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What is your fondest pvp memory in a mmorpg?



  • ChrisboxChrisbox Posts: 1,729Member Uncommon
    When I first started playing EvE and enlisted in the caldari miltia.  It was the first time I'd ever seen a large scale battle, a couple jumps out in one of the hot zones we encountered large enemy militia forces and engaged head-on.  It just felt absolutely amazing. I brought my rupture and when the shooting ended I was in half armor with barely any ammo left, simply the most unique feeling I've ever had in pvp. 


  • VirusDancerVirusDancer Brandon, FLPosts: 3,649Member Uncommon

    I could have sworn I replied to this thread...hrmmm.

    Looking through my posts, I guess I did not.  Perhaps I started to reply and went to

    SB - running around on my Rogue Assassin and spying on Goonies when they came to raid our town.

    EVE - killing my first ganker in a sui-Kessie and making enough to start my own corp the first week of play.

    WoW - preBC running around with my Suc out on my Lock and watching Rogues die.

    AO - running around with a group of other Fixers and killing Smurfs.

    UO - hunting Reds.

    I miss the MMORPG genre. Will a developer ever make one again?

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  • ghostfaeriesghostfaeries the Land of OooPosts: 87Member Uncommon
    world of warcraft pvp - when wintergrasp was cool. it was pretty much the entire server dominating the other faction in a battleground. this was before they made both sides equal and people stopped going to it. :(
  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    There is a series of achievements in WoW, all focused around particular monthly WoW Holidays. Some of them center around the battlegrounds, and they are really hard to do in a normal battleground. For instance, switching flags or resetting towers after the opposing team has grabbed the flag or started capturing a tower. These achievements are near impossible on a normal day. What both factions do is allow the other faction members into the flag rooms or towers and everyone stands around trading flags or flipping and reflipping the towers. It always goes OK for awhile, but as more people show up small fights break out or one person shows up who either doesn't get what's going on, or who just doesn't want to play along. Tensions build until suddenly there is a HUGE PvP fight over the fact there's just too many people in one spot to not fight. It is chaos spawning out of order and it's glorious. :-)

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  • MeridionMeridion HeidelbergPosts: 1,495Member Uncommon
    fondest PvP memory:
    warhammer tier 3 sieges during beta, hands down.
  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore salem, ORPosts: 672Member

    Vanilla WoW going for grand marshal 16 hours of instanced pvp a day to get that 500k honor a day lol.

    Something I could never imagine doing anymore but man those 5 min AB wins were SO FUN back in the day!

    Hero Evermore
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  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSPosts: 1,555Member Uncommon
    Anytime I fought Tajiri on SWg. That guy was a beast and always had the best foods. 

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • Bama1267Bama1267 Waterloo, NYPosts: 1,847Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Thebigthrill
    I was in my couch this morning thinking of pvp and how the new pvp battlegrounds in mmorpg's have ruined pvp. I was thinking of what I missed and thought of Asherons Call 1 and how much fun I had in it. One  thing that happened to me in that game that I still remember to this day. Some of this is a little sketchy since its been so long since I played.   1.I had a mage or some kind of caster. I was around level 40 something and I entered a dungeon I would guess for level 15 or so players. My toons name was Doxx. I remember a group of 4 entering the dungeon , I went to the middle of the dungeon waiting for them. A few minutes later they appeared and this is somewhat what the chat looked like. Random toon: Hey look theres someone in here Random toon2:Hello Doxx: It is time Random toon: Time for what Doxx? Doxx: Time to die!  (I threw out a fire aoe killing the group) Random players: Wtf! Assh*** Random toon1:Assh***! (A few minutes later they appear again) Random Toon: Hey Doxx can we finish this dungeon please? Doxx: No! (Boom Fire Aoe , they die again) (A few minutes later I see them appear in chat again) Random Toon: If you keep this up , we will call in more people. Doxx: Im sorry , you all may finish. Random toon:Thank you Doxx: Do you know what today is? Random Toon: No Doxx whats today? Doxx: The worst day of your life! (Boom fire Aoe , they die again) (About 10 minutes later they appear with a friend a level 30 something) Random toon whispers me :Hey this is funny shit do you mind if I watch you please dont kill me? I whisper back:Sure np , stand to the side and enjoy. Random toon 2: Ok everyone charge at him , hey where is random player 1 going? Why is he standing next to Doxx? (Random player 1 starts to laugh and taunt the other players, random player 1 is now my friend) (They all charge me) Doxx: No one can stand the fire power of Doxx! (Fire Aoe nuke , they all die again) (This continues for the next hour me and random player 1 become friends) A few months later I run into random player 1 , he is now 5 levels above me and much more powerful. We talk about that day , we become best friends in game for the next couple of years.  

     Your fondest memory was being a dbag? That memory could have easily been had a million times ... log in , kill scrubs .... awesome.

  • Kaelano1Kaelano1 Peoria, ILPosts: 375Member
    Originally posted by Meridion
    fondest PvP memory:
    warhammer tier 3 sieges during beta, hands down.

    Along the same lines, mine also in warhammer, repeated t4 keep defense vs zergs with organized tactics like feigned withdraw and misdirection. 10 or 12 of us could make 3+ wb's have really bad days.

  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    In Vanguard when we were all starting, pvp server.

    Some guys decide that camping a respawn area was a fun idea. One of the ganked guys warned people on the continent channel, and the place got swarmed inmediatelly by green and black people (us) who "explained" them why that was not a good idea. They ended up logging out after over an hour of intense retribution gank fest.

    Then another day, when our group was about to pull the end boss of a mid level area, the same guys showed up. Nobody did nothing for a while, until we decided pulling the boss, hoping those guys would be civilized this time. We were wrong. As soon as we pulled the boss, they attacked us. Amazingly, we managed to kill them, and then the boss.

    I hope that told them a lesson, cos they never showed up a third time.


  • DeeweDeewe Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,967Member Uncommon

    - SWG - Pre-CU PVP: anywhere, anytime from 1 vs 1 to hundreds of player beating the crap out of each others. Especially chasing this rebel named Skirrel. He had the name asking for it ;)


    - WoW - Tarren Mill, Southshore, Crossroads at launch: when PvP was something and being in the Horde meant playing 1 vs 4 and still holding tight.

  • Cuppett5Cuppett5 Posts: 79Member Uncommon
    Asheron's Call at the Drudge Hideout right outside Holtburg. Holtburg = best pvp town ever created. It was a newbie battle, you formed alliances and they were also broken quickly. AWESOME TIME!
  • JoyBoy80JoyBoy80 SthlmPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    Lineage 2- Free servers back in 2005-2008 when ppl did know how and when to attack and not just at random like now days.


    Planetside- What can i say it was the best, if you played it in 2004-2007 you know.  WCM !

    Planetside 2- its in CB but damn this game is good.

  • ananitananit Posts: 85Member Uncommon

    probably my first big baium fight in lineage 2.

    two huge alliances fighting eachothers for well over 2 hours in tower of insolence. man do i miss those days :'(
  • DOGMA1138DOGMA1138 none of your buidnessPosts: 476Member Uncommon

    Dueling outside of Iron Forge during vanila and ofc Open World PVP during the World of Warcraft PVP introduction patch - Pre Battlegrounds patch. 24/7 Massive(sometimes server crashing) raids in Hillsbrad(SS-TM), The Barrens(Xroads) and Westfall...

    Just pure fun, too bad they've ruined it with the Battlegrounds, well players ruined battlegrounds when they stopped playing them for PVP and started farming them for rep and honor(AV exploits, leader rushes, etc`). But Blizzard didn't help with its pantering towards making them more accessible, after the patch  BG's used to be the center for everything PVP half the server would be parked at the entrances and except for WSG where the entrances were too far apart both at AB and AV(especially) there were open world PVP battles all the time since people would just go and poke the other side. Pretty much since they introduces the instant ques it all went down the drain, no one used the entrances any more, no socializing, no dueling, no open world PVP nothing :(






  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,622Member Uncommon
    SWG Pre-cu  A band of 200 rebels came together to take down a large imperial town  8 hrs of fighting ensued and the town had fallen  it didn't stop there though and fighting continued in the bestine anchorhead coridor for anothr 64 hours,    I didn't sleep at all and solidly PVP'd for 72 hrs (barring the daily restarts)
  • BadaboomBadaboom Moose Jaw, SKPosts: 2,380Member Uncommon

    In vanilla WoW I was level 30 ish Tauren Druid and hanging in by the pirates on the southern coast(forget name). I see two ?? Level alliance zeroing in on me.  They would have been level 40-50 judging by gear and the slower mount. Anyways the one charges and I'm shifting in and out of cheetah form and just get to the water with them both hot on my heals.  I can't  remember what the second guys class is as it probably happened 6+ years ago.

    Anyways, I made it to the water and everyone should know you dont mess with a druid in the water.  I switch to seal form and dive as deep as I can expecting that to be the end of it.  Well the warrior is leading away with his buddy in tow and dive down to get me. I turn to them feeling brave in my new form.  The warrior gets close enought to charge.  My hits me and almost one shots me, so i quickly renew and gain distance because my thorns kicked in and the warrior is now rooted.  I root his buddy now and proceeded to start chain casting on both of them .  Some get resisted, but others land.  They realize their predicament and desperately start swimming for the surface.  I cast, resist, I cast again, success.  I rooted the warrior a mere two to three feet from the surface and drowned the bugger.  I could not keep his buddy rooted but he got to witness the death of this friend.  He stared at me for a few minutes then ran away.  

    TLDR:  In WoW I killed a toon 10+ levels above me.  

  • LazzaroLazzaro chicago, ILPosts: 546Member Uncommon

    Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

    SWG: Player City battles on Tat, 100's of people, was quite awesome.

  • f0dell54f0dell54 Des Moines, IAPosts: 329Member Common
    Ultima Online- Order vs. Choas wars in Brit.
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Boca Raton, FLPosts: 1,859Member Rare

    This is an instant classic:

    Avalon Torpedoes are an area-effect weapon that can 1-hit most fighter class ships, were taken out in alpha, and re-introduced as a rare bot drop about a year ago.  I didn't get any clean kills in but after taking heavy damage from Nahin Lor I decided to nuke a nearby asteroid, catching myself and everything around in the blast (Kamikaze torpedo attack at 6:10).

    The video ends observing the finale to the nation war from a distance; slime and Andy Spades, two very skilled players, in an energy duel.

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  • LorkiiLorkii Vancouver, BCPosts: 88Member

    My first ever keep take in DAOC. I was a new 50 mid warrior. Well I was in my shiny new Epic gear, and thought, screw it i ll just charge up and kill those weak as casters in the lord room. I learned very quickly teamwork was very key to success in this game. As I layed there dead in the lord room, I saw a slew of big troll warriors/thanes/zerkers, push up slowly, inch by inch, the battle that insued was easily 25 mins, for one set of staircase, and a lord to kill. I have never ever seen such teamwork, and coordination then that moment, and never have in any other game since. I remeber saying to one troll warrior after we finally took it, how the hell did you survive that, he laughed and said, get some healer friends:) After that fight, I was asked to join that troll warriors guild, that I stayed in for 6 years. COJ was our name on guinevere server, and I made easily 20-30 friends I still play with to this day.

    I was laying dead on my fondest pvp memory for 5-10 mins, got rezzed and hung out scared with the healers till my rezz sick was gone, then took what I learned from that and had the most amazing time ever in pvp.

    In DAOC I had many many many more.

  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon

    It's funny how all the memorable pvp moments are mostly World PvP moments.

    Do you know why? Because what's to remember about killing so and so by the flag for the 10,000th time in some redundant BG.

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  • pierthpierth San Antonio, TXPosts: 1,494Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by MMOman101
    The people. The games all fade, but the people are what I remember foundest

    I agree- my fondest memory was our designated guild night for battlegrounds in WoW but it could have been just as easily done in any team-based PvP situation.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare

    Aside from almost any given moment at the crossroads or Buc Den in UO...

    I'd have to say the siege of CoS's Val'Haven city on the Treachery server in Shadowbane. I was the first one in, basically flying overhead to attract the NPC guards. My goal was to stay airborn and alive long enough to lead them out the back waterway and into the sea where they, in their infinite NPC brilliance, would drown.

    This bought us the time for the furies to fly a small team over the walls to start the internal skirmish while the army outside set up the trebuchets, armed themselves with siege weapons and took to tearing up the back wall of the city. When we broke through the wall, we all just flooded in and the next couple hours were spent in constant battle and smashing a section of the city into a fiery sprawl of trashed buildings.


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  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon

    It was in EQ2 Nagafen World PvP Server....


    I found this chinese farmer with a full bot group under control near the top of this DEEEEEEP mining shaft. (Zek). I snuck up to him and punted him over the side. He plunged forever it seemed until he hit the bottom.

    His group had him on auto-follow.....



    good loot.

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