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Would you play on a vanilla server ?



  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,995Member Epic

    I'd have to say no.  The WOW I want to play would have evolved vanilla WOW into one with more emphasis on open world PVP, with strong rewards for it and probably have no BG's to speak of.  In fact, I'd favor a FFA ruleset server on top of the original ruleset and there's no way that's ever going to happen.

    I was ready for WOW to change when BC came out, just not in the direction it took so I can see no reason to return to the original game, re-running MC for umpteenth time really isn't my dream.

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  • ThaneThane berlinPosts: 2,654Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by delete5230
    Yes, Note: You can't get an accurate vote here on because at least one million or more pissed off players don't even look back anymore, and so many of them don't even look at the WoW forums here.   Understand that if Blizzard ever did release a vanilla WoW server, you know they would fix the bugs and add anything that would be of interest to the players.........The shallowness of people thinking they would release a broken game is just ridiculous.   MY guess : We will see Vanilla WoW servers when the cash cow of all the expansion's lose steam.  So were looking at at least a year, but it will come !!

    lol, and you actually believe that?


    heard that often enough, wont happen kiddoe, no matter how much you like it. wow wont drop till titan is out.

    and SURELY blizz wont release a vanilla server, sorry kids, that's nothing blizzard would do.


    "uh hell, we developed this game for years now, lets release a server that will have the release rules!" errr. yea, no.

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  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare

    I have to agree that we will never see a "vanilla" server... Why?

    A: They need to re-build it. It is not like they just have abunch of old 486 windows machines sitting around with all the source code.

    B: If A does get done, they need to pay extra people to read and get familiar with the code, and then these people need to go through all the old bugs and errors and make sure they are all intact and "working as intended"

    C: They will need a bunch of extra support people to help with the different version of the game.

    D; They will need another account database.

    E: And even if they get all this in place they need to attract enough players not only to pay for said things but they need to make a profit on it.


    And then we have the problem of what classic WoW is. All in all i would not like to take that gamble if i was the one doing the books at the Blizzard HQ. But this is my personall opinion and since i do not work for Blizzard i have no clue what reasoning they really use for not doing it.

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  • GaladournGaladourn AthensPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon
    vanilla was fun back in 2005..however, I cant imagine myself playing vanilla WoW in 2012...the genre has evolved since then.
  • FIXTHECAMERAFIXTHECAMERA fixthecamera, NYPosts: 55Member
  • KeyloggerKeylogger Bumblefuck, TNPosts: 250Member

    Only if i could get my old guild back together.

    Then I would, oh yes, I would.

  • macrowowmacrowow Olathe, KSPosts: 26Member

    I'd like to try it out. There's a community of people that still stay at 60, 70 and 80 - they run raids and stuff right now. I have a few alts I thought about trying it out and see. You can block XP.

    I think there's a forum for it on the website called community events or something.

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon
    Tawess there a many many private servers that successfully run very smooth vanilla,tbc and wotlk servers and do do with no sub etc. if private individuals do it, blizzard can certainly do it, however I agree blizzard cannot do it for free, but I'm sure if they added content to those servers people would love it. Ofc very unlikely they would ever do this due to the PR mess it would cause. Shame really.

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  • huskie77huskie77 Nowhere, NEPosts: 354Member
    If they did a progression server, then hell yes. Otherwise, no.

  • benit59benit59 Canton, GAPosts: 114Member Uncommon

    My ultimate answer to this question would be yes...but with some caveats.


    I actually played on a Vanilla private server for a few hours to see what these guys had managed to pull off and I left a little disappointed. There have been a lot of improvements to World of Warcraft over the course of its continued development. The user interface is the biggest one. I often found myself trying to figure out how to do somethings in the game only to find out that the functionality in the interface I was looking for did not exist in this previous version of the client.


    The magic of Vanilla WoW is that it is uncluttered. In the race to make some of the most complex and varied games of present, developers have lost sight in some regards to the ellegance of simplicity. Even one of my current favorite games, Guild Wars 2, suffers from this certain fault. When presented with too many goals to acheive or elements to explore, many gamers tend to wallow in a mire of uncertainty. A specific amount of the RPG experience lies in the certainty of progression and a feeling that time spent is being rewarded through a stronger character.


    The point of "leveling" should be that you should be able to do and experience grander things as opposed to just being able to do more things. This is where the double edged sword of GW2's game design resides currently. You can do almost everything as soon as you log in for the first time, but the certainty of progression is lessened with every level gained.

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon
    Gw2 has progression, but that's not for this thread.. I've also played vanilla and tbc and it was very enjoyable - but it's really about tapping into your emotional attachment with the wow world. If blizzard downscaled player (even optionally) to match content in zones they would in 1 move revitalise the whole of their gaming world. Ofc one of the issues is that they don't build soon the talent systems they break them and try again every expansion do downscaling would mean reverting to old talent sets, but I tell you that would be seriously cool and would grab a hell of a lot of respect back from the community.

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  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Brandon, FLPosts: 3,649Member Uncommon
    I really do not understand the desire for a progression server.  Eventually you would progress to the point where you were wishing for the Vanilla server again in the first place.  It might be BC, might be LK, could be Cata, could be MoP - but you'd be back to wishing you were back at the start again - otherwise - you'd never have wished to be at the start again in the first place.

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  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastPosts: 1,924Member Uncommon
    Bloackrock City was cool and set out good and feels like it should be end game.

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  • PurutzilPurutzil Posts: 3,048Member Uncommon

    No... it depends really though. I disliked a lot of the vanilla pains. If they went near the end of the vanilla I can see doing it possibly, but truthfully I'd rather lean at the BC period. To me WoW was at its best in BC. It made plenty of steps to make it less tedious without making it trivial as well. It wasn't perfect but was making more steps forward then taking them back. It just felt like after BC they went along more with the steps back and ignored any steps they went forward. 


    That and BC had Karazhan, that place is probably my favorite instance ever in an MMo. As amazing as I felt Hammerknell is in Rift, Karazhan just can't be topped in the sheer amazingness of not just being entertaining in design, but also fun to do.

  • ghostfaeriesghostfaeries the Land of OooPosts: 87Member Uncommon
    as a pvper, yes! loved these days and i didn't get to experience much of it.
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