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TERA: Server Merge Detailed

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,044MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The TERA site has been updated with a short look at the upcoming patch that will see several servers consolidated to increase populations on PvP, PvE and RP-PvE servers. Included is information about political systems, battlegrounds, character deletion and more. 

  • Mount Tyrannas will be the new PvP server.

  • Tempest Reach will be the new PvE server.

  • Celestial Hills remains the PvE RP server.

Read the full notes on the TERA site.



  • BizkitNLBizkitNL NetherlandsPosts: 2,350Member Uncommon
    And so it begins.....
  • xLionxLion SalvadorPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    As the Bee Gees sang:

    "Ah, ha, ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive..." =s

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,086Member Epic
    It is so sad to see a game with still so much potential get taken totally in the wrong direction.
  • ironhelixironhelix fairfield, OHPosts: 448Member
    The combat is so fantastic, it's a shame the rest of the game becomes so boring.
  • BraavosiBraavosi ofheroes, NEPosts: 149Member

    I'm still hopeful they can do some good with the game. 

    People make it seem worse than it actually is. It's still a good game and a fun experience. 

  • jadan2000jadan2000 roosevelt, NYPosts: 508Member Uncommon
    every game that comes out gets to a point where it has to consolidate. this doesnt mean they are doing bad. it means that the new hotness players have quit. now you have teh remaining community that you need to cater to. thsi is ok, and its actually very smart that they are consolidating so soon. if SWTOR would have dont theres sooner, they would have kept alot mroe players.


  • PostcardsPostcards Springfield, VAPosts: 105Member
    The combat makes the game fun. The RNG makes me want to punch kittens.
  • eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTPosts: 1,727Member Uncommon
    fun combat but not much else
  • arctarusarctarus nilPosts: 2,577Member Uncommon
    Potential just doesn't cut it out any more for mmo, you have to keep delivering the goods, all the best to this game.
    Btw, high time to release in the rest of Asia

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,086Member Epic
    Originally posted by arctarus
    Potential just doesn't cut it out any more for mmo, you have to keep delivering the goods, all the best to this game.
    Btw, high time to release in the rest of Asia


    Maybe I did not make my self clear enough. Potential will always be a key factor in any mmo thats grows to be succeful. I belive that a game can release and grow over time and does not have to launch with a million subs.  If a game has the potential to be something you have to make the right choices and the game will grow.  Eve is a prime example of a game that started with nonthing but potential and grew into a success because CCP was smart and made all the right moves.

    TERA is not some indie game that was made by 4 or 5 people. The only thing TERA needed was to go Free To Play and that would have given it that shot in the arm that it  needed. The servers would have went right back to healthy so there would be no need to merge servers. Now you would have a healthy free to play mmo to start fresh again with. This game is dead as it stands now because you have to see a future in a mmo and I dont see how anybody can see it with what they have done. When it comes to TERA the #1 question they should be asking is what can we do to make the game grow.

  • arcwestarcwest lubbock, TXPosts: 61Member
    Chants "FTP, FTP, FTP..."
  • CallMeSinnerCallMeSinner ZagrebPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    How do you mean?
  • PrenhoPrenho AracajuPosts: 298Member

    Tera could have been a great game, it had potencial to crush Lineage 1 and 2 in east(both games still top 5 most played in east and P2P) while TERA went F2P in east.


    Unfortunately, Tera became a WoW clone, focused in instance crawling and BGs for pvp gear farm, guild wars and pvp server are a complete joke. Lineage 1 and 2 crushed TERA in east market because they have much better flag-pk systems, with real risk for pkers, real and meaningful clan wars(you have to fight for open world bosses, castles-fortress-politics, territory, hunting zones...).


    All eastern TERA players simply came back to L1/L2 and also many of them went to Blade&Soul.

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