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New Concept Art

RalstlinRalstlin Las PalmasPosts: 234Member Uncommon

Housing (Multiple themes) :

Wada (Square-Enix president): what this resort? can I go here?
Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer): where you find that
W: I found it in other room
Y: you just took it ??
W: yeah I’m the president...
Foxclon: can you explain the housing?
Y: that one was Limsa’s ocean reason housing area
Y: This is a dummy for housing size check.
Y: You can build houses and have open fields and such (showing housing images)
Y: this is forest concept art - it’s still being worked on
W: it’s nice you can choose
Y: yeah you can first buy land first. You first get the land and next you buy permit to build the house to build the base house. From there you get housing widget where you can purchase say roof parts, or have crafters build them and equip/put them on the housing or add tapestry where you can customize.
W: You can get into it
Y: yes, at the yard you can put object like chocobo stuff so you can play with those.
Y: for house object you can drag/drop furnitures and move it around it is being developed so it’s very flexible.
F: Right now lots are interested in the ocean resort area.
Y: Yeah like this one Wada-san picked up... you can build around.
Y: You can build as guild/linkshell camp and have rooms for each person and stuff.






Enemy Concept art

NPC art

Chocobo's class:


  • EtherougeEtherouge Candler, NCPosts: 514Member
    The Japanese sure do know how to age gracefully.
  • neorandomneorandom bev hills, CAPosts: 1,681Member
    Originally posted by Etherouge
    The Japanese sure do know how to age gracefully.

    you mean like a man in his 60s dieing his hair naruto orange and wearing goth teenager jewelery?




  • AmbrosiaAmorAmbrosiaAmor Miami, FLPosts: 915Member
    Originally posted by Etherouge
    The Japanese sure do know how to age gracefully.

    Yeah that is why I am thankful every day I am part Asian. :)


  • MijinMijin Lapeer, MIPosts: 3Member

    Here's a few more:


    This is going to be a drop from the new primal Titan fight. He discribed it as some sort of "trandforming weapon."

    This is a new fishing rod. They mentioned totally redesigning the fishing system.

    Gold Smith Artifact Armor.

    Blacksmith AF.

    I put a bunch of other images on my site here:

    I don't know about eveyone else, but I'm really put off by this combat chocobo thing. It seems rather silly.

  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    I love how the pages have [CONFIDENTIAL] stamp on it.
  • PresbytierPresbytier Phoenix, AZPosts: 424Member Uncommon
    What has always amazed me about FXIV from the beggining is just the sheer amount of resources and potential it always seemed to have. I have absolutely no idea why we got the product we did, but i am ever more thankfull that Square-Enix's ego and pride are the main reason they won"t let this game die, and why they simply decided to rebuild it.

    "Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game."-Guybrush Threepwood
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