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My Main Issues With GW2



  • WootloopsWootloops Melville, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Phry you really don't get it... WoW PvP is easy mode, it always has been, where the only real contest is to see who gets the best gear, so you grind conquest points endlessly chasing that fruitless goal, i'd rather stick with the GW2 form of PvP, it may not be the ultimate in PvP terms, but its a hell of a lot more balanced than you find in WoW, at least in GW2 player skill actually matters, and thats probably why you hate it too. image

    You probably havn't played WoW since vanilla, or ever gotten a max level character, if you think that my young padawan. Everyone is gear capped within a few weeks of a new PvP season and it is more balanced than GW2 (One may deduce this from the fact that they have a more expensive balance designer). And if GW2 had more skills, then perhaps skill would matter. But not now.

  • IndromeIndrome NortheimPosts: 292Member
    Originally posted by Wootloops
    That is called an ad hominem argument. You're attacking me rather than my argument, which you ignored.
    Originally posted by Wootloops
    Originally posted by Indrome
    [ ... ] People that STILL complain about auto-attack-combat should seriously consider starting to play as a team and remember that they can not only dish out damage (like f.e. WoW's DPS classes) but also buff allies and debuff enemies. It's just not all about wo can fling around the highest number in this game.

    Having one nice element doesn't mean the lacking one isn't still rotten. Meditate on that my child.

    ... point me at it then and stop stalling.


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