosts: 173Member


    Although I'm very thorough when I test a game, if the game doesn't give me an aching headache first.  I think to myself did I have a bad day the first time I tried this game?  Was I really giving the game a good try or was I seeing it with bias?  I try really hard to go into a game clean of influences from other games so I can give the game I'm testing a fair trial.  This is why I was able to test TSW on multiple different weekends and after launch to make sure I gave it the best and fair test I could before making my final judgment.

    I'm sorry but I didn't state I did 125 hours in beta... I know its hard but please try to follow,  75 + 50 = 125.  They were broken up because 75 was in Beta and 50 was after launch.  I did so because there were other parts / aspects of this game I really did like and hoped to gad the devs weren't lieing when they said the CRAPPY character animations were just "place holders"  WRONG they didn't change a dam thing and it was still garbage after they supposedly did...

    I'm a full time gamer and trying to test a game as much as I can tolerate before I make a judgement and a write up on the game is exactly what I do with every game since 1996.  The first 75 hours I tortured myself to play was broken up along a few different periods. Yes TORTURED only due to character movement visuals, since its in your face the entire time you play.    

    All in all I found the rest of the game interesting and compelling, enough so to help me push past my DISCUST of the character visuals to try other aspects of the game.  Quite frankly in the end after an EXHAUSTing total of 125 hours I found the game completely overwhelmed by the garbage which is the Character Visuals.


    Justify and or tolerate it or not, they do not compare to the rest of the games quality and just on that merit it ruined the game entirely for me and THOUSANDS of others which I saw complain about this very same thing on the official forums.  I honestly can't over look this bad design flaw because it is so fricken glaring in contrast to all the other great things they did with visuals in this game.  If they some how did a complete over haul of character visuals to fit the rest of the game then I'd be all over this game, probably more then I am Guild Wars 2.  But as it stands I have an extremely good and valid reason to walk away from this game knowing that I gave it a fair chance.


    I did the same tests with TERA, Swtor, and Guild Wars 2 as well as another game currently in BETA.  Most of those games I clocked in over 100+ hours in BETA's and an additional 50+ after lauch. 

    just a point about hours played,  in a 3 day weekend I can put in approximately 45 hours of gameplay. 15 hours a day.   Since it is difficult for some I'll put it together 2 weekends 45+45 = 90 hours in 6 days just a point of reference.



    I don't care how un intrusive or intrusive TSW's cash shop is or even how it compares to other games.  I also have absolutely nothing against paying a monthly sub for a game if it deserves it.  what I do have a problem with is a game that has the issues TSW does and has a monthly sub and yes the fact that it has those two things + a cash shop adds to it and makes me walk away in discust.   Its the total of the 3, see if TSW didn't have the flaw of character visuals but it had a SUB + Cash shop, I'd be in it to win it.  If TSW didn't have the issues I don't like with it and Cash shop, I'd be all over it as well.  But since its Flaw is in my face the entire time I play the sub + cash shop frustrates me.  

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  • Slasher29Slasher29 Marietta, GAPosts: 194Member Uncommon
  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member

    Something must have gone terribly wrong during the development of this game.  It's like they had a good idea, and it was about half done, when they were given the order to suddenly wrap it up, throw on some polish, and push it out the door.  


    I mean, it's not just unfinished.  It's more like it's not even a whole game.  Maybe it was just mismanaged, but with the controversy around Aas and all, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was actually sabatoged in some corporate greed sort of way.

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  • ZeymereZeymere Somewhere, VAPosts: 207Member Uncommon

    * taken from my post today about my 3 day trial:



    Things I disliked:

    • The main thing that really irks me about this game is the icons for, items, weapons, abilities, darn near anything. They are so lackluster in appearance. I really feel like they dropped the ball on this. I want my loot to look like something cool. It is just not the case in this game and it really bugs me. With today’s technology this is just pure laziness on the art/designers part.
    • I did Direct x11 graphics and with my set up it ran great for 20 minutes then would crash. I understand it is most likely my computer specs but I haven’t had this issue with any other games. And yes I did lower the settings a lot. It was odd it didn’t lag it just crashed. And yes I have updated drivers. I was able to resort to Direct x 9 and it worked great otherwise.
    • In the character creator I would have liked a few more things to be able to tweak; just more options in the character creator. This is just a personal thing for me; it is ok, but most games younger and about its age have more options.




  • DrolkinDrolkin Palio, NBPosts: 246Member Uncommon

    Gotta love people who claim to have finished the game in a month, I know they're lying. =)


    Can't wait for first 10-man raid and Tokyo. XD

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