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I've spent over $1,000 on EVE Online. I spent $60 on Guild Wars 2. EVE Online is a better value th



  • itsbigmikeitsbigmike Youngsville, LAPosts: 86Member
    why are you people still feeding this troll? just let him go back to eve with the 25 other people that play it

  • KnaveSkyeKnaveSkye Chula Vista, CAPosts: 83Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by kadepsyson
    Many MMORPGs offer a free trial period.  This is often a two week timeframe in which you can try the game at no cost to you.  Guild Wars 2 does not offer this.  The lasting appeal of the game Guild Wars 2 lasted for me about the same duration as the trial period other MMORPGs offer, but at an additional $60 cost.  Despite the lack of a subscription fee in Guild Wars 2, there weren't enough reasons for me to keep playing.  Thus I spent $60 dollars on a game I no longer play. With EVE Online, I've spent over 5,850 hours playing the game.  This came with a subscription fee, but included all expansions, and did not require an initial fee.  They also offer a free trial period.  It may seem like I spent a large amount of money on this game, however, by comparison to Guild Wars 2, the cost per hour of entertainment is by far better in EVE due to its lasting appeal among other great reasons for me to play.  Also, compared to other forms of entertainment, this is extremely inexpensive.  The same amount of time spent, watching $1 2 hour movies, would have cost nearly triple. In summary, I would have unsubscribed to Guild Wars 2 during the free trial, if it had one.  Unfortunately it didn't, and thus the $60 spent were wasteful in terms of the cost per hour of entertainment gained as compared to EVE Online.  For other people the value might be a bit better in Guild Wars 2 than my experience, so long as they enjoy the things Arenanet said they didn't want, such as grinding, and non-permanent events, which the game is full of.

    So, you have played an average of 1.75 hours every single day since may 6 2003 when the game released? ...and still enjoying it?   What made you think after nearly 10 years of games not pulling you away from a game that Guild Wars 2 would be different?

  • NakedFuryNakedFury Cabo RojoPosts: 410Member Uncommon

    Buy to Play MMO's don't usually launch with a Trial Period. IT is usually after a couple of months have passed that they offer the different variety of Time Trials: 1 - 3 day trials or the usual 14 day trial.


  • just1opinionjust1opinion Kansas City, MOPosts: 4,641Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Cephus404
    Originally posted by just1opinion
      EVENTUALLY is not the same thing as "a couple of months down the road."  Seriously.  Did you actually need that explained to you?  A "couple" of months means 2 months.  I highly doubt we'll be seeing free trials by then, but I suppose one can always hope.  /shrug

    Regardless, they were bitching because there was no free trial just a couple of weeks after release.  It's an absurd requirement.


    I agree with you, to be honest.  This demand for free trials is absurd.  And you're right....they do come eventually, but you have to be patient and wait for them.  If you choose not to wait it's nobody's fault but your own, were right.

    President of The Marvelously Meowhead Fan Club

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon
    I played eve for the trial couple of weeks, but then had to pay for the next fee months to give me time to get to know the game, only to discover after a fe months that actually it wasn't for me- I demand that those couple months should have been free as well!

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    Now playing GW2, AOW 3, ESO, LOTR, Elite D

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Originally posted by Caldrin
    Originally posted by VirusDancer It's interesting, in my not the least bit humble at 3 o'clock in the AM opinion, how the OP did not attack GW2 - but rather simply expressed his opinion and even made it very clear it was just his opinon.  He even stated that for others they may very well have experienced something different.... ...and so many GW2 fanbois came out of the woodworks to attack the OP. Just something I found interesting.  They did not share how their experiences were different - they just launched venemous attack after venemous attack against the OP... ...yep, just something I found interesting.
    You will see this happen on nearly every GW2 post where someone mentions somthing kind of negative about the game.

    Its alost like you have done somthing with their mother in the back of a volkswagon.. thats how mad they get..

    You'll see it in every thread where two games are compared. I suppose at some point, once you get down far enough on the ladder of popularity it might not happen, but you'd have to go pretty far down the ladder for it to not happen on these forums.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • Bushi131Bushi131 of angelsPosts: 62Member

    Can't faceroll with money in Guild wars 2 ?

    Need skillz? sorry not for sell, go get an icecream, the sand is right next to it, have fun.

  • ErgoProxyDecayErgoProxyDecay a City, CAPosts: 1,447Member Uncommon
    Glad to hear you found the game you enjoy playing and spending over 1000.00$ to just play. But then some people probably spent just the same amount playing Runescape and that game stinks.

    "Basking in your hatred... Feels quiet nice." - Raven
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